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Woodson Office Overland That Never Got the Homeless Shelter Open Downtown Saint Louis Founder Rice

The Art Fair of madness and at the end joy and touching moments and stop the weeping.

Never had an opportunity to open that shelter Downtown ever again 2022

The center had Celebrated 50 years and with Founder Rice he was always working outside in different weather conditions of hot humid and cold and raining. Nobody never wanted to give him a hand to open up the shelter with the permit and the petitions that was signed and for me working at Fieldworks I saw mine work done in vain and not going anywhere and wasted. One day I had this dream after the Art Fair here comes this full grown brown dark bearded lion that leap off this roof top and attack some people in the village and some people were eaten and was screaming trying to run away, so look like a place of India or South Africa where no tents up for the art craft tables at all. My sister gets the key to a door found some place with steps like New York building with clear glass window to look out then head out to the van and drove away. Drive away people were running and some seated at the tables without tents, and the lion turned over some tables and broke some glass vases of the art table in the middle of a street. At this moment I had panic attacks and fear the outside of we could had been a victim of got eaten by the lion. If anyone knows anyone by the name Rice feel free to email me or text me, and I will answer your questions concerning this investigation soon thanks.

The Lion was sent to attack the Founder of helping the homeless in St. Louis Mo I had volunteered with Mr. Larry since age 30 when mine grandma was alive and being at the age of 33, she is now dead being mine instruction to help homeless as a career and service. I agreed to work with Mr. Larry and he like my service to work with him. Helping pack hygiene kits and food feeding, praying best

and event and planner, and speaker. Many times, Mr. Larry ended up after no chance to open shelter was panic attacks and frustrated with foolish behavior that came against his wishes and never came to nothing just wild animals on the loose. Some people would complain about their conditions and some victory they never taken serious trying to sing with their voice outside in the grass area and mockery laughter against his calling and never wanted his shelter open anyway and would ask him when you going to get Locust Street building back open, so they laughed.

I felt like weeping about what just been happening.

He has handed people bus tickets and showing the love of Christ for 50 years.

I knew that if it was a lion attack it will never be a shelter open again.

The Foolish people being the homeless

Many people came to him said no place to go lacking food and jobless and maybe some with a singing voice, but it was not clear enough. The Founder get tired enough to see self about to fall under stress and no hope. He was almost nearing death of the age 70s. For his 50 years he might be retired from this job of shelter. He thought about this idea again after this statue of Jesus got stolen and never the shelter was open, so I had to work with Field Works for petitions to be signed for the cause of the homeless shelter to be open it was told No! I wanted to almost cry I felt he was really unsafe especially as age 30s seeing this stuff before my eyes. He was left at night with the homeless and told to travel to India and Springfield. I was on the street with a sign that came up while walking of AFFTON Missouri Near Dairy Queen I ordered an Icee on my break on my way to Seven Eleven. I felt it was nearing dark it was time for me to go back to the office and get notary.

" Hey Larry, you remember when you gave me a Wheelchair and I sure need it and all of them need some kind of handicap help and thank You and when you going to open that shelter over there? Ha ah" You know Covid is still out you need bus tickets? No Nal ah Larry I'm okay hanging on in there by Grace of God

. God Bless

bus tickets

Shelter is not open why God!

"Larry When you going to get the shelter open"

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"I am zero money for this organization no more donations allowed please"

'We would like to close it up with prayer thank you'


No more waiting for shelter it will not open

It was not for me to gain the whole world and lose my soul, but I seek the poverty and sleepers on the hard cement of the streets Downtown of bus tickets needed some food and a few dollars but when have none of these things as Founder some lacking take place in my life and see darkness and the full moon colored white in the daytime

The end shall that lion come out on that hilltop and the Full moon turned red and Jesus' nearing. Be ye ready of the day of judgement no more bells ringing joy on Sunday. Have been snatched and eaten on the street and bloodshed and it get dark at the Art fair. No more tents up and destruction from the bearded lion get the foolish people back that said they were homeless but not lacking. It was told feed the homeless famine takes over the township. So many plagues from the book of Exodus and it came to past thou shalt never open that shelter again Church has been destroyed homeless out from the prison back to the family. We are living in a color nation of disrespect and lacking and not sincere about what God can do that created any way. I see the clouds turn pink, purple and sky blue, but it gets grey at time of nearing closed for the homeless needs been great.


Scams in Missouri

We are surrounded by handicap people and great people and weakness in the area of the community we outreach. Divided many people fall in a vision to help the poor and handicap meaning Elderly. We should not treat the elderly less or bring confusion like dementia in the mind what visited me in an Art Fair. We are mental stable society to outreach the needs of people. When we search for jobs

just choose mainly Indeed of got the opportunity to do petitions for the homeless. I was mocked and cuss out many approached me disrespectfully but what a joy to know somebody care and work with me, so in event planning you have to be men and women in business and see the end result of achievement. This is the character motivator for one to act as a President of a company oversite and text person. We are phone savvy and tech computer data base services. We are taught to put light bulb in a room and go into homes for sale you make like and go through decision if interested of home from house tour. Love on the homeless but tell them the truth in love.

Goal minded Field Worker and get paid.

Avoid scams it would put you out in the street homeless and poverty

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