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Why the Album "Broadcast" by British Rock Band Cutting Crew Is so Memorable

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Why is the Album "Broadcast" So Famous?

There are albums in the history of music that will always be memorable for some people that listen to them. One such example is the album Broadcast by the British rock band Cutting Crew. The most famous song in this album is the one called "I Just Died in Your Arms" which is one of the most incredible love songs ever written in the history of music! This single was ranked #1 on the Billboard Hit 100. Cutting Crew released three other singles from this album including Any Colour, One for the Mockingbird and I’ve Been in Love Before.


What Has Changed About This Article?

What follows is a revised version of one of the most famous albums not just of the 1980s but in rock history. One revision to this article/review is that the section giving thanks to the people I thanked earlier is not present. We take a look back at one of the most memorable rock releases of any decade.

The Significance of the Song "(I Just) Died In Your Arms"

"I Just Died in Your Arms" is the story of a man that falls in love with a woman. On one hot night as the two of them are in bed loving passionately, he feels that she made everything feel so right. Then out of the blue she abandons him and there appears to be no word of warning from her. The woman’s diary is sitting on his bedside table as his heart is broken. He sees no easy way to get out of his predicament. Does this story sound familiar to any of you? Sometimes when we fall in love, some people are takers and they never give anything back in return and take advantage of us. Broadcast is a memorable pop/rock album for this one song alone and those of us that were fortunate to have grown up in the decade of the 1980’s know all about this song. If you fall in love, just be careful whom you get involved with. Love can sometimes end up being complicated and painful but it is worth it. What was it that made you fall in love? Was it something that he or she said to you? This is an important question to ponder but love is one of those feelings that is talked about so much in TV series, movies, and magazines.

The #1 Hit Song "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"

What Are the Other Notable and Good Songs on "Broadcast?"

As we know, one great song does not make a great album. As mentioned earlier other notable songs in the album Broadcast include "One for the Mockingbird." The album has a series of love songs and I really hope that those of you that have no knowledge of the band Cutting Crew either because you did not grow up in this decade or if this is the first time that you hear of this group, may you really take in the songs and enjoy them! There were so many artists that became famous in the 1980’s that such a list would be very long to list. "I’ve Been in Love Before" is a song that many of us can relate to including myself.

"One for the Mockingbird"

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What Other Reason is There for "Broadcast" Being Such a Memorable Album?

The album Broadcast is also memorable because of the fact that this is an album filled with love songs which are sure to please the open minded music listener. We cannot let love let us down or liars get into our heads. Just like the Sahara Desert is a vast expanse of desert, let love feel like a vast, beautiful feeling that we can have for this world. Is it that hard to be in love? That depends on whom we ask but most of us will fall in love at least once in our lives. When you are in love it is possible to know just when that time is. Overall, Broadcast is a very good rock album filled with songs about love and relationships. The best songs are several including the ones that were already discussed earlier. I’ve Been in Love Before is one of the songs that listeners should take notice of.

"I've Been in Love Before" Official Music Video

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