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Kevin and Chloe Are Concerned About Sally on the Young and the Restless


Kevin and Chloe are concerned

Spoilers for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS say that the Fishers will have their hands full this week in regard to Sally Spectra. Phyllis warned them not to have anything to do with this woman but Chloe saw her as a means to an end. Now Khevin and his wife are troubled because they see Ms. Spectra is a loose cannon and they cannot contain her. Chloe got Adam to hire Sally and warned the redhead not to double-cross her. Sally is now settling into her new job and feeling confident and has come up with a fantastic idea. Chloe is not in agreement and she and her husband are not sure what to do to keep trouble away. If they knew what Sally ad done while in the LA fashion world in order to survive they would really be troubled.


The wedding of the century

Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke are planning an October wedding but there is no guarantee that it will take place. Ashland's health could decline and he might not be able to walk down the aisle. There is also a chance he could die before his wedding date arrives. Victor, Billy, and Nick are searching Locke's -past trying to find out anything that will stop Vickie from going through with the nuptials. In the meantime Chloe has decided to create a design for a wedding dress that she believes with take Victoria's breath away. In spite of helping Tara get Summer out of town and causing problems for the Newman and Abbott families, Sally believes she did a good thing because Skyle is back together. Nikki has warned the redhead not to do anything else to hurt her loved ones and Chloe thinks the dress is a bad idea. In spite of the fact that she is not trusted in Genoa City Sally will go ahead with her plan.


Changes are coming

The Fishers struggling with the fact that Chloe is working for Adam and neither one of them trusts him. They now are concerned that Sally could become romantically involved with the prodigal Newman and cause more problems. Sally has gone from romancing Jack Abbott and trying to destroy his son's life to wanting to insert herself into the world of the Newmans. Adam hired her but this is no guarantee that Victoria would welcome a wedding dress made by the woman her mother distrusts. Nikki will no doubt balk at the idea and may give Sally another stern warning. Chloe does not want to see Adam and Chelsea reunite but she is terrified of what may happen if Sally gets her hooks in Victor's youngest son. Kevin and Chloe are bracing themselves to have to do damage control but they may be powerless over the changes that are coming to Genoa City.


The future is uncertain

Kyle and Summer are in Italy and have left Genoa City behind but Phyllis is hurting over the fact that her efforts did not bring her daughter back home. She kicked Sally out of her hotel and Ms. Spectra had been desiring to seek revenge. Kevin and Chloe can breathe a sigh of relief on this one because Sally has decided to make her enemy jealous of her success rather than fighting fire with fire. While Chloe is trying to contain Sally Spectra her husband's time will be divided because he will be involved in the search for Marriah. Will Chloe and Adam end up in bed and will VIctoria choose sally's wedding design for her dress? These are personal decisions the Newman siblings will have to make and The Fishers have little say so in either matter. This does not indicate that they will not try to micromanage Sally and stop her from setting fires all over town. Spoilers are not giving details of what to expect so stay tuned to find out what happens next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Kevin and Chloe are between a rock and a hard place where Adam and Sally are concerned. They don't trust either but Chloe has to work with them both. Fireworks are sure to come so be on the lookout for updates. In the meantime enjoy seeing Kevin and Chloe back on the screen.

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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on November 09, 2019:

Sounds like an interesting storyline. It's been a while since I watched any soaps. Sometimes I watch the Australian soap, Neighbours, but not very often. I used to watch the English soaps Eastenders and Coronation Street, but when I lost track of the storylines I didn't bother tuning in anymore. Now, I don't know who anyone is lol.

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