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Singular Upside-down Usage

We commonly use the word upside-down referring to chaotic or disorganized things as messed up rooms or life moments when everything seems confused.

Searching for different real topsy-turvy items I began to find photos of trippy houses and continued to look for more cool facts and photos about the subject. I've found buildings, lots of them that I didn't know that existed around the world. Some are residences and others are public spaces, restaurants, tourist attractions but all made with roofs down. And I continued my pursuing for reversed items, discovering many interesting and cool stuff.

I just hope that some of these pieces can not only surprise you but also bring a smile to your face and stimulate your curiosity.

You can find some examples of the upside down houses around the Web. They surely catch attention and visitors.

upside-down restaurant in the Philippines

This is a restaurant in the Philippines created by an engineer who wanted to offer unique ambiance to the clients.

Art, accidents, need of adrenaline or only for fun, here are some inverted vehicles.

The upside down Thunderbird are interesting not only because one is flying upside-down but also because the number 5 is backward.

A Mercedes SLS AMG driving upside down through a mountain tunnel! It's really impressive to see this crazy stunt, but there is also something else... how the crew worked together so that any failure could happen.

Rick Sullivan spent six months and $6,000 building the topsy-turvy truck from the parts of two separate vehicles. All because his father bet that he couldn't create a unique business, one that was ever invented.

Some animals like to hang upside down, like bats do for sleeping, others enjoy to reverse themselves when playing or eating.

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Did you know that:

  • Bats hang upside down so that they can easily open their wings and start to flight
  • When a goldfish begins to swim upside down it's a sign that they have swim bladder disease
  • Some birds when they need to change direction fly during a short moment with its body turned upside down but with its neck and head twisted in a normal position

Art is often subversive or rebellious and challenges notions about the right side. If it touches your heart it changes the way you see, and think, and feel.

Stunt Poetry by Rishi Kaneria. Amazing jumps with a very beautiful choreography.

Some researchers think it is healthy to spend some time head standing every day like some Yoga exercises.

The music video for "Upside Down & Inside Out" features the band moving in a reduced gravity aircraft, performing amazing stunts otherwise impossible at normal gravity.

Watch "Heads over Heals" over and over and you will like it more and more!

A beautifully animation film!

We can find many curiosities about upside down reality. Some are peculiar but understandable, other are intriguing and provocative and some are only humorous or thoughtful .

In Wikimedia you can find a large number of files related to objects or actions which normally have a clearly defined "up" side, but which are upside down

Upside down waterfalls are a natural phenomenon caused by strong winds. This one is in Iceland, but it also occurs in places such as Hawaii, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Bolts of light growing up from the ground.

Tall objects can start upward leaders without preceding triggering flashes.

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