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Will Smith's Iconic Slap Moment

Will Smiths Iconic Slap Moment

The Iconic Slap Moment

The Iconic Slap Moment

On March 28th, 2022, a spectacular evening was held to celebrate the 98th Academy Awards. From Coda winning the best picture to Amy Schumer's stand-up, there were quite memorable moments that made our eyeballs stick to the screen. However, there is one moment that took the cake and will be remembered for centuries, a slap that has been made iconic by no other Mr Will Smith.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock while he was performing his standup. Everything was going quite well right up until Chris Rock made a joke about Jaden Pinkett Smiths' bald head. He joked, “Jada, I love you, G. I. Joe can't wait to see it”.

Initially, the joke was taken well by Mr Smith. But as soon as he turned around and noticed that his wife Jada didn’t appreciate the joke one bit, things took a turn.


That eye roll was enough to tell Will Smith that that wasn't funny.

If you don't know, Jada Smith has been diagnosed with alopecia, which causes a person to lose their hair, causing bald spots on their head. Jada bravely accepted her condition and got her head shaved.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Not only that, but she also embraced it at the Academy Award Show and on the red carpet. But the joke was taken on the wrong nerve.

This caused Will Smith to get on the stage and smack Chris Rock while everyone in the audience sat stunned.

Chris Rock turned his other cheek and kept a smile on his face. Yet it didn't end there; Chris carried on by explaining that his words were meant to be taken lightly as a joke, while Will Smith shouted from the top of his lungs, sitting on his seat, “keeping my wife's name out of your f—--g mouth”.

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The Academy tried to take matters into their hands and requested Will to leave, which he didn't accept. A few moments later, everyone sat and enjoyed the night like things didn't go crazy a minute ago.

Will Smith won his award, “apologised” to the Academy and the Richard family, and gave the word about kindness and peace in his speech, yet there was no apology mentioned for Chris.

It is a pity that for Will Smith, the 98th Academy Awards will forever be remembered in the light of his act of violence and would foreshadow his achievement as the best actor for playing Richard William in the movie King Richard.

However, as a person would surely expect, all this mediocracy created controversies. Controversies related to why the Academy didn't show the actor an exit door at that very moment, why they were no securities available at the premises of the show, how someone was allowed to make an insensitive joke regarding a person's medical condition, and last but not the least what is Jada response to the iconic slap?

While Jada Smith dint reacts at the very moment in response to the slap, she did leave a post on Instagram after Will Smith posted an apology to the Academy and his fellow team of King Richard again; however, this time, he included Chris Rock.


He stated that he does realise that his act was absurd and wrong, and he shouldn't have considered doing it in the first place. He was embarrassed and mentioned that he's learning each day to be a better person and is a work in the process like any other.

However, Jada Smith's response was not as descriptive as his husband was.


While we are not sure what Jada is referring to, fans suspect that this is a simple way of letting the media know that she's over the incident and is ready to move on.

Different speculations are also blaming the academy and raising the question of what would happen if the receiving end of the slap was a white man or what if, instead of Will Smith, there was someone else who slapped Rock, someone with less credibility and experience in his hand. What do you think?

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