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Why Teen Witch(1989) Is the Most Underated 80s Cult Classic

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.

Teen Witch poster

Teen Witch poster

The plot

Louise is told she is a witch and that she gets powers on her 16th birthday. Once she gets her powers, alot of fun and craziness ensues with people turning into dogs and voodoo doll exploits. After getting all she wished for, Louise wanting more with less superficiality and more connections with other people. On the surface the plot may be pretty common but honestly, underneath the superficiality of the movie there is a depth that a lot of people can relate too.

The music

Teen Witch(1989) could be borderline musical because of some scenes were the characters sing and dance. I honestly like that it was not a musical but that some random songs were thrown in.It made the movie different from both the musicals and the normal movie genere. It helped balance out the popular girl montage and scenes were the score took over the scene. I really think it flowed well together.

Top That rap scene from Teen Witch(1989)

The fashion

The fashion throughout this film is fun and colorful especially during the popular girl montages. They did a good job at using the montage to show various cool outfits from the 80s.

Compliation of photos from Teen Witch(1989)

Compliation of photos from Teen Witch(1989)

Romance and obession

Louise seems a little obsessed with her love interest Brad and this is evident when it seems her life choices revolve around him. Louise changes her social standing including her appearance to get Brad to notice her. We do not see much of Brad's character and are left wanting more than than sexual connection between the two characters. In Louise's eyes, it seems Brads is the perfect guy and cannot do wrong. This can be problematic for any relationship as Louise may not see the real Brad. Besides seeing a love interest as perfect, we see a lot of Louise obsessing over Brad. He seems to be already her world and he has not proved much but be a somewhat of a nice guy towards Louise. We can say Louise has a crush on Brad and that is what she seems obsessed with him. Teenagers are likely to be obsessed with someone they like but it can be borderline creepy if no boundaries are put into place.

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In conclusion

Teen Witch(1989) is a fun and sassy movie geared toward the teenage demographic. It is a fun watch which includes upbeat music, interesting fashion, sexy romance scenes, and a fun plot. I would recommend this movie to those who enjoy romance with a mix of magic. It is important to realize that this movies main protagonist Louise has a unhealthy obsession with Brad. This is important to point out because real relationships are more well rounded and do not center completely on one significant other.This movie is super underated as other 80s movies have taken center stage like the cult classics Heather's and Sixteen Candles. The movie is currently free on YouTube with commercials.


The perfect guy represented in Teen Witch(1989)

The perfect guy represented in Teen Witch(1989)

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