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Theo Might Still Go to Paris With Ashley on the Young and the Restless

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Lola has compassion for Theo

Lola has compassion for Theo

Theo May consider Ashley’s offer

Soaps She Knows at Soaps.com indicates their spoiler alerts are reliable, come straight from the studio's and do not change. The spoiler said that on The Young and the Restless Ashley would return to Genoa City on a mission and offer her new nephew a job in Paris and she did just that. Theo, however, turned her down And opted to remain in Genoa City. He dated Dummer, caused friction with Kyle and fell hard for Lola. Things have changed and now Mr. Vanderway possibly could reconsider his aunt’s kind offer. Kyle is no longer blaming his cousin for everything and has now gotten together with Summrr. The duo went as a couple to Victor’s bash and they were holding hands like teenagers in love. Lola said she wanted to be in her kitchen and would not accept Theo’s offer of a shoulder to lean on.

Viewers of The Young and the Restless don't particularly care for Theo so this may be a reason he would be written out of the show. The character has only caused problems and no one really trusts him. He could always Lola to move to the Paris with him, but she is about to open a new restaurant in Miami. Some viewers believe this is where she may be headed if written off the show.

Neither Theo nor Lola has deep rooted connections in Genoa City. Rey Rosales has thrived, dating Sharon, befriending Nick and becoming endeared to their children. His sister seems to be on the outskirts of everything and gets stuck in her kitchen. Theo continues to come across as a hanger on and it’s not known yet whether or not either character will be developed.

Theo’s future is uncertain

Soap Dirt correctly said that Ashley would connect with her new nephew right away because she understood his plight. Both Theo and his aunt are related to Dina, but not blood Abbotts. Ashley understands what it is like to be an outsider and wants to help her half brother's son with his transition. Kyle will probably never give his cousin a Fair shake and if Theo left Genoa City, it would solve a few issues. Things st Jabot could become a little awkward with Mr. Vanderway watching Kyle and Summer together, while he did not win Lola’s love.

tFor weeks spoilers insisted that Lola and Mr. Vanderway would grow closer but when she tried to jump his bones, Theo put the breaks on. Kyle’s cousin was missing last week during the festivities related to Victor’s celebration, but he is no doubt somewhere planning his next move. Spoilers through the first week in March don’t mention anything with The because Victoria’s stabbing is front and center. The writers clearly have some type in f plan for Dina’s new grandson but have not yet revealed it.

Theo and Ashley

The Young and the Restless spoilers are vague about the future of Kyle, Summer, Theo, and Lola. Its possible he and Lola could begin dating and remain in Genoa City but that would be torture for Kyle’s ex. There is always the chance that Theo might decide to move to Paris work with Ashley. Lola might go back home to Miami. She has made several trips to Her hometown since marring Kyle abd now wants to open a restaurant there. She assured Abby that she was not leaving Genoa City but you never know.
Changes have taken place for the Abbott family and more are coming. Jack and Victor have a cease fire, Ashley is no longer estranged from her family and Kyle and Summer are together. Billy is spiraling out of control and Victor is blaming him for Victoria’s stabbing.

Mrs. Mergeron has not been on screen since Christmas, but viewers realize her time and s short. At some point Dina will succumb to the Alzheimer’s disease which will take a toll on the entire family. There will eventually be upheaval at Jabot because that’s just the way the story goes. There is already trouble brewing at Newman Enterprises so viewers should be prepared for turmoil doom st John Abbott’s company. Fans of the CBS daytime drama should brace themselves because when things look sunny and rosy, it’s always the calm before the storm so beware, trouble is brewing.
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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on November 09, 2019:

Sounds like an interesting storyline. It's been a while since I watched any soaps. Sometimes I watch the Australian soap, Neighbours, but not very often. I used to watch the English soaps Eastenders and Coronation Street, but when I lost track of the storylines I didn't bother tuning in anymore. Now, I don't know who anyone is lol.

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