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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Opinion (Spoilers)

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Zack's Snyders Justice League

Zack's Snyders Justice League

Important Aspects of the Film

- This Film was released because fans were not happy with Joss Wheddon’s version of the Justice League.

- Zack Snayder’s agreed in having no payment form this Project, he just wanted to end it to make the fandom satisfied.

- This has a lot of similiarities with Joss Whedon’s version, this is because Snyder did begin filmations but due to some personal circumstances, he decided to leave the Project unfinished and Warner hired Joss (he directed the very popular 2012 Marvel Studios film “The Avengers”) to end it using Snyder’s progress.

- The Budget to end this film was approximately 70 million dollars.

- This films durability is aproximately 4 hrs, but it is divided in 6 parts so it could be more digestible for audiences.

- This Film takes no part in the DCEU canon.

Film Summary

Superman (played by Henry Cavill) is dead, and the whole world knows it, including some outter space enemies, like Darkseid. So he decided to begin the search for the three mother boxes that can change the world to his own rule domain. Batman (played by Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) stand against Darkseid´s and Steppenwolf’s plan to conquer the world and assemble a team with some popular heros across the world; like Barry Allen (a.k.a The Flash, played by Ezra Miller), Arthur Curry (a.k.a The Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa), and Victor Stone (a.k.a The Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher). Together they will fight against Steppenwolf to prevent world’s end.

The Pros

- All the cast is great and give their best to their respective character, there is no bad character or bad performance.

- All the action sequences and the majority part of special effects are really great. Each character has the spotlight for themselves and knows how to use it (my personal favourites were: The Flash and Superman).

- The closure of the majority of subplots is satisfactoring and there is one epilogue to future films.

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- Definetely the 4 hours format fit very well for the story that Zack Snyder’s wanted to develop. It is amazing how this film goes fast and it´s over before you could realice. That is a good signal.

- Steppenwolf has a notory improvement (visual and emotionally). This one really feels like a real menace and has a really better purpose to do what he wants to.

The Cons

- The Epilogue that Snyder’s wanted to propose feels a Little bit random, it’s not bad but it feels like a desperate movement to stablish the next posible film.

- Wonder Woman’s main theme in this films is overexploded. At the beginning there was no problem with this but at the ending it was already maddening, but this do not affect to enjoy the film.

- Some of the Visual effects are notorious and did altered my perception for some action sequences, but it is not a big deal.

- The Martian Manhunter’s cameo felt a little bit forced. I know it is fan service but i did not like it that much.

Superman played by Henry Cavill

Superman played by Henry Cavill

Final Grade and Conclusion

This Film is definetely better than the Wheddon’s version. This offers a really solid story, characters development and stunning action sequences. There were some mistakes in the way, but it deserves absolutely the shot. If you are a real super héroes fan, you must see this movie now.

Final Grade: 8.3 out of 10

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