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xxxHolic - A dark anime about spirits and fates


A World of Spirits and Tangled Fates

Meet Watanuki Kimihiro, a seemingly typical bespectacled high school student... who happens to see spirits. Not only does he see spirits, but he is often tormented and plagued by them daily. To Watanuki, there seems no end to his ordeal... until one day, he manages to enter a strange house. Even stranger than the house is its owner, a woman named Yuuko. Beautiful and mysterious, with an inherent knowledge of almost everything, Yuuko offers to help Watanuki rid his spirit problem... of course for a price, he has to work at her 'shop'. At first, Watanuki is stuck doing banal chores, and slaving away in the kitchen to satisfy his employer's tummy ( and her sake intake),but soon Watanuki finds himself in very bizarre situations, dealing with the supernatural in its various forms. With the help of his new friends, Himawari and Doumeki, Watanuki encounters a myriad of spirits, both benign and cruel and soon realizes that the world isn't entirely what it seems.

Music Style

I personally love the eerie yet atmospheric background music. In addition, the opening and ending themes are quite interesting, one quite notable is BUCK TICK's "Kagerou". Upon hearing the lyrics, you notice how it seems to reflect a bit of Watanuki's and Yuuko's loneliness of dealing with those of the other world.


Why Should I watch xxxHolic?

XxxHolic is not your typical supernatural and fantasy show. It has its own distinct flavour and eeriness that makes it extremely entertaining to watch. While it has many dark episodes, there are also many funny and light hearted moments that soften the mood of the show. In essence, its one of the few shows that can successfully balance its light and shadow. The interactions between the characters are key to the show, not to mention, their development, especially Watanuki. The animation and design of the characters are a bit strange, especially if you haven't seen anything by CLAMP previously. But you'll get over it. If you like mystery, fantasy, and supernatural things, indulge in xxxHolic , you'll be glad that you did.

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