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BBC's Hilarious 'Come Fly With Me' Mocumentary Series

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Come Fly With Me: a BBC mockumentary series

Come Fly With Me is a brilliant mockumentary following life in one of Britain's largest airports. Matt Lucas and David Williams, the stars of the popular Little Britain series, play all of the show's hilarious characters. If you have not seen Little Britain it is difficult to explain their talent. They literally are able to parody every age, sex, race, sexual orientation, and personality you can imagine.

Come Fly With Me is rated TV-14 and if you are a person who is not able to take things with a dose of humor you may be offended. This is your warning so please do not take a look and then yell at me because you found something offensive. BBC owns the series and not me. So take all complaints to them.

So if you are still here, you will soon be meeting the hilarious characters of David Williams and Matt Lucas. My favorite is Taaj, the Pakistani (but actually born in Great Britain) ground crew man who dreams of being a movie director and tells people flight delay excuses like, "The pilot parked the plane and he cannot find it." So grab your wings and Come Fly With Me through this lens!

Little Britain's Stars Take Flight - Hilarious Matt Lucas and David Williams


If you want a biography on the two actors then a google search is where to start. This module is here to tell you why they are two British actors who truly stand out. So why do they?

Most actors and actresses are capable of playing different roles but not like these two do. Matt Lucas and David Williams do not let things like gender or race stop them from playing a person. Some of their most hilarious characters are female. The origin of the character does not stop them either, my favorite character is Taaj, a ground crew member who speaks with a Pakistani accent and works a bald head with full beard. Sometimes their look is so different it takes a few moments to assure yourself it's actually a certain actor.

In acting class I learned humor is the most difficult to actually do. Let's face it, not everyone has the ability to make people laugh. They can dress the part, know the same lines, but if they cannot deliver the lines with the right flair at the right moment they just end up looking stupid. Matt Lucas and David Williams are able to pull off humor without breaking a sweat. Although, if a scene calls for a sweat I am sure they could do it and make you laugh all at the same time.

Have you ever seen Little Britain or Come Fly With Me?

BBC's Hilarious Little Britain Series - Where David Williams and Matt Lucas first amazed us

Little Britain follows the life of very different people living ordinary lives in Great Britain. Of course Matt Lucas and David Williams play all of them. I love the character who plays the head of Fat Fighters, a ridiculous weight loss group where she lectures people on weight and tells them 'you can have as much dust as you like.' My friend's favorite is a man who is in a wheelchair and taken care of by a good friend. The only problem is he does not need the wheelchair. So while his friend is talking to the pool man about getting him in and out of the water safely, he slips out of the chair to take a dive into the pool and gets back into his chair without his friend ever noticing.

Little Britain: The Complete Collection

My friend owns the the complete collection and we love having all the episodes for immediate viewing. We sip mint tea and laugh our way through!

Opening to Come Fly With Me! - Here's Where it All Begins!

Come Fly With Me: Season 1

One of Britain's Busiest Airports - No Idea Which One


The series takes place in 'one of Britain's busiest airports' and is a mockumentary on this fictional airport and three of its airlines:

Fly-low is a low cost airline which literally cuts out all the extras thanks to its owner, Omar Baba. From offering one euro flights (with a 480 euro booking fee) to going green by planting a single tree, the antics of the people of this company are simply hilarious as well as the poor passengers who suffer through its cheap methods of saving a euro.

Our Lady Air is a low-cost airline without the hidden fees of FlyLo. The only problem is they cut their fees by flying ridiculously far from the destination leaving passengers with about three days of traveling from Barcelona, Ireland across Europe to reach Barcelona, Spain (where they thought they were flying to non-stop).

Great British Air is completely different from its low-cost counterparts. One of the characters is a flight attendant for their first class and takes great pride in their high-class service. Great British Air flies worldwide from the UK and its first-class dines on extravagant meals complimented by expensive wine and chocolates.

Meet the People of Come Fly With Me

A Little Intro

Matt Lucas and David Williams play each of these characters to perfection. I want to give you a little information on each personality and maybe a youtube clip or two. These are the sixteen main characters but there are several others which are played by the two. I won't mention them because they are not in each episode (to bad as they are hilarious). So Come Fly With Me through the rest of this lens!

Taaj Manzoor - Played by David Williams


Taaj Manzoor is my favorite of all the 'Come Fly With Me' characters. Taaj is a young man of Pakistani descent who sports a bald head with a full beard and an accent. He is a happy employee for FlyLo who often gets stuck doing just about everything. One of his favorite jobs is driving the airport buggy which he believes to be a total chick magnet and laments he cannot get on pimp my ride.

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My favorite of his jobs was when he got stuck trying to explain why the FlyLo plane was delayed. Truthfully, the reason was because the wing fell off the plane. Taaj thought the truth might alarm the passengers (um..YES it would) so he makes up a different excuse for everyone who asks. My favorite happens to be, "The pilot is still at home because he's watching Avatar and he did not realize how long it was."

Avatar (Taaj's Favorite Film) - Actually his favorite is Avatar 2 (but it's not out yet)

Taaj's favorite film is Avatar. He mentions it a lot. In fact, he is downright amazed when one of the film crew has not seen it. He actually thinks his favorite is Avatar 2 but it's not out yet but he knows it will be amazing.

Taaj Loves Avatar and Meets Rupert Grint - *WARNING* Contains Some Swears

Taaj explains his true ambition is to be a film director, his love for Avatar, and gives his film script to Rupert Grint (who he then tells to give it to Daniel Radcliffe.

Moses Beacon - David Williams


Moses Beacon is the executive flight liason. His job is to make sure the executive and first class passengers are kept happy. He is exceedingly cheery and always eager to help. Along with making sure people are settled with their 'complimentary orange juice and peruse of the daily mail,' he runs a charity known as WishWings. This actually means the children get the flight of their life aka a ONE-way economy ticket to a select destination. His charity has helped three people to this date and his catch phrase is always "pardon the pun" when there is actually no pun.

Moses and the Giant Dog Lolly - Moses must break the bad news!

A malfunction in the plane heating system has left a lady's dog a "giant dog lolly." It's Moses job to tell the passenger but he is having a bit of trouble...

Penny Carter - David Williams


Penny Carter is the first class flight attendant and takes great pride in her job. She ensures the best care for her first class passengers even going so far as to throw out a couple who she claims do not belong in first class. In the final episode she is working on a flight where no first class passengers are booked. For the first time in twenty years she is forced to work in economy class. Pure horror ensues for her as she must serve the lower class.

Penny takes pride in Great British Air's First Class Cuisine - So much food it's scary

I hope you like to eat; if not then avoid Great British Air's First Class!

Ian Foot - David Williams


Ian foot is the pompous head of Immigration Security. He claims not to be racist but is literally suspicious of everyone who is not British. Ian has even invented a game called Keep'Em Out which pretty much sums up his feelings on anyone not British entering his country. In one episode, he accuses a woman of having a forged passport as her country, Liberia, does not exist. She is enraged and points it out as to which he allows her to leave but advises she carry an atlas everywhere so people will know her country is real.

Ian Foot has a security interview with Taaj Manzoor - Taaj is actually from Great Britain.

Ian tries to find something suspicious about Taaj. Taaj finds him to be racist so Ian puts him on the list of people who are a danger to the country of Great Britain.

Peter & Judith Surname - Matt Lucas and David Williams


Peter and Judith Surname are two passengers who unfortunately bought into the FlyLo cruise packages. Judith Surname is very overbearing and constantly telling Peter to 'be quiet' then repeating what he said. On their first trip with the FlyLo cruise, they found their cabin half full of water, then every passenger got dysentery leading to a 14 hour wait for the toilets, at 13.5 hours their boat was overtaken by pirates and on and on. So how does FlyLo help? By giving them yet another cruise which only leads to more horribly hilarious happenings.

Precious Little - Matt Lucas


Precious Little is a Jamaican 'Praise the Lord!' woman who has worked at the airport in a coffee kiosk for over twenty years. In those twenty years she has sold over 100 cups of coffee. Only one hundred? Yes. Precious manages to have a reason to close the kiosk everyday (almost all of them caused by her) so she can spend the rest of the day shopping or gambling in the airport.

Precious Must Close the Store Early - "We got no water"

Someone has damaged the water pipe so Precious must close the coffee kiosk early. Unfortunately, this is the one time where Precious will actually have to work!

Omar Baba - David Williams


Omar Baba is the overweight cheapskate owner of the low-cost airline, FlyLo. The Arabian man is constantly fighting the press on his outlandish schemes to save money on his airline. His ideas range from full-back seats (which go all the way up and not down) to going green by planting a single tree. Omar also comes up with an idea for cheap cruises which always end in horrific disaster. He seems to have a very jolly personality with some hidden rage towards his critics. According to wikipedia "Baba is parody of the controversial Greek "low-cost flying" entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou."

Omar gives another one of his outlandish ways to save money "Toilets take up too much space on plane. If it is an hour flight, two hours, to Rome, to Paris... you can hold it in!"

Omar Explains His 'Easy to Use' Life Jackets - Twenty Minutes and You Must Pay For More

Omar was criticized by the press for not having life jackets on the plane so he proves they are 'easier to use than ever.' There's only one problem....

Tommy Reid - Matt Lucas


Tommy Reid is a twenty-two year old Scottish man whose dream is to become a pilot. He decides the best way to reach his dream is to begin working at the airport. Tommy is not to bright and does not exactly get that you do not go from employee at Happy Burger to flying planes. Not to mention he has a fear of flying!

Tommy after his first day at happy burger,"So next time you're on a plane listen up because you might hear a voice speaking "Ladies and gentlemen this is captain Tommy speaking. Would you like fries with that?"

Tommy Gets Promoted to Assistant Manager and Works His Way to Pilot - Hopefully he doesn't get overqualified!

In this clip Tommy explains how he has become assistant manager. He does worry if he gets to many stars on his badge it might over qualify him for being a pilot.

Melody Baines & Keeley St Clair - Matt Lucas & David Williams


I put Melody and Keeley together because they are always together. The two work as the "glamorous face of the airline" at the check-in counter. The two are very involved in themselves but claim to be the best of mates. In the beginning of the series tension arrives when they discover the head check-in lady will be on maternity leave and her job is up for grabs. Although they both cheerily say the other should receive the position the two undermine each other to work their way to the top. I have to say David Williams (Melody Baines) looks pretty good as a check-in woman!

Tension Appears Between Melody and Keely - and a poor lady has to much luggage weight

Melody deals with a lady who has to many kilos of weight in her bag and literally everything needs to go. Keely and her discuss plans about who will be the new check-in supervisor as well.

Simon & Jackie Trent - Matt Lucas and David Williams


Simon and Jackie Trent are Great Britain's first pilot couple. Jackie worked as a dental hygienist but trained as a pilot after Simon had a one night stand with a stewardess. She claims to be 'over the situation' and insists they trust each other. However, she is constantly bringing it up even when it has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. In one episode Simon is assigned a flight to Las Vegas without Jackie. Since 'it's all about trust' she sends her mother, complete with pepper spray, to come along with him. Their arguments make things amusing and sometimes uncomfortable for other characters in the show.

Mickey Minchin & Buster Bell - David Williams & Matt Lucas


Mickey and Buster are the two scraggly paparazzi constantly bumming around the airport's hallways. They are always running off after tips to get celebrity pictures but sometimes get so involved in singing or talking about the person that they completely miss them. In one episode they are singing the praises of the queen and thrilled about seeing her only to find out she has bypassed the airport. They are extremely upset at yet another failed attempt to capture a good picture.

Mickey & Buster Await the Queen - They don't really know the words but are happy to sing it!

The two are devastated to find out they will not be able to get a picture of her.

Fearghal O'Farrell - Matt Lucas


Fearghal works as an airline steward for the rival low-cost airline, Our Lady Air. He is of Irish descent and very openly gay (if you are offended by that then this show is not for you). As far as airline stewards go he is very helpful and attentive to his passengers. This is partly because he really wants to win airline steward of the year. He is so desperate he even triggers a man's peanut allergy so he can 'save his life.'

Fearghal O'Farrell - "Ya gotta be a friend"

Fearghal is working hard to win steward of the year!

Ready to Watch Come Fly With Me? - Purchase it on Amazon

Thank You For Reading My Lens! - Dedicated to My Friend & Soon-to-be-Mommy


Most people I know (unless they are family) do not share my affinity for a lot of British humor. When I showed my friend, Little Britain (thank you Netflix!) she loved it as much as I did. We love to sip peppermint tea in china cups and watch Little Britain together. She is going to be a mommy in April and I cannot wait to see her little boy. So I am saving up my squidoo royalties so I can go see the happy family of three this summer!

Comments? Questions? Flames? - I read them all

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