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When Is Attack on Titan Season 4 Coming Out?


The Final Season is Near!

The Attack on Titan anime took the world by storm when it first released and for good reason - the stellar animation, incredibly dark story, deeply tormented characters, and the complete unpredictability made it rise above many other shows and capture the hearts of many.

The first season of Shingeki no Kyojin aired from April to the end of September of 2013 and was met with overwhelming critical acclaim on many areas including the storyline, character development, soundtrack, and most notably, its action-packed sequences.

Season 2 and 3 were released in 2017 and 2018-2019 to similar acclaim, bringing colossal (pun intended) popularity to both manga and the anime.

Naturally, the fans wanted more, and as soon as possible. The announcement that accompanied the last episode of season 3 on July 1st, 2019 implied that the last season is scheduled to hit the small screens in the Fall 2020 slot.


Production Changes

Much like the story of Attack on Titan, its production indeed had its very own plot twists this year, as earlier in the year it was announced that WIT Studio that worked on animating the first three seasons is stepping down and that Studio MAPPA (Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association) is taking over the work of bringing the titans as well as our favorite characters to life.

This is hardly concerning though as Studio MAPPA has a few great titles in its roster such as Hajime no Ippo, Yuri on Ice, Inuyashiki, and many, many more. They will be wanting to bring their best game to Attack on Titan: The Final Season one way or the other, so there is no reason to be worried about this development.

From what we have seen in the trailer, the animation will be magnificent - if you have not had the chance to enjoy the trailer you can watch it at the bottom of the article.

However, what we might be concerned with is something else - if its production has changed and this decision was announced just this year, what does that mean for the release date? That, combined with the ever-worsening situation with the global pandemic could push this out even further.

Original Release Date Moved Indefinitely

The fourth and the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin was initially slotted to release in Fall 2020, and by the month of October. Having said that, as that window of time is slowly approaching it is evident that this is more than likely not happening.

Many major anime releases have been delayed by at least six months or more, some of them without any indication of possible dates of their return. It would be reasonable then to expect the same thing to happen in this scenario and that the Attack on Titan season 4 is released in 2021.

What we know so far about the anime's production timeline is as follows:

  • On May 29 2020 it was announced that WIT Studio will no longer be working on Attack on Titan and that this would be taken over by MAPPA.
  • The final season was originally included for a Fall 2020 release schedule but that was backtracked.
  • Season four of Attack on Titan has been confirmed as the last season and there will be no season 5 - so it will be an action-packed visual spectacle - perhaps delaying its release.
  • The manga will likely end before the last season of the anime releases.
  • If we observe the patterns with other big productions, chances are it will be delayed due to COVID-19.
  • Because nothing official was announced, some are still hoping it will air in October.
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If we sum up everything we know so far, the timing of Attack on Titan: The Final Season hitting is basically anytime from October 2020 to, well, any time next year, which is not a lot to go on.

Will COVID-19 Push Attack On Titan Out For Next Year?

As discussed previously, many very successful anime franchises already announced that they will be slowing down and going on a hiatus of sorts, and those include Boruto, Food Wars!, One Piece, and many more. The reality of the situation is very grave so it may be prudent to manage expectations in this case as well.

As it stands, there is still a good chance that it may release in October of this year, but without reliable news to corroborate, we are just guessing at this point. More than likely, even if the global coronavirus pandemic does not affect the production of the anime itself, it may affect localizations and any number of things release-related.


How Many Episodes Can We Expect?

Based on the amount of manga material that needs to be covered, we could speculate that no less than 30 episodes would do it justice.

However, it seems like the final season will be released in a very familiar format of 24 episodes that need to cover approximately 50 chapters, which is a lot of material, especially considering that changing anything or cutting things out may ruin it.

If we make an educated guess, Isayama may end the manga at about chapter 138 to 140 or thereabouts, meaning that 24 episodes will be jam-packed with action and content, if that is the route they will be taking.

Fans would more than likely prefer to have the episode number increase because condensing the ending of a story is a risky business that could go both ways very easily.

Bottom Line

Regardless of when we get the last season of Attack on Titan, one thing is certain - it is going to be mind-blowingly spectacular.

If we do get it in October though, then we need to be aware of the fact that we will possibly be looking at a longer release schedule simply because the manga is not finished.

Some speculate that the ending of this story could be given us in the form of a movie - that would definitely be something, particularly if we get a theatrical release. It would be an epic way to put the coronavirus pandemic behind us - and that is exactly what many are afraid of - that we will get the ending after we come out on the other side of this whole mess.

But, there are many good sides to this - for one, it guarantees the quality of animation (seriously that trailer though), and for two, if we have waited this long, we may as well wait a bit longer and watch a masterpiece.

The Final Season Preview

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