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You Again Film Review With Main Movie Character Named Marni (2010 movie)

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You Again Movie Review

You Again Movie Review

You Again Movie Review

You Again (2010 movie)


You Again (2010 movie) is a refreshingly family friendly film. The audience of the movie, You Again might also find it relatable as YOU AGAIN the movie discusses bullying during high school.

  • The film, You Again stars the character Marni Olivia Olsen otherwise known as her initials MOO by those people who like to be mean to her.
  • In You Again the movie, Marni's physical appearance includes thick black rimmed glasses, blond hair and acne during her high school years.
  • Marni is tormented by the most popular girls at school including the cheerleaders and their ringleader is a character named Joanna.

In the movie, You Again, the character Marni's brother is also one of the popular kids and he is a star athlete at school but he always shows Marni that he loves her and does not make her feel inadequate.


YOU AGAIN the movie

Actress Kristen Bell stars as Marni in the movie, You Again

The character Marni played by Actress Kristen Bell in You Again the movie

The character Marni played by Actress Kristen Bell in You Again the movie

Fast forward in You Again the movie

Fast forward to several years later in You Again the movie:

After college, Marni grows into her looks having gotten contact lenses and no longer having acne. Marni also has a successful career in the public relations field. She is excited to be up for a promotion at her job and it will relocate her to New York City.

In YOU AGAIN the movie, Marni decides to visit her immediate family to share her work news and celebrate her brother's recent engagement.

Marni is visiting home for the first time in several years and there is a very funny scene in You Again the movie, where even Marni's family dog can not remember her.

The main part of the plot of You Again however is that as Marni returns home she learns that the woman her brother is engaged to is in fact her high school rival Joanna.

Needless to say, the title You Again is a creative one for the movie.

A bitter pill

  • It is a bitter pill to swallow but Marni reacts really badly as she refuses to see any changes that Joanna has made since high school.
  • Marni finds it impossible to believe that Joanna can now be a good person.

In You Again the movie, Marni's mom is played by Jamie Lee Curtis and she tries to help Marni see the importance of letting go of the past but behold Joanna's aunt comes to town for the wedding and this woman played by Sigourney Weaver is also an old high school enemy of Marni's mom!

A parallel drama unfolds and Marni's mom who still holds her own grudge against Joanna's aunt must now try to follow the same the words of advice that she gave to her daughter.

  • Betty White acts the character of Marni's grandmother and has also developed a closeness to Joanna. She is tickled when Marni and Joanna "fight over [her]".
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  • In efforts to keep the past buried, Joanna refuses to admit that she can even remember Marni.

Marni is the middle child. Her older brother is the one who is engaged to Joanna. Marni solicits the help of the younger brother to reveal the truth about Joanna. This includes excavating a buried time capsule from high school and showing a video of Joanna's mean remarks at the wedding rehearsal dinner!

After all this drama, will Marni's older brother still want to marry Joanna? Rent the DVD today to find out.

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You Again the movie

I rate it 3/5 stars

Starring Kristen Bell as Marni, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman, Betty White and others


You Again trailer

You Again the movie

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