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Why Are Rock Stars Married to a Look?

I play guitar and sing. I went to so many concerts when I was young. If I'm not listening to music, I'm playing it.


Eyeliner, wrinkles and bare chests.

Why are rock stars married to a look? Is it in their contract? Maybe some of you are confused as to what I mean. Robert Smith, of The Cure, comes to mind. Have you seen Robert Smith lately? Well, I just added a picture above. (No, that is not Barbara Bush with her hair dyed). A sixty-year-old man doesn't look good in goth garb and eyeliner, Yeah, Robert Smith owned that look in his twenties and perhaps thirties, but it all went downhill after that.

Bear in mind there are some rare occasions where the rock star pulls it off. Alice Cooper, for instance, will always pull off the look, no matter how old he gets. In fact, his age might even lend it'self to the macabre rocker look.

Aging rocker Steven Tyler is not getting away with his look for much longer. The thing is, Steven Tyler can't divorce his look. He has no choice because he's too well known. Picture Steven Tyler with short, balding, grey hair and normal old man clothes. See what I mean?

So why should Robert Smith lose his goth look and Steven Tyler has to keep his rock look? First, you have to remember this is only my opinion, but I still say Robert Smith should lose the look. I guess because he is not an A list rock star? Would his fans still except him? Probably. No one is going to say anything if Robert Smith loses his look, but if Steven Tyler did it, the press would have a field day.

I should also mention older, shirtless rockers and you know who you are...RHCP's! Even Iggy Pop had to let that one go, eventually.


Is it just rock stars? No!

Some comedians are as guilty and the same reasoning applies to comedians, as well as rock stars, in that the look doesn't help and in most cases, hurts.

As far as comedians, Andrew Dice Clay and Carrot top, come to mind. Carrot Top with his eyeliner and muscles. Andrew Dice Clay with his leather gloves with the fingers cut off and the cut-off sleeves. Picture the Fonz in a nursing home wearing the same garb he had on in Happy Days, that's Andrew Dice Clay. Carrot Top should have learned from Joe Piscopo, muscles and comedians don't mix. Pro wrestlers are also married to their look. Hulk Hogan, Macho Randy Salvage and look at Rick Flair these days or maybe not!

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Trump is obviously married to that hairstyle and Slash is married to his hat and hair. What about celebrity women. Charo still acts and dresses the same. It seems it's not as common for the woman to be obligated to a look. They are bound to their looks, though. If you're a hot woman in Hollywood and don't maintain your look, it's pretty much over.

I don't blame or fault these celebrities, they are under pressure from people that rely on them to look a certain way. The public also demands their celebrities remain the same and it's sad!

It seems rappers, at least most of them, are pulling off their look as they age. Snoop Dogg is pulling off the hair, at 47. The majority of rappers don't rely on a look, except Flavor Flav. Has he lost the clock?

Rock stars and celebrities that divorced their look and were fine.

There aren't many, so this will be a short capsule. David Bowie had a glam, androgynous look, which gave way to a more dapper, well-quaffed look, that worked well for him right till the end. Pee-Wee Herman went back and forth with his look, but that was a persona, which is more forgivable, especially when the makeup covers their age. Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, both left the rocker hair behind and look great! Anthony Kiedis cut the hair, added a 70's porn mustache, looking more like Charles "Chuck" Mulholland (see the "Science" cover from Incubus), but still goes with the shirtless rocker look, as does Flea. David Gilmore and Roger Waters, also left the rocker look behind years ago, which I applaud, their music does all the talking!


Some final thoughts.

I can't help but feel like I'm the bully on the playground, just a little. Though, these celebrities will probably never see this hub and will not be affected in any way. Still, am I at liberty to judge these artists? It's just that I've been noticing this for a while now and decided to point out a trend that probably should come to an end. I can't help but think that some of these rock stars and celebrities would love to lose the weight and pressure of maintaining a look that once made them, but now fails them. Just for the record, I am a fan of many of these rock stars and have a lot of respect for most of them. Plus, it's not about their talent, it's about a look they should probably give up, after a while.

Lose the look, keep the look?

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