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The EnterPAINment Industry:Rick Ross

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William Leanord Roberts the second. He was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. At a very early age, he moved to Carol City. Growing up on the rough streets was tough but, it only motivated him. He wanted better and chased it. Roberts spent his school days becoming a football star. He attended Carol City Senior High School and became one of it's standouts. . After he graduated, he attended Albany State University. on a football scholarship The university is a historically black college in Albany Georgia.

He later gained skills working as a correctional officer. He only did that for eighteen months. All the while, he was bossing up in the studios. Roberts was a rapper. He started put together a group called the Carol City Cartels (Triple C's). He started his rap career in the late 90's. Roberts was a boss and he knew it. His career started at Suave House Records.

He adopted the name Teflon Don. His debut album was called the same. He has made appearances in the early 2,000's. Around that time frame, he was signed to slip-n-slide records. In the mid 2,000's, he changed his name to Rick Ross. The stage named derived from former drug king pin "Freeway" Rick Ross. He was a boss himself but wanted to do it differently. Especially, as a black man. He's earned the right to be called boss. In this article, you'd know what he's the boss. Along his journey, he developed habits to help him stay the boss in the EnterPAINment Industry.

I Do Not Own the Rights to This Picture

I Do Not Own the Rights to This Picture

Invest in Real Estate

The rapper knows his music and has the Grammy nominations to prove it. He stays true to his lyrics. Now, he owns his own, Maybach Music Group, label. He founded it in 2009. By 2017, he was on Forbes list of hip hop cash kings. In the midst, he added to his skill set. He learned real estate. If you live in Georgia or visited it, you could see his mansion from the highway. He owns a 109-room mansion in Fayetteville, Ga. It is the biggest house in the state. The property is priced at $5.8 Million dollars. His estate is the largest single-family home in the state. He calls it "The Promised Land.

  • 54,000 Square Ft
  • 235 Acres
  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Theatre
  • Massive Banquet Hall

In Southwest ranches, Florida he added to the promised land. This time, it was in another state. The real estate giant spent $3.4 million in cash for a 2.3-acre resort style estate. It is in a suburban community 22 miles northwest of Miami. The resort is 8600 square feet. There are six bedrooms in it. There are 7 bathrooms, 2 home offices, and a gym. He has another $1,000,000 Atlanta home just around the corner from where he lives.

Ross claims to own seven homes. He owns so much real estate because of some advice his mother gave him. When he made his first million, he wanted to invest in stock. Mama, Tommy Roberts, told him “son, I don’t really know about the stock market. I know about real estate. When you buy something, make sure you can touch it.”. He has been investing ever since.

I Do Not Own the Rights to This Picture

I Do Not Own the Rights to This Picture

Build Your Skillset

Ross decided to add farmer to his list of talents. Since he knows what the former owner went through, he wanted to make changes. That mansion’s monthly expenses are hefty. I used to live in Georgia. His home has a lot of land. Ross knew what he needed and what it will take. He shocked all the naysayers by buying his own to cut the expenses. The purchasing of a tractor from John Deere helped him solve that. He bought it for $66,599.

  • 5090 Series
  • Diesel Engine
  • FT 4 Emissions
  • 90 Engine HP
  • 2% Power Bulge
  • Standard 12 F/12R Power Reverser

Ross regular features were upgraded. He has tinted windows and an AC. There is an extended attachment on the back. That cuts wider than most normal tractors that size. He has sharp blades on the tractor to cut the lawn the way it is needed. He often states that he looks forward to doing it. With gas prices averaging a whopping 4.292 dollars in the state of Georgia, saving is a must. Especially since Russian Ukraine war began.

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There are a lot of trees in the state. On his property are much of them in all sizes. To get them down, there is a hefty price. So, he learned how to do it himself instead. On Instagram, he gave his fans a look at his lumberjack skills. Ross chopped down a massive oak tree on his property. He went to home depot and purchased the best big chain he needed to do it. His fans saw it and he said that he is a hands on kind of guy. Ross planted marble on his property. Numerous contractors quoted "he did himself a little favor as he ended up planting real marble on his property. He earned the right to be called "the landscaping boss" just for that alone. He built his skillset.

Collect Don't Reject

Rick spent a lot on his lifestyle buying collectibles alone. He had already bought the cars. So what he did was started collecting them. Currently, he has over 100 cars. He displays his appreciation for a well-built car. He does so for motorcycles as well. He collects them and displays how much he loves them. A true boss makes sure his collectibles reflect they stand for.

  • Aston Martin Vanquish S. ($386,500)
  • Rolls Royce Phantom ($500,000)
  • Lamborghini Aventador ($573,966)
  • Aprilia RS660 ($11,299)
  • Suzuki Hayabusa ($14,799)
  • Powerhouse Motorcycle ($1,000,000)

Rick Ross collects the cars and bikes for a reason. He says it helps him in the long run. He flips a lot of cars he buys. For example, he buys a car for 20,000 or 30,000. Before it, he drives it a little and sell it three years later for 130 or $140,000. The name he’s built up in the luxury lifestyle market Trump’s up the value of his possessions real nice.

Much of his favorite cars were sold at a great profit. The custom-made, powerhouse, cycle is packed with speakers. It even has a digital display showing the music. Boss has also partnered with cookies. Cookies is an international cannabis brand to launch three specially curated pot strains. Boss had his hands in everything. He’s worked with luxury car designer Richard B Caliente and producer duo cool and Dre to turn a Porsche 9/11 into a unique piece of car art. He is one of many stars that collects, they rarely reject. In the end, they turn their collectibles into profit.

I Do Not Own the Rights to This Picture

I Do Not Own the Rights to This Picture

Think Big, Not Small

The lavish lifestyle is still there for Ross. He loves swap meets and antique stores as well. The lavish lifestyle is still there, he is just much wiser. He saves more instead of spending it. So he flies first class on delta. It is much more reasonable than the $8945 operating cost to fuel a private jet. He rides around the port of Miami in his, Bel-Air, custom $94,000 Seahawk racing boat. With that being said, He doesn’t have a private jet. He does not have a yacht. He owns over 30 wing stop locations. He Wrote a Book called the Perfect Day To Boss Up. Here are a few of his investments.

  • Rap Snacks
  • Checkers
  • Versus TV
  • Bumbu
  • Villion
  • Luc Belaire

His namesake has added tremendous value to the brand. The boss is always promoting it. Of course his label, MMG (Maybach Music Group), is one of the most known but he has an extensive list of investments. Another popular investment is wingstop. There is life after hip hop and he is well set up for it. His kids are too. The rapper/actor wrote a book called the perfect day to boss up. In it there is a business strategy explaining how to manually make passive income. The book has debuted at #5 on the New York Times weekly bestsellers list. He's not the first, but what he's redefined stands out to many young men. Invest if you want sustained success. He thought big, not small.


His book includes tips for managing and investing your money. He explains how to make it in the music industry and how to turn a passion project into a business. You have to have the perfect team to help you. He tells you to how to build it. The perfect team is at the heart of all businesses sales. Luc Bell-Aire Sparkling Wine Beverages and Communicates is one of his ventures. He is the ambassador of the brand. Under the brand are only two varieties of Bel Air. A rare rose and a rare blue. The rare rose (2011) is made from a combination of three grapes. The rare blue (2012) was released soon after. That’s because it is not champagne. It only costs 30 to $50 a pop.

Ross has also made lucrative collaboration deals with Ewing athletics. The deal includes selling $180 luxury sneakers. In addition, they could sell $300 exotic sneakers and at one time. He had a surprising deal with Reebok who usually only deals with athletes. Reebok eventually pulled out of that deal netting him a loss of earnings of an estimated $3.5 million superstars. He wears sunglasses to protect his eyes from the ultrabright dirty south sun. His eyes are protected by the overwhelming camera flash too. He’s been spotted wearing sunglasses on music videos and photo shoots. He loves to decorate his wrist and feet.

Rick also bought a $500 flamethrower to shoot at home. He has two kids he does not have custody of. Nevertheless, he takes care of them. He pays $11,000 a month in child support. Ross laced his son with the ultimate sweet 16th birthday gift. He gave Jr his very own restaurant franchise. Along with the present, he said “ You are now officially a Boss. For his daughter toy Roberts Sweet 16 he had an extravagant celebration. It was held at Miami Casa Casa arena. The arena is formerly the Versace mansion. He gave his baby girl a brand new $222,000 Bentley bantayan hybrid. He does not only boss up, his kids do too.

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