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Worst Films of 2018

At this point, I literally watched over 200 films from 2018... I think I'm qualified to pick out some baddies.

The Worst of 2018


Before We Get Started...

Like my Best of the Year list for 2018, I know that this is a bit late but I wanted to catch up on some movies that I had missed… for better or worse, I’m all caught up now. Also, there seems to be some sort of odd little controversy recently about lists pertaining to what someone would consider to be the worst films of the year, I’m not sure as to why really. Supposedly if one spends time focusing on hatred towards a select group of movies then they shouldn’t consider themselves a film lover? I’m sorry, but that sounds ridiculous to me. I love film, period. I’ve loved film since I was a kid and I’ve studied it for years, but film is not without its flaws. There is even a sick twisted part of myself that loves watching bad movies. There are things that we can learn from even the worst that film has to offer and I don’t mind celebrating that. Plus… I sat through some terrible, terrible monstrosities in 2018 and dammit I am having a Worst of the Year list! There are movies that transcend what a movie can be and take on a form all of its own. These are a few examples of that form gone wrong. It is okay to hate a movie, no matter what anyone else may say, even if the majority of people claim a film to be good it is still anyone’s right to disagree. Film is like any other form of art, it is subjective. And my subjective, but completely correct opinion says that these ten particular movies are terrible and no one should ever see them. I mean… I could totally be wrong… but I’m not. If someone disagrees with any of my picks or believes that there was far worse that 2018 had to offer then by all means comment down below and let’s have a discussion! Without further ado, here is my list for the films that made me cry and not in a good way.



Really Blumhouse? This is the one? This is the movie that you somehow proudly attach your name to the title of? Really? For Truth or Dare? Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare… okay. For what is probably the studio’s worst film, Blumhouse proudly presents Truth or Dare. I love horror films and there are a ton released by Blumhouse, many of which I enjoy immensely. Even in 2018 Blumhouse release some quality entertainment; such as my favorite film of the year Upgrade as well as others like Halloween, BlacKkKlansman, and even Unfriended: Dark Web was a vast improvement over its predecessor. Yet we have Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, a lame extension of modern horror gone wrong again. When a small group of youths play a seemingly harmless game of truth or dare with a total stranger, it turns out that the game of truth or dare is… haunted? And so they have to play to stay alive, no matter the cost, until they can pass the game onto another group of people to lift the curse. Refusal to participate results in death. And with that we have an idiotic rip-off of It Follows and Ouija. Whether one is a fan of It Follows or not, at the very least one could say that the film attempts to supply a slow building tense atmosphere. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, much like Ouija however, is simply banking on cheap jump scares and dumbass characters to provide the spooks and push the story forward. Every character is a moron and rather unlikable, the scares are lazy, the rules of this game make zero sense and the ending is atrociously ridiculous. I couldn’t even enjoy this film on an over-the-top kills level because of its obvious PG-13 rating that pretty much renders Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare with no entertainment value whatsoever. The effects were creepy and not in a good way, in a “that CGI would have looked bad 15 years ago” kind of way. It sucked. It was a slog to get through and I would have at least hoped for it to have been so bad it was funny, but I couldn’t even get a chuckle out of how stupid everyone was being. It was lame, that’s the best description honestly. Lame. Plain and simply lame.

Blumhouse's 'Truth or Dare' Trailer


Even the poster looks like sh*t.

Even the poster looks like sh*t.

Possibly the biggest waste of time to come out in 2018, I give to you The Boxcar Children in Surprise Island… Three young siblings are sent by their grandfather to spend their summer vacation on an island living in a barn completely unsupervised for months with only an amnesia victim to look after them sometimes… I uhh… f*cking what? That is seriously all the plot you get in this terrifyingly animated kids movie. There is zero plot to this film. No overarching story or character development or a shred of conflict. Do you want to know all the major moments of this movie? All the tension filled plot points? Okay, here they are.

“Oh boy, I love the beach! But gosh darn it… the water is just too cold for me to swim in! I guess I’ll just sit on the beach instead.”

So he sits on the beach instead.

“Jeez, we sure got a lot of dishes to do. We better work together to get the dishes done real quick! That way we can read before bed time.”

So they get the dishes done real quick and read some books.

Girl: “I sure would love to make some chowder today, but it’s raining outside so I can’t get the onions from the garden!”

Boy: “No worries, I will get them. Oh darn. It is really raining. It is going to get my clothes all wet! I should put on my swimming suit so I can get the onions!”

So he puts on his swimming suit and gets the onions and they make the god damn chowder.

“Oh look, there’s a cave let’s go inside of it. But uh oh! There’s water flooding in it now!”

So they get out.

Boy: “My goodness gee willikers, there’s a skeleton in this cave!”

Amnesia Guy: “It’s okay, it was from a long time ago. No need to worry here. Better cover it back up in the dirt!”

And it was never brought up again.

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“Man, it sure is hot upstairs in the barn. Best we go back downstairs.”

So they did.

“Oh dear, you cut your toe on a broken sea shell!”

So they get a band aid.

“Help, I’m looking for my long lost friend!”

It’s the amnesia guy that’s been watching the kids.

Plot twist, the amnesia guy is the children’s’ cousin.

The End.

I hated this movie because it is so boring. Nothing happens for like eighty frikkin’ minutes! Nothing! Every conflict is as if it never mattered because they are resolved within literal seconds of being presented into the movie. And seriously, the animation is awful. It is easily the ugliest animation I saw from the year. None of the characters or animals moved in a natural way, no one’s mouth ever matched the dialog being spoken, their eyes were completely dead, there was barely any real interaction with objects or environmental substances and when there was it was always off-putting, water never effects anyone’s clothes or anything at all, there are times where the character/vehicle models will just abruptly stop and twitch for a split second. In one scene a girl’s hair phased through her ears several times in a single shot. It was horrendous. And I would have given this movie a pass if it wasn’t for the fact that it was released into theaters for a limited run and didn’t have so many name actors somehow attached to this travesty. J.K. Simmons, Martin Sheen, Dane DeHaan, Gil Birmingham, and Joey King were somehow wrapped into this dog pile. I don’t know what dirt someone has on all of these people, but this is cruel. I don’t care what hooker they murdered in Vegas, let them go! This was bad. So bad. So boring. So creepy. So done... and this had nothing to do with a boxcar!

'The Boxcar Children in Surprise Island' Trailer



So much insanity is squeezed into A Wrinkle in Time and it’s been so long since I saw it, I’m struggling to remember it all. Okay. Let’s see. Little girl and her brother go in search of their long lost father and they bring their brain dead friend along with them. Along the way there was a house sized Oprah Winfrey. Reese Witherspoon turned into a gigantic CGI plant lady that flew. Mindy Kaling spoke entirely in quotes from famous historical figures and Beyonce. Zach Galifinakis was there and said things for one scene while seemingly doing yoga on screen. Chris Pine was contractually obligated to appear in about five minutes worth of screen time. Michael Pena was literally a human puppet. And the name Charles Wallace will haunt my dreams until the day I die, because that name is yelled dozens of times throughout the whole movie. Charles Wallace being the six/seven year old brother of the lead character and he is played by the most obnoxious child actor I saw all year. I hated this little pompous brat and his performance made me want to punch a kid in the face. He was terrible and he ends up being the villain by the end of this. That’s right, the villain. The title of worst villain of 2018 goes to Charles Wallace! Even his name sucks as a villain name. This movie was if someone tried ripping off Neverending Story, but didn’t understand the true heart of what made that film work so they went for simply oversaturating the whimsy factor and threw in random action beats that held no weight in an attempt to mold a story, but it comes off as a mess. With the exception of Chris Pine and Storm Reid giving really solid performances as father and daughter, this movie was a train wreck. I remember this film at the time of its release being heralded as some sort of achievement for woman’s movement in film, but I’m sorry. This seems to be a cynical product that hurts more than helps any cause. There were much stronger achievements for women in film from 2018, A Wrinkle in Time was not one of them.

'A Wrinkle in Time' Trailer



I recently went into an extremely deep analysis of what I thought about Life Itself, so if you’d like to read more on what I had to say… I was pretty angry and said some things that were pushing the PG limit that I try holding in my reviews here.… then I will share a link down below. My anger has lessened on this film, give any wound time to heal and that will be the case, but it still was one of the longest sits I had to endure from 2018. This pretention of pseudo-philosophical poetics and dollar-bin Tarantino writing tries its best to be about what supposedly life is truly like, but it fails and is nothing more than a sappy and pretentious melodrama. You want a more realistic depiction of someone’s life then watch Roma, you want a Tarantino film not directed by Quentin Tarantino for some reason then watch Bad Times at the El Royale, you want a funny yet touching story about a broken family then watch Instant Family; do not watch Life Itself. It constantly has a direction that thinks of itself as clever or being intellectual when really it comes across as a guy in a coffee shop jerking off to every line he writes of his new screenplay that ‘no one understands because it’s so deep’. It’s not deep, it’s not complex, it’s not emotional or genuine or thought provoking or clever or witty or even funny; it’s crap. Please don’t bother. Or do, what am I? Your mother. I’m not, and I can prove it too.

My Review of Life Itself

  • 'Life Itself' (2018) Movie Review
    Not to be confused with the 2014 documentary about Roger Ebert. This is the story of life itself with all the twists and turns that occurs within it, as well as the effects it holds on loved ones from one generation onto the next. Life... uhh uhh...

'Life Itself' Trailer



Life of the Party is a near two hour movie where the only joke is that there is no joke. It is a string of scenes with no real story connecting them together where it is awkward for the sake of being awkward. The comedy is supposed to come from how awkward these situations are and they refuse to let the awkwardness die. It never becomes funny, not even accidentally. It is just countless scenes that feel like an eternity that I can’t escape because they just won’t end. It was hell. Remember Back to School starring Rodney Dangerfield? Think if that sucked really bad. It would still be better than this. The plot is that a middle-aged mother is abruptly divorced by her husband so she decides to go back to college with her daughter. That’s all the plot you get. The relationship with the woman’s daughter is non-existent. The humor only caused me to groan in irritation. The acting has no charm or charisma to it because everyone is forced to act like awkward idiots. The dialog is nothing but the actors terribly adlibbing through whole scenes, making every conversation feel completely pointless. The editing is awful since there is no structure or plot thread to follow so it is just a bunch of lame vignettes stitched together. I couldn’t stand it. I hated every line because there was never a laugh or a punch line or a single joke in this ‘comedy’. I can get behind good anti-humor or even awkward humor when it is done right or at least follows a script; Andy Kaufman was a brilliant comedian with anti-humor. Ben Falcone, the director, is not. He and his wife, Melissa McCarthy, seriously need to stop collaborating together because whatever they are doing it is not working. Tammy, The Boss and now this. They can’t make a movie together, they just can’t. I don’t know why. On their own, separately, they can be funny. Melissa McCarthy, with the right role and direction, can be hilarious; yet every time she works with her husband it is a total mess. I can forgive a comedy if the story is a mess as long as it is at least funny, but with these two together they never are. It’s depressing. If they work together again and I have to sit through it I might shoot myself instead…

*Two minutes later after checking IMDb to find out that the two are collaborating yet again on a movie to release by the end of 2019*

So I guess I’m shooting myself on Christmas Eve in order to avoid their next film… Merry f*cking Christmas to me.

'Life of the Party' Trailer



I went on quite the rampage about Holmes & Watson only a week ago, so I am going to try reserving some of my energy here and simply say that this was a disaster. This was everything wrong with modern comedies letting their leads adlib to their heart’s content that results in scenes lasting needlessly long with no actual jokes being said, constant modern pop culture references to cynically appease the masses, the story getting lost in the mix of nonsense, and the editing being a nightmare because no one sticks to a script. The story itself doesn’t even actually come into play until over twenty minutes into the film and even then it is a flimsy excuse for Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to act like morons for nearly two hours. There is no plot or structure, it is a series of sketches for the two leads to yell loudly in, not even to tell jokes, but to yell and say random things that pertain nothing in terms of story or character. I also found out that there are two versions of this movie with drastically different openings, turns out that I saw the more pointless version. Hooray for me. I already am not the biggest fan of Will Ferrell, but after this I’m done with him. He has made comedy after comedy with the sole joke being that he is acting like a loud and obnoxious man-child and I’m sick of it. I didn’t laugh once in Holmes & Watson, I didn’t even snicker out of pity. I sat their stewing in my anger for about a hundred minutes as Ferrell screamed his head off. Reilly is at least trying to be a character as Watson, he’s just not given any real material to work with. Ferrell does his usual schtick and doesn’t even attempt to portray Holmes, or a parody of. He’s simply being Will Ferrell and of tired of his sh*t. I really, really am. I’ve had it, Ferrell. I’m done with you. F*ck off.

My Review of Holmes & Watson

  • 'Holmes & Watson' (2018) Movie Review
    This is the part where I usually include a plot synopsis of the film. Too bad there is no plot. This is Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson while they perform endless sophomoric adlibbing, scream violently at

'Holmes & Watson' Trailer

4. THE 15:17 TO PARIS


The 15:17 to Paris baffles me as to how this was so bad. This was directed by Clint Eastwood. Clint Mother F*cking Eastwood, one of the greatest talents in front of and behind the camera somehow made this vacation movie with a terrorist attack at the end? Really? I’m not kidding by the way about this being a vacation movie since it literally spends about fourty-five minutes or so on the three lead characters all on vacation in Europe. Before that we are shown random events of their childhood that really make no sense and bare no real purpose for story since it feels like there is no story. This doesn’t feel like an in-depth look at these three individuals that succeeded in stopping a terrorist act, it feels like random things happening with nothing of interest transpiring at all while sporadically being interwoven with the climax from the end sprinkled throughout the rest of the movie. It is astonishingly boring and directionless. The acting, even from the experienced actors are bad. It’s easy to point out that the three leads, who are played by the actual men who stopped the terrorist in real life, they aren’t good actors because they really aren’t good. However, I’m willing to let that slide because they aren’t actors, I don’t blame them for not acquiring the right tools to perform in front of the camera. Granted, you think that acting like yourself wouldn’t be too difficult, but then again when you’re in front of the camera it is a different world you live in so I can forgive it to an extent. With everyone else though, they are not off the hook, they did bad and they should feel bad. And the cinematography was awful. I mean, shockingly awful with how cheap it looks. It looks as if they bought the cheapest camera they could find at Wal-Mart and shot it over the span of a week maybe. This movie makes no sense why it fails as drastically as it does with such talents working on it, but here we are. Clint Eastwood’s worst film, no competition.

'The 15:17 to Paris' Trailer



Some of you may be wondering… what the hell is The Trump Prophecy? Ooh do I have a story to tell you! Based on the supposed true story about a fireman who was given a vision by God years ago that Donald Trump was destined to be the President of the United States of America, and these are the events that transpired to truly make it happen. You have not read this wrong. This is real. This is not fan fiction… sort of. This is not something that went directly to video, this was theatrically released. That’s right. This was shown in over six hundred theaters and made a little less than $700,000 at the box office. And it is insane. Yes, it’s easy to poke fun at the fact that this is very pro-Trump movie. While I certainly am not a fan of Donald Trump, I’m open to an actual discussion of why someone believes in his policies… this movie does not do that. This movie simply has this man who seems to be going through severe psychological issues and refuses to treat it properly, claim that a CGI ball of light that does not speak at all supposedly tell him that Donald Trump is meant to be the President… while also showing a vision of his chair being on fire while Donald Trump is on TV. For some reason, I guess that’s a good sign to him. Then years later when the man brings this up to his “therapist”, instead of actually approaching this practically the therapist enables the man by taking this information to his wife who starts a campaign for Donald Trump based solely on the blind advisement of a man who claims that God told him that it was destined to be. And every person that she brings this up to in the movie always says, “but I don’t like Donald Trump”. Which every time, she replies with, “Me neither”. Well I guess that’s enough of a reason to follow this man that you don’t even acknowledge what his beliefs are or what his political policies are, and you don’t even care for him as a person, but someone said that God said to support Trump so I guess we’re going with that. It’s ridiculous! Everyone comes off as a total psychopath. On top of that, the acting is dreadful with everyone showing zero emotion and no charisma. The editing is incoherent and carries no comprehension of time passed. The cinematography looks atrociously cheap and amateurish. There are bat sh*t insane sequences with the fireman character facing off against a fiery demon in his sleep. The special effects are laughable. There is no structure to the story and it is terribly boring. In the last third, our lead character is practically dropped out of the movie and it switches over to focusing on the therapist’s wife until the end. The comedy is cringe inducing. This was a fever dream gone horribly wrong. This film had no ambition and was ridiculously misguided with its manipulative use of religion to try to force people to believe that Donald Trump was proclaimed by God to be the President of the U.S. Which the Trump aspect doesn’t even come into play until halfway into the movie, before that it was the fireman guy going through PTSD and dreams about demons while refusing to actually treat the symptoms. The Trump Prophecy is a joke, don’t bother.

'The Trump Prophecy' Trailer



Technically speaking, The Trump Prophecy is a worse film than Show Dogs, but Show Dogs pissed me off a bit more. Imagine, if you will, that the 1990’s cult show Tequila & Bonetti (a short run of a television series about a talking dog and his human cop partner solving crimes) was made by the man who brought us Home Alone 3, Smurfs 1 & 2, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The product may resemble what Show Dogs turns out to be. A terrible, condescending and cynical kids flick that treats its audience like idiots for ninety minutes straight. It sickens me how cynical this movie is and how terrible every bad joke was that came out of these poor contractually obligated victims (aka the actors). There isn’t a single funny line delivered in Show Dogs. I couldn’t even muster up the motivation to laugh at Will Arnett being in this because the movie is so lifeless. There is absolutely no heart in this on anyone’s part. Arnett clearly doesn’t want to be in this, no one behind the camera seems to present any passion whatsoever, the script is entirely lazy and the special effects… dear God, the special effects are terrifying. At one point a dog starts dancing and it was literally like watching the scene from the Suspiria remake as I watched their body break apart in horrific ways, but with far worse and nightmarish CGI in the case of Show Dogs. It remains imprinted on my soul to this very day as I write these words. This is a product. A soulless product only made to talk down to children, belittling their intelligence with the laziest form of writing filled with bad puns and poop/fart/piss jokes stacked to the brim. That is the biggest reason why this ranks so high on my list, it shows no respect for kids. It is simply put on a conveyer belt to ship out into theaters strictly to grab some money out of the pockets of unsuspecting parents who believe that Show Dogs is innocent enough and since it’s meant for kids then they should love it. Maybe they do love it, but this is the equivalent of dangling keys in front of a toddler’s face for an hour and a half. It does nothing to benefit the child, it’s a complete waste of time that you could have spent providing them with more substance instead of treating them like idiots. So if you’re one of the few that showed your child Show Dogs, you should be ashamed of yourself. There are far better films from 2018 alone that would have sufficed as entertainment for your little ones; Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Peter Rabbit, Mary Poppins Returns, The House with a Clock in its Walls, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero, Teen Titans GO! To the Movies, Incredibles 2, or even Smallfoot are much better films that you could be showing your children instead of Show Dogs. That is if you are looking strictly for family/kids flicks, aside from that there were even more than that available at your disposal out of the year. So there is absolutely no need to ever see Show Dogs. It is not worth anyone’s time and especially not worth anyone’s money. You have no excuse now, treat your children to something good.


To address this particular aspect of the controversy that was stirred up from Show Dogs, which I hate the fact that I am being forced to defend this pile of crap, but I feel a need to talk about this briefly. In case you are unaware, there is a scene involving the main dog pretty much going to his ‘happy place’ while the judges of this dog show inspect his private area. A large amount of parents, specifically mothers, read this as the movie defending molestation and demanded for the scene to be cut out of the film. So it was taken out of theaters to be re-edited and put back into theaters without the scene intact. I saw the scene and as stupid and lame as the scene was, I can honestly say that at no point did I feel like this was telling children that if someone was touching them inappropriately then they should just let it happen. This was an inspection done on dogs at all dog shows, while the writing of the joke was extremely lazy, it didn’t have any sort of ill intent of a message being forced upon kids. At least as far as I could tell. It was simply not funny is all. The reason I wanted to address this is the fact that I don’t approve of any film, good or bad, being tampered with in its editing only because a few moms got pissy. This to me comes across as dangerous to all films because where will the line be drawn in order to keep a film’s integrity safe. Yes, this time it was with an already terrible film, but the moms had no right to force a scene to be stricken from the film. Simply just don’t show your kids this movie. It is not as if the advertising was portraying this as some sort of high class masterpiece, this was clearly going to be a low-brow film with low-brow humor. If you don’t want your children subjected to that, then be a responsible parent and show them something else instead. Don’t lash out against a movie that you’re entirely at fault for showing your child. Or have an actual conversation with your kid and tell them that touching like that is bad and if anyone were to do that to them then they should run and immediately report it to someone. This is only coming from someone who helped raise children for a few years myself, but whatever. Common sense is overrated. So yeah, I don’t appreciate that ‘mom rage’ is effecting film and if it were to ever result in a truly great movie being tampered with then it will truly be a sad day for film as a whole… Thanks a lot, America. You made me defend f*cking Show Dogs. I hope you’re happy!

'Show Dogs' Trailer



Death of a Nation is not only, by far the worst film of 2018, but also the most difficult to speak about without becoming too overwhelmed by my distain for it. For those who don’t know the film, Death of a Nation is pseudo-documentary made by Dinesh D’Souza where he spends every second of two whole hours declaring that all modern Democrats are racists and secretly Nazis or affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, then by the last ten minutes proclaims Donald Trump to be the next Abraham Lincoln. Yep… That’s basically the movie. It is not a documentary; documentaries are supposed to use real data, research, facts, documents, clips, and interviews to supply as much of a truth as possible. D’Souza uses poorly made and acted re-enactments to emotionally manipulate the audience, edits documents and clips in a way to seem more devious being out of context, provides zero evidence for any claim that he attempts to make and only relies on mostly his word on the matter, and he performs interviews that are obviously scripted. There is not a genuine bone in this film’s body. This was not made in order to provide insight or inform people on the Democratic party and how there may be negative aspects about it today. No, this film says that because there were Democrats over two hundred years ago that were pro-slavery so that means that they are trying to enslave people again today. He makes forced parallels between liberals and fascists, therefore that means Democrats are Nazis. Again, no real evidence or proof actually provided. Simply the word of a clearly biased man who has made “documentary” after “documentary” showing only hatred for all things Democratic.

This is a man who literally claims that Adolf Hitler was… and I am being completely serious… fine with gays. That’s not a joke, Dinesh D’Souza said in Death of a Nation that Adolf Hitler was actually cool with gay people as long as they kept their affairs in the bedroom. I’m being serious. Which he uses this “fact” as a reason why Adolf Hitler could never be a Republican, because he had no qualms with gay people… there are a couple things wrong with this statement and I’ll just let you fellow readers figure that one out for yourselves because, unlike Dinesh, I don’t assume that you’re a bunch of idiots. If you want to hear more about how bad this thing was, I did an entire review ranting and raging about so much more that happens in Death of a Nation. But where I want to leave this note on is the fact that this is simply hateful and dangerous propaganda that can get a lot of people hurt because all this movie is, is fear and hate mongering for two full hours while manipulating and treating its demographic like morons. That is why I place this as the worst of the year, because of its ill intent to force a wedge between people. Claiming that every Democrat is pure evil while every Republican who ever lived is practically the superior race. It’s appalling, cruel, despicable and morally reprehensible. That is why this makes it on the top of the crap pile; setting aside its poor quality in acting, writing, directing, editing, costuming, etc. which are all also terrible. It’s the moral, or lack thereof, that is the reason why Death of a Nation should be shunned and avoided at all costs. Death of a Nation is no good, and I mean that in many different ways.

I want to try to end this ‘mini-review’ on a direct quote from Dinesh D’Souza himself in the movie that sums up exactly what the point of him making this “documentary” was all about. Dinesh D’Souza - “Democrats are the true racists, they are the true fascists. They want to steal our income. They want to steal our earnings. And our wealth. And our freedom. And our lives. They’re trying to kill America by killing the economic and political and religious freedom of Americans.” That is not edited or manipulated to be out of context in any way, that is from Dinesh’s very own mouth while never once sharing exactly how Democrats are supposedly trying to take these freedoms away or “kill America” as he so eloquently words it. All the facts he needs are in his mind and so that’s enough to try stirring the pot to cause panic and anger amongst his fellow Republicans or some poor youth that doesn’t understand what it means to be a Democrat or Republican and takes these words to be true. That to me is terrifying for Dinesh to possibly be instilling this fear and hatred into kids or people that don’t know any better to look out for the signs that this shouldn’t be taken seriously and what they might do because they’re angry or afraid. It’s sad and I really do hope that Death of a Nation stays deep in the dark away from anyone’s sight, for everyone’s sake. Please don’t see this. Don’t search for this. Don’t borrow this. Don’t lend this. Don’t have any part of this. It truly is awful on many levels. Do yourself a favor and watch literally anything else, even anything else from this very list, but never watch Death of a Nation. Please.

My Review of Death of a Nation

  • 'Death of a Nation' (2018) Movie Review
    Dinesh D'Souza, once again, releases a "documentary" claiming the Democratic party is full of racism, tyranny, and Nazism. The only way to save our country is to be a Republican.

'Death of a Nation' Trailer

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