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Wrong Turn (2021) Movie Review

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Mountain People in Louisana

Wrong Turn follows a group of friends on a vacation and they hike up the Appalachian Trail running into “The Foundation” a group of people living in the woods for hundreds of years. The group begins to become hunted as they try to get off the mountain alive….

Wrong Turn stars Jen (Charlotte Vega), Darius (Adian Bradley), Venable (Bill Sage), Milla (Emma Dumont), and Adam (Dylan McTee).

Wrong Turn is a remake of the beloved and underrated Wrong Turn franchise. There have been questionable releases in the franchise near the end and that’s why there has been a long gap between the last movie and this one. But I honestly believe after viewing this movie, that this movie is stepping in the right direction for this franchise. Wrong Turn focuses on the justification of characters in the movie, really making you think who is the real victims in this scenario. For the first half of this movie, the group of teens has a hatred towards the backwoods people here in the small town in Louisana headed by the "leader" known as Adam. Throughout the first part, we follow the group that refuses to listen to the locals warning them to not go off the hiking trail. But to them, they are “uneducated rednecks” even though they come in the end and help Jen escape with her father.

As I mentioned before, the killing of Adam is justified by the Foundation. Even in the end, the Foundation is evil but the picture of what is evil and what is not is blurred throughout this movie. Is Adam right for killing the hunter on accident? Is he worse than the hunters who tried to help him? The Foundation is inherently evil but the friends made it really hard for you to vote for them. Jen and her father are the only two who are fully justified. Jen was the voice of reason throughout the movie when Adam was allowed to act cowardly pretending to stand up for his fiance when he did it for his own selfish reason.

I hope that Wrong Turn continues on this path and continues to show us more movies like this because I would be happy to watch more movies of this quality.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

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