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Yoko Kumada Former Fashion Model, Actress, and Author

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A First Look at Yoko Kumada


Why is Yoko Kumada So Famous?

Yoko Kumada is a very famous Japanese celebrity. In fact, she has released so many DVDs and photo books, appeared on radio shows and even acted in a few dramas. But her life is much more interesting than that especially these days. She went so far as to offer health advice. Yoko Kumada was born on May 13, 1982 in Gifu Prefecture. Her favorite food is chocolate. Yoko Kumada is a former fashion model and current film actress who is also a writer as well.

Yoko Kumada Gives Advice to Women About a Controversial Topic

In June 2010, she held a publicity event for the release of her photo book “Juicy.” The photo book gives advice to women in their 20's who have concerns about sex. The book also talks about how to be sexy as a gravure idol. One month later in July 2010, Yoko made an appearance on a local TV show called “Night Shuffle” She even went so far as to give others health advice. She talked about how someone can make their breasts bigger. Which leads us to the next section about this controversy which involves chicken.

Yoko Kumada and An Interesting Thing About Chicken

According to Yoko, you will have to loosen up fat on your body and bring it up to your breasts. Even fat on your knees can be transferred to your breasts. Yoko Kumada says that there is a certain kind of fried chicken that can make your breasts bigger. Supermodels Aki Hoshino and Sayaka Isoyama have apparently ate that food also. Yoko says that these chickens eat certain foods that have ingredients for breast growth. If you eat that chicken, your breasts will get bigger. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess.

A Few More Photos of Yoko Kumada


A Few Interesting Facts About Yoko Kumada

When Yoko is not busy working, she enjoys working on projects that she can do by herself and singing karaoke. She has a few special skills. She can ride a unicycle, work on bookkeeping and she can also play the piano. Yoko is currently under contract with Artist House Pyramid.

Yoko Kumada the Author & Her Personal Life

Yoko Kumada also turned her attention to writing. In July 2011, she made her debut as a novelist with a collection of short stories called “calorie control.” Yoko has also been revealing details about her personal life. In July 2012, she announced that she has registered her marriage with a man who is not a celebrity. She also said that she had gotten married in April 2012. On December 3 of that year, Kumada announced through her agency that she has given birth to a baby girl. This is Kumada’s first child with her businessman husband, 29. Congratulations to Yoko as she and her husband were starting to celebrate their new life together. I say were celebrating because I have read about Yoko Kumada since 2012.

Yoko Kumada Interesting Facts Part 2

As of 2011, she has released a pretty large volume of work which includes 27 photo books and 45 image DVD’s. But Yoko was originally a student at nursing school before she changed her mind and decided to focus on modeling instead. This Japanese beauty has also tried her talents at singing. She has released three singles in 2006 and also an album called “Lady Child” in 2007. She has appeared in various magazines over the years. She appeared in Tokyo Girls Collection in 2008, Shibuya Girls Collection in 2009, in Kobe Girls Collection in 2010. Yoko has dressed up in lingerie for her photo shoots and dressed up in bikinis with Misako Yasuda for their many photo shoots together. And yes, Yoko Kumada is now married and gave birth to a baby girl in December 2012 and she gave birth to another daughter in October 2015. And now in June 2018, Yoko and her husband are the proud parents of another baby girl!

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