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How the Incredibles 2 (2018) Is Superior to the Original

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It's no surprise that Pixar has been struggling lately of pumping out quality films. Every now and then an exception takes place, like this film. Being a huge fan of the original (at a point in time it was my favorite movie growing up) I was looking forward to it, seeing as we were expecting a sequel right after the first one came out in 2004. As the years flew by everybody seemed to have forgotten about this incredible (no pun intended) world that Brad Bird has brought to life. Thankfully, playing on the nostalgia factor has been the biggest marketing tool in Hollywood over the last decade, so Pixar decided to pick up the mantle and finally finish what they started. 14 years is a long time to build anticipation and maintain an audience, so it was definitely a tough obstacle to overcome for Disney & Pixar, and they did great.

Life-like graphics


All of the characters are the same, which is a huge compliment. I didn't feel the 14-year gap at all. It actually felt like they were resuming the same day. I have to mention right away the eye-grasping animation Pixar and Disney have reached. You can almost feel the fabric of clothes and the texture of materials and elements. It's insane the level of life-like technology we've reached nowadays. This is some of their best work in cinematography. It felt like I was watching a real-life movie. Animation no longer applies here. And if you grew up with the film like me then Michael Giacchino's improved score will work wonders. Can we get a part 3, please? Toy Story isn't any better!

Welcome to fatherhood


I'm noticing just now, on my 3rd watch, how much of a grown-up movie this actually is. Some of the jokes should be rated R! Not that kids would get any of them. It was fun to laugh at something I wasn't supposed to laugh at in a 'kids' movie. The swapping of the parents was probably the best thing about this movie. Not only did it allow for a different atmosphere but we got to appreciate both parents' jobs and how it's almost impossible to do it all by yourself unless you were a team. More so than that it addresses issues such as gender roles, body shaming, familial responsibilities (moms rock btw), and self-acceptance in a manner that is effective for both children and adults. Every time I watch it I discover different messages. For example, the last time I watched it I noticed how much of a political satire this actually is. Yes, a movie that's supposedly made for children. I'm not even exaggerating. It touches on so many sensitive topics that only an adult will relate to. This makes sense since they are targeting the same generation that grew up with the movie. We're no longer kids, we've become miserable adults now. That's why this movie feels so relatable to many people of my age that have seen it.

Improved action sequences

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The action in the first film still stands out to this day as some of the best work ever put in a Pixar movie. And while that's almost impossible to top I still found the action sequences here almost as good if not better, given the improved technology. Brad Bird has a way of bringing his viewers right into the action where it feels like you are present. The motorcycle sequence stands out in particular to me. It reminded me of Mission Impossible, which makes sense given that Bird has a history of making action movies like MI Ghost Protocol. His attention to detail and the way he shoots his action scenes are extremely engaging and enjoyable to watch. By adjusting different camera angles and viewing the world from the protagonist's pov it becomes

Better Call Saul!


It seems only proper to bring Bob Odenkirk's character up after Better Call Saul got snubbed at the Emmys last week. Designing his character to look exactly like him in real life and portraying his mannerisms as Saul Goodman in the show is a bonus that not many would get. I'm basically saying I'm a big nerd. Anyway, I didn't expect him to have as much screen time as he did, which is definitely great. Having him in the movie added for a more adult-like feel.

Jack Jack has superpowers


I just love the fact that they made Jack-Jack, an infant, overpowered. With over 17 superpowers it was a lot of fun watching his father struggling to keep up as they were demonstrating his powers one by one. When it comes down to it, at its core, The Incredibles 2 is about watching the Parr family grow. Watching everyone live their age, overcome certain obstacles, challenge themselves, and more importantly accept each other with all their flaws.

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