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Zack Snyders Justice League

Sometimes very little explanation is needed, right? , When you see the title 'Zack Snyders Justice League' , if you know who Zack Snyder is as a film director, it explains itself. The 2017 film that was released in theaters has its own merits, it reminds me of the old Super Friends cartoon, but 'The Snyder Cut' will be something totally different.


In Zack Snyders Justice League , Superman wears the black suit!

— Zack Snyder

The internet is a powerful thing, the collective fandom of anything is powerful, now you bring those two things together, add Twitter to the mix, and you get 'Release The Snyder Cut' , a movement that began online shortly after the theatrical version of Justice League came out. Fans knew immediately that what they saw was not Zack Snyders movie. It was Joss Whedon, the stand in Director after Zack left due to family tragedy.


This movie, which will be released in 2021 on HBO Max, has a pretty high bar to meet, as the fans have built it up to be something very special. The inclusion of all the scenes that got cut, and the first big screen appearance of famous DC Comics villain Darkseid are sure to get many talking. It will also surely bring in the subscriptions for HBO Max, and that is really the big thing, because we are in the midst of the streaming wars, and the 'ace up the sleeve' is needed. Will The Snyder Cut be that ace? , we will find out next year. The trailer at DC FanDome seemed to have many in shock at how much actually got cut from the 2017 film.

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The one major question that lingers for me, as a fan, is will Deathstroke have any major role in the Snyder Cut. Many have speculated for a long time on just how big his role was supposed to be originally, but obviously the DC Film slate is so different now, it's hard to say who Zack might use. He has stated on Vero that there are many more surprises in the film.

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