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Aladdin and genie, Cartoon

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Genie of the lamp

We all remember Aladdin with all the magical and oriental stuff. Genie is one of those cartoon characters that you can't forget. It's a really dynamic character that was a real amusement during the movie. He's fun, powerful and can do anything!

Who portrayed the Genie's character?

It's one of my favourite actors : Robin Williams who made the voice in the first movie as well as in Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Dan Castellaneta voiced Genie in the other movies. I really enjoyed Robin Wiliiams doing this character, who else would do it better than him? He changes his voice very fast, does hilarious impressions and can really make you laugh!. Williams had improvised 52 characters  during Aladdin, may be more.

In fact, Robin Williams has improvised many unscripted material in this rule. Unlike most animated movies or cartoons, Williams was just given topics and suggestions but was allowed to improvise his lines and that's why the Genie character looks so spontaneous and extremely fun. After he recorded it, the character and animations was made to match his lines, dialogues and impersonations.

The Genie is a slave with many powers and abilities but he was trapped in an "itty-bitty living space"/ the lamp. He was imprisoned there for thousands of years until Aladdin became his new master when he rubbed the lamp.

Aladdin meets Genie for the first time

Powers of the Genie of the lamp

Genie can grant his master three wishes but he can't do three things:

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  1. He can't kill anyone.
  2. He can't make people fall in love.
  3. He can't bring people from the dead "He doesn't like doing it".

Any wish that doesn't break the rules is allowed. With his supernatural powers he can break the fourth wall, give other people his powers as well as the amazing shapelifting powers. Genie always dreamed of freedom as he was imprisoned in the lamp and so Aladdin promised to make his third wish to set Genie free and so he did.



Motaz (author) from Egypt on June 19, 2009:

Yeah, Robin williams is amazing, thanks for the comment

jazzuboo from Queensland, Australia on June 19, 2009:

Great hub! I love Alladin - everything Robin Williams touches turns to gold as far as I'm concerned - the guys a genious.

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