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8 Anime Like Log Horizon


Log Horizon was one of the most popular anime during the last quarter of 2013 and early months of 2014. The story starts out slow, but eventually develops into something truly extraordinary and special. You get a taste of action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, and even a little bit of romance to boot! Log Horizon is definitely one of the best anime with a theme of getting trapped in an online game.

A second season is set for release toward the end of 2014. While waiting, here are some anime like Log Horizon that you will surely enjoy.

1. Sword Art Online


Avid gamers eagerly await the release of Sword Art Online (SAO), a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. On November 6, 2022, the players log into the game using the Nerve Gear. The creator of the SAO, Akihiko Kayaba, makes a surprise announcement, saying that the only way players can log out is to finish the game. If their avatars die in-game, they will also die in the real world. Follow Kirito as he fights his way through the game, forming allies and making enemies along the way.

2. No Game No Life

A fantasy anime like Log Horizon


Sora and Shiro are inseparable siblings, each equipped with remarkable skills that make them an invincible team. They are reclusive in the real world, but in the game world, they seemingly transform into completely different beings. One day, after beating an opponent in online chess, they are offered to be reborn in a world called Disboard, a place where games rule everything. They discover that Disboard’s god, Tet, is the same opponent that made the offer. The siblings then challenge Tet and take away his title of One True God.

3. Btooom!

A game-based anime like Log Horizon


Ryota Sakamoto is a 22-year-old passionate gamer without a job. He is one of the best players of the combat video game, Btooom! One fateful day, he wakes up in a tropical island, unsure of how or why he got there. He roams around the island and upon seeing a stranger, he calls for help. To his surprise, the stranger throws a bomb at him. Ryota then begins to realize that he is trapped in a real-life version of Btoom!

4. Accel World

A funny anime like Log Horizon

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Haruyuki “Haru” Arita is a small, fat boy who often gets bullied by his classmates at the Umesato Junior High School. To forget about his social struggles, he logs onto the school’s local network to play squash by himself. His remarkable gaming skills get the attention of the beautiful Student Council Vice President, Kuroyukihime. She introduces Haru to Brain Burst, a secret program designed to accelerate the cognitive process. Haru subsequently finds out that Brain Burst is actually a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online game where players engage in duels to gain Burst Points which they can use to further accelerate their real-world abilities.

5. Ixion Saga DT

An action anime like Log Horizon


Kon Hokaze gets a surprise in one seemingly ordinary day. While playing an MMORPG, he gets a request from a female character. He is thrilled, thinking that he’s going to have a girlfriend online. But the next thing he knows, he gets transported in the world of Mira, inadvertently saving a princess after landing on her attacker. Confused and left with no choice, he becomes part of the honor guard of the princess, protecting her from the militant faction that seeks to capture her.

6. The Tower of Druaga (Druaga no Tou)

An adventure anime like Log Horizon


Eighty years after King Gilgamesh defeated the tower by himself, the tower is reborn. Every few years, the Summer of Anu arrives, a season when the powers of the monsters residing inside the tower weaken due to the great god Anu. The armies of the Uruk Kingdom await each Summer of Anu, securing their strongholds inside the tower in an attempt to ultimately conquer the top floor. Several adventurers called climbers also aspire to reach the top, where the legendary treasure Blue Crystal Rod is believed to be hidden. Follow the story of Jill, a new climber who has the ambitious goal of defeating the evil lord Druaga.

7. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

An anime like Log Horizon with romance


The world is forever plagued by the war between Humans and Demons. The greatest warrior of the Humans known as the Hero invades the castle of the Demon Queen. He says that the Demons have caused much suffering among the Humans. But the Demon Queen argues that ending the war between the Humans and Demons will result to a civil war, causing more Humans to die, something that is already happening in the world of the Demons. The Hero is convinced by the words of the Demon Queen, agreeing to help her carry out her plans and bring peace to both Humans and Demons.

8. Spice and Wolf (Ookami to Koushinryou)

A fantasy-adventure anime like Log Horizon


Kraft Lawrence is a 25-year-old travelling merchant, selling different goods from one town to another in the hopes of making a huge fortune someday. His goal is to set up his own shop in the future. One night he stops at the town of Pasloe and finds a pagan wolf deity named Holo in his wagon. She looks like a 15-year-old girl but is actually already 600 years old. She says that she is the town’s goddess of harvest, blessing it with abundance for several years but wishes to come back to her home in Yoitsu. Holo helps Kraft increase his profits, in exchange for him taking her in his travels.

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