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5 Anime Like Akame ga Kill


Tokyo Ghoul

A horror anime like Akame ga Kill

Tokyo Ghoul is a horror, psychological anime revolving around the mysterious ghouls that lurk in the city of Tokyo. Ken Kaneki is a college student who meets a girl named Rize Kamishiro at the café he frequents. They engage in a conversation about their favorite literature and the two have an instant connection because of this common interest. While walking Rize home, Ken is suddenly attacked by her. She says that she is a ghoul, a creature that is human in form but devours human flesh. In critical condition, Kaneki is rushed to the hospital where the doctor decides to transplant Rize’s organs into him. And just like that, Kaneki’s fate is changed forever.


Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

An action anime like Akame ga Kill

Attack on Titan is a super popular action, fantasy anime. The main protagonists are Eren, his adopted sister Mikasa and their close friend Armin. They live in a town called Shinganshina, which is protected by a wall to prevent Titans from invading. One day, however, the wall is destroyed and Titans demolished the town. Eren’s mother was killed right in front of his eyes. Since then, he has vowed to seek revenge. He enlists in the military alongside Mikasa and Armin. In one battle, Eren saved Armin, costing him his life. A mysterious Titan appears and kills the other Titans. They soon discover that this Titan is actually Eren, who has gained the ability to transform.


Gokukoku no Brynhildr

A fantasy anime like Akame ga Kill

Ryouta Murakami has a childhood friend he called Kuroneko. She insists on having met aliens, but nobody believed her. One day, she says that she will show Ryouta the aliens, but an accident occurs and kills her while seriously injuring Ryouta. Now a high school student, Ryouta is part of the Astronomy Club where he seeks to find information about aliens to fulfill his promise to his friend. He meets a transfer student who looks exactly like Kuroneko. She saves Ryouta from an accident, revealing her supernatural powers. This marks the beginning of Ryouta’s quest to support magic users and help them live normal lives.

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Deadman Wonderland

A supernatural anime like Akame ga Kill

Ganta is the lone survivor of a brutal massacre in which all his classmates were killed by the mysterious Red Man. He is suspected for the crime and gets sentenced to death at Deadman Wonderland, a theme park-like prison. Even while in prison, Ganta seeks to discover the identity of the Red Man in order to clear his name. He discovers that he has gained the ability to control his blood, turning it into a weapon if he intends to. He unknowingly becomes part of the Deadmen, a group of inmates with this unique ability. These men are forced to participate in death matches. Ganta befriends some of his opponents and with their help, he slowly learns more about the Red Man and the mysterious secrets of the prison.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

An adventure anime like Akame ga Kill

Edward and Alphonse are siblings who are known for their outstanding skills in alchemy at a young age. They have studied alchemy since they were little. Wanting to bring their mother back to life, they decide to use their abilities to revive her. This is considered taboo in alchemy, one with serious consequences. During the process, Alphonse almost loses his life. Edward affixes his brother’s soul to an armor suit, which in turn costs him to lose his limbs. They then embark on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone, the only thing that can bring their bodies—and lives—back to normal.


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