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Knowledge is Unlimited Power

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

Nasir Jones

Nasir bin Olu Jones. He was born on September 14, 1973. He was also raised in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a musician from Mississippi. His mother was a U.S postal worker from North Carolina. Together they had two kids. His parents divlived in 1985. Nasir was twelve years old at the time. He knew changes must be made. To make matters worse, he stayed in poverty, It was him, his younger brother and mom. He dropped out of school. He remember what his his father gave him. The gift of music and knowledge. A similar thing happened to his brother. They both loved music. They both pursued it. He just added the knowledge with it. When he was a child, he displayed it.


He found great interest in Hip Hop. His childhood name was "Kid Wave." The studio was his home when he was an early teen. He did songs that never were released. It wasnt a waste because he was perfecting his craft. In the midst, he kept feeding himself knowledge. His love for music remained sharpened. Kid Wave started being more diverse. He played instruments and wrote rhymes. By the time he got eighteen, it was better. He was ready to begin his career in the Music Industry. What he inherited before it made him ready. Kid wave became Nas. From then on it was legendary. On the screen and in the Studio. He embraced knowledge before the music. In this article are reasons you should embrace it too.


1. To Be Ahead of the Game

Knowledge is power. Nas knew that before he got into the industry. His not being in school didn't stop him from getting it. He already embraced it. Nas was young when he signed to "Ruffhouse Records." Ruff house Records released "Nasty Nas" during that year. It was a minor album. That album revealed a lot about him. He was born for this. He was on the same level as some major rap artists in the industry during that time. One of the things revealed was an unusual one. He was head of the game. From then on, his albums represented it.

2. For Opportunities

Nas gained much attention in the hip-hop community. He later signed a substantial deal with "Columbia Records. "There, he released his first major debut album "Ilmatic" in 1994. The album was more about his early life in the projects. It went on to be the best one of that year. Nas went on and released more albums.

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In total, he did fourteen. Nas was very accomplished in the hip hop community. In the early 2000's he was everywhere. He was on video game soundtracks. He was on movie soundtracks. He was even in some of the movies. One of them he starred in.

Two years later, he released his second major studio album. That album saw success as well. The success of both albums took him to the mainstream. He started collaborating with other artists. His name became common in mainstream hip hop. His music just got better and better. After the success, he wanted something more significant. When you listen to the lyrics of his music, you know that Nas was not just a rapper. That's because he's a man of knowledge. He wanted to display it. Music has limited power. With knowledge, there are no limits.

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2. To Be Mature

Money isn't power. Knowledge is power. He promoted knowledge then and does now. Even in the negativity, he stood for it. He did the movie Belly with the late rapper DMX. His name was knowledge. DMX was buns. In the film, they dealt drugs. Knowledge always displayed another passion. He didn't want the money more than knowledge. In the end, Buns did it too. It was promoted on and off the screen. He was always ready to apply it.

His music ignited a flame. The flame was burning behind his music. Another rapper, Jay Z, made sure it burns. Nas played a role in it too. In 1996, the rapper failed to show up at a recording session. Since then, it has not been the same. Nas started pursuing a greater level. Both the rappers were sending one another subliminal messages. Over time, the subliminal messages ended. The feud was not in secret anymore. It was out in public for all to know. Names were limited, but people read through the lyrics. That feud went so far that he knew what he had to do. He denounced his pride & saw he was wrong.

He made plans to apologize for his behavior. It took a while, but the two grew up and reconciled. They even appeared on stage together in October of 2005. They also were together on DJ Khaled's "Sorry but not sorry. " Knowledge kills immaturity every time. Truth we ignore is, we all have to grow up. The re was a saying when I grew up. We said "A Player never changes the game". It was meant for some other reason. I just applied it to my life when I got older. I realized how childish it was. Immaturity must be eliminated when we get older. There is no time for games.


3. To Be a Better Man

This is like a curse word to humanity. We all hate when we go through anything. Especially, when it makes us uncomfortable. That is not the same for me. I love it. Adversity makes me stronger. I anticipate it coming. Adversity is something many forget. When it comes to them, it is mishandled. In my opinion, I think I know why. Society has taught us to live in a fantasy world. In a world where everything is perfect.

The rapper did not see it that way. What he went through here could have ended ugly. He was aware of his lyrics and his demons. During the feud with Jay Z, he had his first child. Being the man that he is, he wanted the family together. The rapper proposed, and she said yes. Life was going well but, he was always prepared. She also said she was with who he was feuding with before. He and his ex-fiancé fell apart after it. Despite their departure, he still cares for the child.

He officially married in 2005. Sadly, that wasn't pretty. He was said to be abusive. His fans and critics seemed to ignore it. They crucified others but not him. The marriage fell apart in 2010. After it, his ex-wife confirmed it was true. She said he was physically and mentally abusive during the marriage. She also revealed that he had a drinking problem. Matters were already worse on stage. In his lyrics, he used the N-word too much in his music. In 2007, he performed a free concert in Virginia. His use of vulgar lyrics slightly disabled him from doing it. Most rappers did that. They still do it these days. In addition, he has a conviction for carrying weapons. None of this affected his legacy. They're just a reminder to many that there is always adversity.


Nas embraced knowledge despite his surroundings. His circumstances did not take that away. He was always prepared for what was ahead. That is what we all must do. Adversity is a part of our successful journey. It's a part of life. There is always something in them we could adopt. He adopted and applied the knowledge to early.

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