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Why is Vegeta Better than Goku?

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I thought that short guy with pointy hair will just be another regular villain. Well Vegeta was meant to be just a onetime rival from the start, but he grew into the audience and developed into one of the well-loved DBZ characters. Fans often said that Vegeta is a deeper character than Goku. He started as a murderous psycho out to wreck planets and aims to become immortal through the 7 Dragon Balls. He then became an anti-hero when he aided Gohan and the others survive Frieza’s wrath. Goku might be the one who sealed Frieza’s fate (almost) for good, but Vegeta did play an indirect part even though he was beaten to a pulp. He continued his anti-hero scheme through-out the series, often helping our heroes when it benefitted him, until his soft side was exposed and he became a hero himself. Such a complex character of you asks me; the man is unpredictable. He will go from villain, to hero, to villain and to hero without warning. This might explain why he is loved by fans. And sometimes I thought that Vegeta is better than Goku. And below are the reasons why he is always a better man (or Saiyan).

Special Mention; Goku Never Defeated Vegeta

They are evenly matched.

They are evenly matched.

When Goku flaunted his new and deadly Technique Kaio-ken to Vegeta, he was a virtual punching bag. The proud Saiyan prince became a plaything to this resurrected earth Saiyan. So far that’s the only instance where Goku clearly beaten the Saiyan prince, and I recall that Vegeta was able to turn to Great Ape to physically torture Goku. Their next great duel will be in the Buu Saga, but no clear winner emerged. Yes, Goku never had beaten Vegeta in a fight. It is not clear why Vegeta developed a deep rivalry with Goku, probably he still remembered the Kaio-ken incident. Nevertheless that rivalry benefited the brash Saiyan greatly and without it, he won’t go super (we will get to that in a moment).

1. Social Status

Again Vegeta should put his inferiority complex aside and realize he is better from the start. Goku was just a low class Saiyan, Vegeta was a prince. He had something that Goku never had; a king for a father, an enormous bald accomplice and a royalty status. Well to be honest it never helped Vegeta when their planet got blown. Outside his world Vegeta is a virtual nobody despite of his inflated ego. At least he still got a personal minion named Nappa.

But then he came to earth.

He is still not a prince here and good luck if the people will see him as one. Nevertheless with a rich wife and a scientist for a father and law, Vegeta still has the means to live like a royalty. As for Goku, his Chi-Chi is not bad though Vegeta got a better life (again we will get to that I a moment).

2. He is a Better Dad

Vegeta showing a soft spot.

Vegeta showing a soft spot.

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Goku is a nice guy. He and his son had a pretty nice relationship. I could say that as a father he is good in his own rights though he had a lot of short comings. It maybe Chi-Chi’s idea but before Raditz came, Gohan is an overly pampered boy. It took Piccolo’s tough love to man him up. Then there is the fact that Goku is not always around. He kept dying and he missed much of his son’s life. It is safe to say that it was Piccolo and Chi chi who acted as his guardians.

Vegeta’s case is different.

His parenting style is a world different than that of Goku. Initially Vegeta never cared anything about Trunks, but after the Cel games he became a virtual family guy. His desire to make Trunks stronger basically bonded him to his son. His approach is touch, much like how Piccolo trained Gohan but it paid off well. Between Goten and Trunks, Trunks became stronger and disciplined. And Vegeta never bothered dying as watched his son grow up.

Eat your hearts out Kakarot.

3. Competitive

He just wants to be better than him.

He just wants to be better than him.

As what I mentioned it was still a mystery why Vegeta became obsessed with besting his rival. But I have to admit that although his quest for power led him to a lot of mischiefs, this is Vegeta’s best trait. It basically pushed him to work harder than his rival, resulting with his quick transformation to Super Saiyan. It’s true that being competitive made him forget Bulma and his son in his earlier days on earth, but his competitive nature seems to make him a better father also. Remember, all he wants is to be better than Goku, so much so that he wants his Trunks to do the same. So he ended up training his kid, becoming a perfect guardian in the process.

4. He is Smarter

Yes I know. To be fair I like Goku when he is acting dumb. Goku basically has a psyche of a child and could act childish at some point. Again to be honest I like him that way, but Vegeta is simply smarter. Being a focused and tactical person, we saw him lead Gohan and the rest as they survive their way through Frieza’s henchmen. He also had a knack on finding a way out of tough scenarios and did we notice how he acts more mature than Goku. Yet acting smart is what I don’t like about Vegeta. Cause in real life I have problems with overly bossy and smart people.

5. Have a Better Looking Wife, Cooler son and Richer

Meet the Royal Family

Meet the Royal Family

Again as what I said, Vegeta should put down his rivalry with Goku as he had a better life than him. For one thing he had a better looking wife. I got no problems with Chi chi but Bulma is simply better looking. I think Yamcha had all the reasons to be bitter. Then I find Trunks to be more likeable than Gohan as he simply looks cooler. Well Gohan has his moments in the Cel games. But when he dons the cape and mask later in his puberty, I suddenly missed the long haired, sword wielding Future Trunks. Then there is the fact that he is richer than Goku. At the start of Dragon Ball super, Goku ended up farming vegetables. Vegeta on the other hand had all the wealth he could enjoy, though I think he values strength over money. It is safe to say that Vegeta is the luckier Saiyan.

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