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Women Who Kill. The Manson Girls, Betty Broderick & More

Mary Jo and Joey Buttafuoco


Amy Fisher Just After Her Arrest


Joey Buttafuoco


Amy Fisher; From Attempted Murder to Stardom

On May 9th 1992, Amy Fisher was 17 years old and in love with Joey Buttafuoco, a married man. So much in love with Joey that her frustration at not being able to marry her love due to Mary Jo, Joey's wife's being in the way, that she planned to eliminate the competition. When Amy was only 16 years old attending high school in New York, she began a sexual relationship with Joey Buttafuoco, who owned an auto repair shop. Amy met Joey when she had a car accident with her parents car and talked Joey into to fixing the car without telling her parents.

After seeing Joey on a regular basis and realizing that their relationship was going nowhere Amy had a plan. She and a friend went to Joey's home while he was at work and Mary Jo was alone in the house. Amy knocked on the door and after coming face to face with her rival, Amy began to tell Mary Jo that her younger sister was having an affair with Joey. Stunned, Mary Jo refused to stand in the doorway talking to Amy and when she turned away Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head and quickly fled the crime scene.

It was not long before Amy was picked up by police. She was charged with attempted murder, but the scandal and the major question on everyone's mind was, did Joey tell Amy to shoot his wife? Joey claimed complete innocence and became such an unusual character in the eyes of reporters that there were few people who believed anything that Joey said, and popular belief was that Joey was guilty of statutory rape for having an affair with Amy Fisher at the very least.

As the evidence came out that Joey was having sex with Amy, he was arrested and charged with statutory rape. Mary Jo Buttafuoco was seriously injured with one side of her face paralyzed and a bullet permanently lodged in her skull. Amy was charged with attempted murder in 1992 and plead guilty to first-degree assault resulting in a sentencing of 5-15 years. After serving just seven years Amy was granted parole in 1999 much to the disgust of those who were outraged at the ferocity of Amy's act, but Mary Jo Buttafuoco came forward and publicly asked that Amy be set free to live her life. Mary Jo's touching forgiveness has led Amy to express deep admiration for the lady she tried to kill when she was just 17 years old.

Amy Fisher has become a celebrity in the modern world of the, commit a crime and receive instant stardom, generation. She has had a chin and jaw implant to improve her appearance along with breast implants, lip injections, face peels and the standard Hollywood makeover so that she may make many appearances on talk shows, do guest appearances, and even pornographic movies.

The attempted murder of Mary Jo by Amy Fisher is easily classified as a crime of passion, motivated by jealousy.

Amy Fisher At The Time of Her Arrest & After Plastic Surgery


Amy Fisher with Her Recent Lip Enhancement


Jodi Arias, Her Dangerous Obsession


Jodi Arias Kills Her Ex-Boyfriend

The Jodi Arias sensation is reminiscent of the Long Island Lolita story only in that it involves an attractive, jealous young woman driven to kill by desperation and passion. Amy assumed that if she killed off her competition that the man of her dreams would marry her, but in Jodi's case she knew very well that Travis Alexander would never marry her and she killed him off so that no one else could have him.

Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander's Dirty Little Secret


Jodi Arias Has Man Trouble

Jodi Arias was a typical teenager who evolved into a hard working young adult. Although a well spoken young lady with natural poise and good looks, she did not pursue a higher education, but rather, picked up minimum wage jobs and dated young men with the hope of getting married and settling down before the age of thirty.

Jodi had little luck in catching a man for the long term and found herself being used sexually and cheated on. She was disillusioned by men and tired of rejection when she first set her sights on Travis Alexander. He was unlike any man she had ever dated. He had no baggage, no modern twisted belief that she should never marry, and no irresponsible drug or drinking problems.

Travis Alexander had risen from an abusive and poor upbringing to embrace the Mormon faith and put his talents and energy into creating a better life for himself. He was responsible, owned a five bedroom home and had plans to marry the right woman and settle down to have plenty of children. Jody was quickly sold on Travis Alexander and was willing to do anything to win him over. Travis had reservations about Jody from the beginning, although he found her attractive, he was reluctant to commit to her. Realizing that something was wrong, Jody appealed to some of Travis's friends for support. One such friend was Sky Hughes, the wife of one of Travis's closest friends. Sky admonished Travis to treat Jody with more respect which Travis immediately began to date Jodi in a serious way.

It was not long before Sky was telling Travis that she had made a mistake in supporting Jody. Sky Hughes had witnessed Jody's manipulative behavior on many occasions and decided that she should tell Travis that she had changed her mind about Jody. She told Travis, "Jody was flirting with a bunch of men at one of the conventions and then began complaining that they were after her." She also pointed out that Jody calls her and tries to extract information about Travis from her, and while she viewed Jodi's behavior to be caring at first she soon began to see every move that Jodi made as manipulative. Knowing that Travis wanted to marry a Mormon, Jody became a Mormon and began reading The Book Of Mormon at parties. It was as though she thought that she would impress Travis with how deeply into the Mormon faith she was.

When Travis began to move away from Jodi instead of deeper into their relationship all hell broke loose. Jody had invented a man who was out to get her and she had written a letter from her secret admirer in which the guy was telling Jody that Travis was not good enough for her. When Travis read the letter to Sky she burst out laughing to which Travis admonished her about the seriousness of the letter. Sky broke at that point and told Travis that it was obvious to her that Jody had written the letter herself.

It was a simple case of a girl not knowing where she stands and then becoming emotionally hurt, but Jody was to take it to the next level and act out one of the most aggressive revenge slayings in history. Jody, like many other women, thought that when Travis called her up late at night and acted so friendly towards her because he was deeply interested in her. Travis had told Jody on several occasions that he did not feel connected to her and that although he liked her a lot he was not serious about her. Jody assumed that he would become serious about her in time. Travis, as many men experience, did not realize that Jody was becoming so hurt by him and thought that by being nice to her it would make her feel better. It only resulted in Jody's believing that there was a shred of hope that Travis might fall in love with her.

While Travis was dating other girls and trying to find Miss Right, Jody was weeping that somehow Travis could not see that she was worth settling down with. Travis had planned a trip to Cancun with a girl named Mimi who he was seriously interested in, and Jody had been hacking into his accounts, reading his email exchanges with other girls and even slashing his tires when he went on dates. She showed up at his house unannounced and made a fool of herself to make Travis finally give up on other women and marry her, but she was losing the battle.

When she finally realized that she was never going to win him she devised a plan. She dyed her bleach blond hair dark brown, borrowed a few gas cans, rented a car and drove to the home of Travis Alexander. She arrived some time after 4 AM. No one will ever know what they said to each other for the next few hours as Travis was backed for his trip to Cancun with Mimi which was to take place in a few days, and Jody, who had been blond for the two years that Travis had known her was now a brunette. Some friends have speculated that Jodi had made one last ditch effort to win Travis over and she being a brunette was to look more like a serious woman, more over Mimi was a brunette. The couple had sex, and Travis was stabbed repeatedly, shot in the face and had his throat cut from ear to ear. After committing the crime Jodi drove away, returned the rented car and played dumb.

Jody had no idea just how open Travis had been to his friends about her. When several of Travis's friends discovered his body they immediately told police to investigate Jody Arias. Jody told police that she was nowhere near the home of Travis Alexander and that she had not seen him in several months. There was nothing solid to dispute her claim until crime scene investigators discovered something shocking.

Travis & Jodi


Dirty Little Secret Pictures

Inside the washing machine of Travis Alexander was a camera. Alexander's friends identified the camera as belonging to Travis. When the camera was being examined for evidence the investigators managed to develop photos that had been deleted. There were private photos of Travis and Jodi. The time stamped on them digitally had detectives believing that these were indeed the last photos of Travis Alexander. Just as they thought they had seen it all something very strange began to unfold.

There were photos of Travis in the shower that his dead body was found in. The series of photos shows Travis standing with his face tilted up towards the shower head, and then looking very seriously at the camera, then several pictures were being inadvertently shot during his murder. In one photo a person's leg can be seen dragging Travis. Jodi was positively identified through photos, and then a bloody hand print on the wall.

Once cornered, Jodi began to tell a crazy story about two masked people breaking in and killing Travis, then just as the trial began Jodi again changed her story to the truth, but, she claimed that Travis had abused her so much that she killed him in an act of self defense. Travis Alexander's friends were appalled by Jodi's accusations and when Jodi was charged with first degree murder, they felt a slight relief that justice was being served.

Lana Turner with Her Daughter, Cheryl Crane


Cheryl Crane's Book, Detour on Amazon

In Defense of Mother, Cheryl Crane

Cheryl Crane was the only child of the glamorous Lana Turner. She had been raised in the lap of luxury and watched very closely as her mother feared she might be kidnapped as had the child of Charles Lindbergh. Lana could never be satisfied with a man for long and she married numerous times and had a long list of boyfriends. One man she would regret ever meeting was Johnny Stompanato.

He was a social climber with a history of petty theft and conning people. Lana was instantly impressed with Johnny with the intent of having a fun and brief fling, but Johnny had other ideas. Once he had Lana Turner in his bed he intended to ride her coat tails into Hollywood stardom. After coming to the conclusion that Johnny was not worthy of marriage Lana tried to dump him, but Johnny kept appearing in public places with treats of creating an embarrassing scandal, and even worse, he would appear in the house unannounced to threaten the life of Lana's daughter.

In fear of negative publicity Lana kept trying to gently brush off Stompanato to no avail. The final straw came when Lana was to appear at the oscars and Stompanato had ideas of making a grand debut with Lana Turner on his arm. Turner ditched Johnny and attended the ceremony with her daughter and her mother. When the trio arrived back at their Beverly Hills home Cheryl heard her mother screaming and loud arguing. She ran towards their bedroom picking up a knife along the way. When Johnny opened the bedroom door Cheryl lunged the knife forward, stabbing his mid section. Stompanato died and Lana faced the biggest scandal of her life.

Cheryl was taken to a detention for minors and the newspapers had a field day with the story. In the 1990s Cheryl broke her silence about the tragedy and wrote a book called Detour, in which she tells the entire story leading up to the murder.

Lana Turner & Her Daughter Are Surprised to Meet Stompanato at the Airport


Death Scene of Johnny Stompanato


Sharon Tate


Sharon Tate's Murder

Sharon Tate was raised by a nice conservative family in Texas, but due to her good looks and winning beauty pageants she wanted to make her mark in Hollywood. Tinseltown had been long losing its glory by the time Tate set out to make her mark. Women, who had once been respected writers, actresses and designers had become little more than sex objects in movies as the old protective studio system died along with the morality that protected women on film and off.

Tate quickly found herself disillusioned by the modern Hollywood that had her taking her clothes of and degrading herself repeatedly. Take became interested in settling down to a nice traditional life and rejecting Hollywood all together when she met Roman Polanski, unfortunately, Roman was an ultra modern hippie who decided that he did not want children, or anything traditional. It is unclear how Tate got Roman to marry her but he was unfaithful from day one.

Tate was trying to get pregnant without telling her unfaithful husband, and in not time at all she had succeeded. Roman pressured her for an abortion to which Tate told her angry husband that it was too late.

Just three weeks before Sharon Tate was to give birth to her baby some wayward hippies broke into her home with the intent of killing everyone in the house. Susan Atkins was one of the groups most devoted who hated people of wealth and wanted to destroy the people who she though were pigs.

After other members of the gang slaughtered Sharon's house guests, Sharon began pleading with Susan Atkins to spare the life of her baby. Atkins told Tate that she did not care about her baby and proceeded to stab Tate repeatedly.

Susan Atkins


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