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"Wonder Woman 1984": Nathan's Movie Review

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Most people can agree on the fact that 2017's Wonder Woman was a powerhouse and by far the DCEU's best film. A sequel has been anticipated for three years now, and is unfairly receiving a lot of hateful comments. Funnily enough, the commenters are saying things like "it sucks" or "it was awful" but they aren't really saying what was so awful or what exactly sucked. My conclusion? It was a good film and the hateful people either are Marvel purists that hate on DC no matter what or they are Rotten Tomatoes scam artists. Sure, the first was better. It's hard to find a sequel that soars higher than the first. But that doesn't make the film bad. It just makes it different, and that's more than okay.

Wonder Woman 1984 follows Diana Prince, curator by day and Wonder Woman by...well, okay she goes where she's needed regardless of time. When a mysterious stone is found, Diana doesn't think much of it and leaves it in the capable hands of Barbara Minerva, a geologist and gemologist and all other kinds of ologist. She's brainy, but also ultra nerdy and a bit of a loner. Diana befriends her not necessarily out of charity but because she's been lonely too and needs a friend. Diana secretly wishes for Steve Trevor to come back from the dead and Barbara wants to be like Diana. Little did they know that the stone they found is the fabled Dream Stone, one that takes as much as it gives. Now, Maxwell Lord, an aspiring business tycoon, wants it for himself in an attempt to become someone his son could be proud of. With Steve back, Barbara super strong, and Diana's powers waning, it's up to Wonder Woman to figure out how to stop Max and Barbara and reverse the effects of the Stone.

I loved almost everything about the film. Sure, it wasn't a gritty war story like the first was. It was a romantic drama with some action in it. It was pretty much the complete opposite of the first. But isn't that a good thing? Instead of becoming repetitious, director Patty Jenkins chose to take the story in a new direction, which offered the series a breath of fresh air. Plus, the hero losing their powers story is captivating when done correctly and WW84 approached it well, I thought.

I loved the story progression as well. Finally, we got a film in which the villain gets a beautiful chance at redemption rather than just being offed and forgotten. The only thing that disappointed me was how Barbara's story ended. Cheetah is Wonder Woman's arch-nemesis in the comics so her story ending the way it did was a bit of a cheat, almost like Iron Man 3's Mandarin reveal, but not fully to that extent.

In conclusion, WW84 still had a ton of heart and a beautiful message. These hateful people are missing out on the whole point of the film and aren't grasping what Wonder Woman is truly all about: love and giving people a chance to change. I give the film a 3 out of 4.

© 2020 Nathan Jasper

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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on December 28, 2020:

Good review. I've not seen this one, wouldn't mind though.

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