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Why The Originals Is Better Than TVD

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As its name goes, The Originals is a TV show revolving around the original family of vampires. The Originals is a spin-off of CW's The Vampire Diaries, for the most of the part, it is focused on the hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, who was one of the most important villains on The Vampire Diaries. Other Mikaelson siblings are shown in different ways, layers and settings on the show.

The Originals is more about family than drama and romance, or love triangles. It's not that no love triangles or romance is shown in the originals, but, the moonstone for them is family. The Original family would die saving each other, or killing. Elijah seeks for his brother's redemption, and years pass, yet his mission stays intact, which has led many fans to believe that the show is more about Elijah than Klaus.

There are numerous reasons, according to fans, why the spin-off is better than the original (pun-intended) show.

5. Better Protagonist


Elena had excellent reasons to have mixed feelings about the supernatural, but someone who has mixed feelings about supernatural elements is nonetheless no fun in a TV show that is all about the supernatural. Whereas, Klaus Mikaelson made a much more interesting and better protagonist than Elena Gilbert.

Furthermore, Klaus is an entertaining combination of both a hero and a villain in The Originals, who also happens to take a much more proactive role than a lot of heroes in other media. As a result, it is no wonder that so many people think that he makes for better TV than his counterpart from The Vampire Diaries.

4. Fewer Doppelgängers


Unlike The Vampire Diaries, The Originals is not bogged by doppelgängers. If you are not concentrating and blink while watching The Vampire Diaries, you may miss that Elena's (Nina Dobrev) doppelgänger Katherine is pretending to be Elena. Another one such confusing part is between Silas and Stefan Salvatore and then there's Amara.

Whereas, on The Originals, the only doppelgänger we get to see is Nina Dobrev's Tatia. Additionally, even Tatia is merely shown in Elijah Mikaelson's flashbacks and dark memories of killing her. It's easier to come to the conclusion that what you see on The Originals, is there for real.

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3. Less Focus On Love Triangles


It is for a fact that romance is one of the main reasons why people watch The Vampire Diaries and probably The Originals too, but there is always a limit to how much interest viewers can maintain in a love triangle that has persisted for eight seasons. As a result, The Originals‘ increased focus on other matters can make for a refreshing contrast for those who are bored with watching Elena vacillate between the two brothers, Stefan and Damon.

Though it still retains enough romance for people who are interested in that sort of thing as well. In the Originals, Elijah, Hayley and Jackson's triangle is shown for a while, with the other one being that of Camille, Klaus and Marcel. As they say, family first!

2. Mature Enough


The Vampire Diaries suffers from the fact that some of its main characters are students and still in college during the initial seasons. This meant that there were some serious restrictions on the sort of stories that could be told when the characters would have to stay in school for most of the time of their lives.

However, the Mikaelson siblings do not go to school or college. Aren't they the oldest vampires in all creation? This simply means that The Originals was free to focus on more mature stories such as the struggle to reclaim New Orleans or fight greater threats.

1. The Great Evil


A villain is always more interesting to watch because of the different character arcs and shades, well, such a thing happens in The Originals as well. Marcel is shown to be the villain of The Originals, but in actuality, Klaus is the ultimate villain and has been the big bad wolf since he first appeared on The Vampire Diaries.

But, unlike on The Vampire Diaries, where original villain Damon Salvatore(Ian Somerhalder) has now become toothless, so to speak — Klaus is actually both the villain and the hero of the story, hero with Elijah, villain with his sharp mind. People have come to the realization after the show's end that they're in love with the original hybrid they once hated so much.

There’s no doubt that there wouldn’t be The Originals without the parent show, The Vampire Diaries. The Mikaelsons being brought on the show to stir things up was a total game changer and led to the spin-off series.

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