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Yomi's review of Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia Season 2

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I enjoyed season 2 more than season 1. But that's not saying much, as it's expected. After all season 1 established the foundation of who Midoriya and the cast were, and where the story was going. Season 2 continued in that direction and further elaborated on what was established, and I loved it.

But we'll get into that in the review.

This boy gathered mines and detonated them to propel himself forward in the race. This boy is crazy!

This boy gathered mines and detonated them to propel himself forward in the race. This boy is crazy!

Plot Summary...

My Hero Academia Season 2 started with the aftermath of the villain attack on the hero course. From there, Class 1-A prepared for the sports festival, which while equivalent to the olympics was a way for pro-heroes to scout future prospects to recruit after student graduation. In preparation we’re introduced to class 1-B who see 1-A as a bunch of snobs for surviving a villain attack. As we’re introduced to a few stand outs in Class 1-B Hoshi Shinso, TetsuTetsu TetsuTetsu who declare they’ll prove themselves better than class 1-A during the festival.
During the festival Midoriya beat Todoroki and Bakugo in the obstacle race, due to his ingenuity. This however made Midoriya a prime target in the calvary battle, as he had the most amount of points on him. Amidst this calvary battle, a member of Class 1-B, Monoma causes trouble for many contestants, and targets Bakugo. Which doesn’t end well for Manoma, as Bakugo takes all his head bans. Midoriya meanwhile has his hands for with Todoroki, who stole the ten thousand point head band.
Midoriya fights to get it back, resulting in him landing fourth place behind Todoroki, Bakugo, and Shinso. Afterwards is the tournament bouts commensed, as Midoriya beat Shinso to face Todoroki. Todoroki after a long fought battle against Midoriya, won after being coaxed into using his fire quirk. Bakugo didn’t get the same treatment has he bested a mentally shattered Todoroki who refused to use his fire quirk against Bakugo due to uncertainty in resolve. As a result Bakugo won the tournament which ended the sports festival. But as the festival ended Iida received terrible news:his brother Tenya had been crippled by The Hero Killer, Stain.
Enraged, Iida set out to avenge his brother under his brother hero alias:”Ingenium.” Meanwhile everyone else was dealing with internships As Todoroki was paired with Endeavor who tries to show Todoroki the ropes, Bakugo with Best Jeanist, who tried to instill manners and hero etiquette into Bakugo, and Midoriya was paired with Gran Tarino, who trained All Might. During his training, Midoriya figured how to used One-For-All, creating his ability “Full Cowling.” And just in time too, as Iida used his internship, as a means to track down Stain, and succeeded. While confronting Stain, Iida found himself outmatched by Stain’s combat prowess, and quirk that paralyzes anyone who’s blood he licks. As a result Iida is rescued by Midoriya and Todoroki, who notice Iida while on patrol with Gran Tarino and Endeavor.
Prior to Stain and Iida’s encounter, Stain was approached by Shigaraki and his villainous league. Stain declined to work with them, as he was irritated by Shigaraki’s lack of conviction. As a result Shigaraki unleashed his nome on as unsuspecting Japan during the battle with Stain. Train and Endeavor do their best to fend off the Nomus, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida defeat Stain with some good old fashioned team-work. However Stain’s actions and ideology have left their mark on the world.
Villain emerge, some in support of Stain, others using his words to justify their actions, all making their moves on the world. It is here that we meet Himiko Toga and Dabi who meet Shigaraki and seek to join his league of villains. Meanwhile after Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki are reprimanded, as their actions were deemed careless, Midoriya learns of the origins of One-For-All.
Turns out there was person who could steal quirks and use them as his own, as his power was known as “All-For-One.” All-For-One had a younger brother who was sick, so he cured his brother by passing a series of quirks to him. This awakened the younger brother’s ability to pass his power onto others. So armed with a variety of quirks and this inheritance ability, the younger brother confronted his brother as the first bearer of “One-For-All.” As the years went on, new heroes took up this hero’s battle against All-For-One, which inevitably led to All-Might, and then Midoriya inheriting the task.
And if that along with All-Might dying was enough, there were the final exams, which consisted of written and practical exams. It’s here that Midoriya and Bakugo work together to best All-Might to pass their practical exam. And the season closed out withy Shigaraki communing with Toga and Dabi to conduct their next move.

Arguably one of the best fights in the season.

Arguably one of the best fights in the season.

Pros and Cons

I enjoyed this season more than the first as there was a lot more character development for the cast, and an introduction to some new and interesting characters. I liked how we got to learn more about characters like Ida, Ochako, Todoroki, and Iida. Todoroki and Iida’s character arcs during this season, which made their future appearances full of promise. I also enjoyed how much depth and intrigue the villains had, as they were thankfully more than evil for the sake of it. As a result of getting to know who the students and villains are as characters it added investment when the conflicts started.

If there was anything bad about it, subjectively it’d start with the pacing. Due to the fact that there are a lot of characters to introduce and character interactions to be had, the pacing is a tad slow. This might make it boring for some, and given the recognizable character archetypes, uninteresting to others. And the character archetypes being similar to other characters in other shonen anime hurt the appeal.

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Of all the names he could've picked, he picked that one. Okay.

Of all the names he could've picked, he picked that one. Okay.


Be that as it may, I enjoyed this season still, and awaited season 3, since the second season ended on an intriguing cliff hanger.

So if you haven't seen My Hero Academia yet, I'd reccommend starting with season 1 and 2. But only if character driven super hero stories are your thing.

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