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Yumi Cells An Adorable Kdrama Review

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Min-hee is a avid Kdrama addict all through her high school. She has experience of 10 years in binge-watching and is here to share her views

A cell-based psychological romance that unravels the daily life of an ordinary office worker Yumi through the eyes of the cells inside her.

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Romantic comedy


Main leads:

°●° Kim Go-eun as Kim Yu-Mi, the star of the show.

°●° Ahn Bo-hyun as Goo woong, a game developer and Sae-yi's love interest.

Second leads:

°●° Jinyoung, a member of the group Got7, as Yoo Bobby, Yumi’s third boyfriend.

°●° Park Ji-hyun as Seo Sae-yi, Goo Woong’s colleague and past love interest

The cast of this show was well coordinated by the director. The chemistry between the main leads was sizzling. Our sunshine 'Kim Go-eun' as Yumi, is as cute as a button with her short bangs and hair. The hottie *cough* *cough* 'Goo-woong' *(especially shirtless)* has us drooling. I especially looked forward for a love-triangle trope but it was a bit lacking as Yoo Bobby had less screen presence. I hope we see more of Jinyoung in the season 2. But I'm strictly #WooMi mind you. The appearance of Choi Min-ho as Cha Ugi and Jinyoung has our Kpop hearts singing.



The drama begins with Yumi dreaming about Cha Ugi (Choi Min-ho, a member of the group SHINee) sleeping *and making out* with Yumi in her bed. Due to the breakup 3 years ago, Yumi's love cell gets swept away by flood of tears. Yumi further gets rejected by her crush Cha Ugi. Cha Ugi sets up Yumi with Goo-woong on a blind date. Woong is clearly interested in Yumi, but Yumi is struck by hysterius and ignores his advances. After a while, Woong's consideration and kindness accomplished a second date with Yumi. Their relationship faces many obstacles in the form of Sae-yi, the glass bathroom, Yumi's ex-boyfriend, Woong's marriage desire, Yoo-Bobby, Woong's pride and Woong's financial crisis but the relationship still stays resilient as "Happiness always comes with hardships". Yumi's writer cell is back from the dead and it propels Yumi to the marketing team. Woong starts to struggle with finances but still refuses to confide to Yumi. We see that Woong is emotionally stuck with his pride and fails to communicate in the relationship. Yumi is hurt but nevertheless blackmails Woong into staying at her place. Their love seemingly grows as they shop, cook and share intimate moments together. Overtime, Woong's pride and insecurities eats up their relationship. A break up piñata installed by Yumi's love cell, is soon broken by Woong's non-chalent response to Yumi's thoughtful text. The piñata eventually cracks resulting in Yumi asking for a time out. At the end, we see Yumi and Woong parting ways at the place they first met.


Uwu's (the scenes that gave me butterflies):

  • The first time Yumi and Woong meet, Woong draws a blank seeing our adorable Yumi, his brain gets foggy and he acts like a complete *but cute* fool.
  • When a belly pipe is heard, look away and pretend as if nothing happened. (Understood?)
  • Woong getting a cute frog one piece for Yumi, to change and cleverly disguising himself into a frog and entering mine, yours and Yumi’s heart.
  • The awestruck reaction of Woong and lustsaurus aggression when Yumi wears woong's clothes is total uwu.
  • Yumi rubbing Woong's belly and singing a lullaby to ease out Woong's embarrassment is so cute.
  • Woong saving Yumi's face in front of Ji Ugi by playing along to her lies about their wedding in Hawaii (even though he is vary of marriage) is the most gentleman thing ever. *Woong hwaiting!*
  • When Sae-yi and Yumi face off in front of Woong. Yumi dashes to the elevator thinking of breaking up. Woong consoles her with a tight hug. This scene is so heartwarming and it deserves the place at the gallery of Yumi's important moments in life.
  • The morning's filled with Woong's tickles and Yumi's giggles and the nights filled with their coupling is what I live for these days.
  • Woong forgetting his birthday due to his stressful work but still remembering Yumi's 1st day at the marketing team and bringing her a mechanical keyboard is so heartwarming.
  • When woong refuses to shave, Yumi says she'll shave him if he wants with shaving cream and all and he gets all shy and buys the products. *imagines and uwus tf out*
  • Woong drunkenly covering Bobby with his jacket is so adorable. *this bromance I dig*
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When Yumi is 72 in the future, the baby cells see a marriage photo in her most important moments of Yumi gallery and it is not Goo woong!!

Yumi tops the priority list in Woong's life but he still agrees to time out and later he is the one to bring up the breakup card.

Lines I loved:

"Dividing up the stomach before going to your parent's home is the most basic thing to do. Eat up. Eat a lot."

- The wise Stomach Cell.

"I'm sorry but woong isn't the leading man in your life". "There's only one leading person in this place".

- The Memo Cell

My take-away from the drama:

  • Self-love is important. No matter how much you love a person, you must be the top priority to yourself.
  • Sometimes you should keep your pride aside to make things work.
  • "Happiness always comes with hardships." -Woong's reason cell.
  • "The laundry kick", "flipping the pillows", "putting the crackers box on the bookshelf" are the pro techniques for bring lazy!
  • To the boys out there, take notes of the tradition passed by Woong's mother and father "what's wrong" and "yes, okay". I'm positive they'll be of help in your love life.

My top 3 OST's:

1. If i Could Read Your Mind - by WENDY (a member of the group RED VELVET). It's a refreshing and cheerful song. The song is about whether the girl is misreading the situation of their relationship or whether the guy is madly in love with her. The queen WENDY *let me fangirl in peace* doesn't disappoint with her cute aegyo voice.

2. Like a Star - by DoYoung (a member of the group NCT) it's my favourite song in the drama. Doyoung's vocals are unmatched. This song begs the other person to not leave their side and always stay with them, like a star shining itsight on the darkest of nights.

3. Belief - by Jung Seung Hwan has me sad and throbbing, it makes my hurt heart. The song is about reluctantly singing goodbye to his love while still being hopeful. "Will there be one more chance for me?" *sob*


It is one of the most awaited dramas of 2021, because it is based on a famous webtoon written by "Lee Dong-gun" <I know you heard the name somewhere> with 3.2 billion views. It definitely lived up to the expectations. Season two is highly anticipated.



It's a feel-good rom-com, the cells are adorable. The life of Kim Yu- mi is relatable to everyone. Tbh emotion cell is so relatable. I love Yumi's lust cell, it's an absolute pervert. While watching this drama, I felt like I'm not the only one watching the drama, the cells are watching along with me and we together are rooting for her. The Ost's are beautiful. The idea and the concept of live-action and 3D is first time used in this drama. Kudos to the director and the team! Awaiting season


© 2021 Min-hee

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