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Wrong Turn: The Foundation Spoiler Free Review


Wrong Turn (2021) or better known as Wrong Turn: The Foundation, is a movie directed by The DomesticsMike P. Nelson and written by the series original writer, Alan McElroy. After being dormant for almost seven years, the series receives a fresh new take with this entry, which serves as a reboot to the 2003 cult classic of the same name. The plot is as follows:

A father (Matthew Modine) is looking for his daughter (Charlotte Vega) when the latter and her group of friends go missing after going off the Appalachian Trail in the search of a rare Civil War fort. There they find themselves lost in the territory of a hidden community, known as The Foundation, who use deadly means to protect their land.

However, do not venture into this flick and expect the same movie which has been made six times before it. No, No, No, my dear readers: gone are the inbred cannibals living in the woods! Unlike the previous films in the series, this entry does not feature a group of deformed cannibal hillbillies hunting a band of friends who took a “Wrong Turn” in the woods. The conflict between the hikers and the hunters is much more complicated. This movie humanises the killers. From a certain point of view, their actions have very good motives and they can even be seen as the real victims.

The Hilliker Brothers do not make an appearance in this entry.

The Hilliker Brothers do not make an appearance in this entry.

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This film dives into the origins of The Foundation and believe it or not, politics play a major role in this movie! This entry can be seen as the best in the series in terms of cinematography, characters and dialogues but one could argue it did not have much competition. I went into this movie expecting “B-grade” acting, unlikeable characters, cheap VFX and a bad plot but I was thoroughly impressed. I have a couple of nitpicks however and a few problems with this movie.

Bill Sage plays the role of the villain in this movie.

Bill Sage plays the role of the villain in this movie.

First of all, I think that the runtime could and should have been shorter by at the very least twenty minutes. Some scenes feel useless while others feel rushed, especially the final act. I also feel like the way of life of The Foundation could have been explored a bit more. Now, my big problem with this movie... IT IS NOT A WRONG TURN MOVIE! It has nothing to do with the original or even the sequels. I know that it is a reboot and blah, blah, blah, but even then it should have had The Hilliker Brothers or at the very least Three Finger in it. This character is a staple of the franchise and it is what most people enjoy about these movies. This movie is a good horror movie but a very bad sequel. In my opinion, it should not even have been a Wrong Turn movie in the first place and I think it would have benefitted by not being associated with the franchise. I hate to say this but with this entry, the series took... A “Wrong Turn”. I give Wrong Turn: The Foundation a 6.5 out of 10.

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