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Why Viewers Smell What Young Rock Is Cookin!

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As somebody who has seen Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's rise to superstardom during his WWE glory days, getting to witness the "before" has certainly made the "after" even that much more impressive, and ultimately, inspiring.

Young Rock started airing on NBC a number of weeks ago and it has been such a massive hit with viewers, especially ones who are huge fans of The Great One.

I can't explain enough just how enthralled and excited I am each Tuesday night when I get to pop on this new, innovative show and see what happens next in the life of DJ. His growth into the man he is today is something truly amazing to be able to see before our very eyes, and I for one cannot get enough of it.

As a professional wrestling guy, seeing iconic characters being portrayed on the show such as Andre The Giant, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, The Iron Sheik, The Wild Samoans, The Junkyard Dog, and others has been such a treat for me. It's fascinating to see just how close all of those incredibly talented guys were to the Johnson/Maivia family back then. Not only that, the actors playing those roles have been unbelievable as well. (I'm sure Sheiky baby would agree!)


Speaking of actors playing roles, it's remarkable just how PERFECT each main cast member has been in their role thus far.

Uli Latukefu, Bradley Constant, and Adrian Groulx have each brought a certain flavor to their role as DJ. Their mannerisms and facial expressions have perfectly depicted DJ in a way that viewers may even forget sometimes that they're not ACTUALLY watching DJ on their screens! In my opinion, those three have been phenomenal.

Despite looking exactly like the late, great "Soulman" Rocky Johnson, Joseph Lee Anderson has been absolutely BRILLIANT thus far. It's enjoyable to see just how awesome of a man and father that Rocky Johnson really was, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks that Anderson is doing one hell of a job filling The Soulman's shoes.

Stacey Leilua and Ana Tuisila have given the strong women in DJ's life look like absolute rock stars. (And Stacey can SING!) You can definitely tell that Ata Johnson and Lia Maivia are unquestionably the backbone of that tenacious family.

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Now obviously I'm not a close family member or friend of DJ (crossing fingers for someday!), but I'm PRETTY sure that he'd say just how accurate and precise each actor has been within their role. They've all done such a tremendous job illustrating the ups and downs during Dwayne's childhood and creating that certain energy that the show needs.


The show has also made me respect DJ a whole lot more than I already did, and believe me when I tell you, that respect level in my eyes was at its highest point.

Knowing the hardships that he went through growing up and seeing just how successful he has become should spark a fire under every person's rear-end who's currently in a similar predicament. DJ is the perfect example of a role model in this world, and kudos to him for letting us all witness his journey from rock-bottom (pun intended) to global superstardom.

Although DJ looks like a million bucks to us all now, it wasn't always pretty however...

I'm sure only DJ knows how it feels to be at the age of 15, but looking 30 with a giant mustache, to sport a turtle neck/fanny pack outfit thinking that it's the coolest thing ever, and to put on the most hideous purple pair of pants I've ever seen to impress that fine girl named Karen.

But hey, all of those, shall I say, unique decisions somehow helped make Dwayne Johnson the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. So who in the blue hell am I to judge?


Young Rock is currently the only show on television that I watch live every Tuesday night, and for good reasoning. It's full of every single emotion you can possibly have. It's heartwarming, it's hilarious, it's family oriented, and it's incredibly inspirational. Those are the ingredients that are making viewers of this awesome show love it more and more (and for Randall Park's ridiculously funny facial expressions). I'm sure I speak for every single viewer around the world tuning in each week when I say that this show is skyrocketing to the very top -- just like The Rock did.

Congratulations to the entire cast, Seven Bucks Productions, Dany Garcia, Brian Gewirtz, the rest of the production crew, and of course, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, for making us all SMELLLLLLLLLL what Young Rock is cookin'!


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