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Young M.A, “Red Flu” EP Review

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"Redflu" EP cover art

"Redflu" EP cover art

Young M.A - ''Red Flu" EP

Young M.A is back, and she is leaving dead beats in her wake. Yep, she is murdering every single one of them. Fresh off her debut album, Herstory In The Making which was released in 2019, her latest project Red Flu EP is an indication that the Brooklyn rapper is not slowing down anytime soon. Ever since her four-time platinum hit single “ooouuu” gained mainstream attention in 2016, she has been consistent in releasing awesome projects and this is one of them.

On her debut album Herstory In The Making, Young M.A laid her vulnerabilities bare for the whole world to see. An album filled with raw, soul-baring, and powerful messages about her personal experiences. However, on this project, she is totally in her element, and out here partying.

The Songs

Consisting of seven tracks, Young M.A makes it known that she is in party mode as she kicks off the E.P with “Dripset”. Bragging about her “Dripset” (diamond jewelry), her numerous travels, her relationships with women who always get emotionally attached, and her obvious love for Hennessey which helps “numb the pain” of her past experiences. “Dripset” sees her moving on from the pain she rapped about on her debut album and coming to terms with the fact that dwelling over it can be draining. Her flow and brash rhyming made the song very enjoyable and the production could not have been better.

The next track, “Quarantine Party sees Young M.A go full “Rick Ross mode”. Your auditory senses feel the affluence as she raps. The opulent braggadocio similar to that of Rick Ross is well conveyed, with an immaculate production that gives you an inkling that this song would be an instant banger at parties once the ongoing pandemic is under control. On this track, she gives you a vivid picture of how the parties she throws look like. It’s quite an R-rated party with the sex, drug use, and money spraying. Mike Zombie nails the production and the hook is a perfect party vibe.

Young M.A makes a statement on the next track “Trap or Cap”. On a slow trap beat which Mike Zombie does justice to. She takes a swing at fake friends and other rappers in the industry who do not believe in what they rap about. It might be a bit of a stretch but the lyrics “them cappin’ guys, always rappin’ lies, but be a rat inside” and “Never snitchin’ if I do the crime, im’a do the time” might be a subliminal shot at 6ix9ine who took a plea deal to avoid jail time in exchange for his willingness to testify against his fellow gang members. A move that the hip hop culture frowns against. Young M.A oozes an air of confidence and clarity all over this track and a sense of realness.

The next track “Angels vs. Demons” gives us Young M.A in a reflective mood, as she takes a journey down memory lane to her humble beginnings as she raps “talked about getting rich, now I’m actually paid”. She addresses having issues with mental health at a time, the effect her brother’s death had on her, and how she feels trapped in fame. Here, she is crooning over the beat, cool, calm, and collected. The auto-tuned hook seems out of place but it is still an enjoyable track.

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"Savage mode" is one of the best if not the best song on the E.P. The catchy beat, the flow switches, and the execution and delivery of the track are perfect. She glides over the beat, ripping it into shreds with bars. Although what she raps about is what we have always heard from her, such as her inability to trust anyone, her wealth, and her lifestyle, it still makes for an engaging listen.

Inspiring Tik-Tok dance videos has never been Young M.A’s style but she attempts it with "Bad Bitch Anthem". With a beat perfect for twerk videos on Instagram, Tik-Tok, and other video sharing applications, she makes a song only for women as she raps “This is not a man song, this the bad bitch anthem”. She describes the qualities she expects from a queen and tops it off with a catchy hook. For her, it is party time every day on this E.P.

The twenty minutes long E.P finally ends with "2020 vision". She outlines her goals for the year to triple her wealth and forget about her past. She sounds optimistic, confident, and full of life while bragging about her wealth. She also mentions her plans to do a couple of movies, which might be on a pause for now due to the ongoing pandemic. Her desire to get rich permeates all through this track.

"Savage Mode" official music video

Final Thoughts

The red flu E.P offers twenty minutes of brilliant rhyming, superb flow, and execution from the fire-spitting Brooklyn rapper. The production is top-notch almost throughout the EP save for one or two tracks, where the production quality could have been better.

Certainly, the E.P has its flaws such as its uninspired lyricism, due to its limited themes. Most of what she was rapping about was her love for Hennessy, money, and sex which affects the E.P in terms of replay value. Another flaw is the spare use of wordplay and technical wit that she is known for, although this might be due to the nature of the E.P which is a party record. Core hip-hop heads might not give it a second listen due to its lack of replay value, despite it containing some great tracks.

In conclusion, Young M.A made a record to keep her fans satisfied in the meantime. However, with her announcement of Off The Yak, an album expected to drop later this year, they might not have to wait for so long.

Essential Track: Savage Mode.

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