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10 Reasons Why Men Should Learn How to Dance Salsa

Anya Brodech is a professional salsa, Latin, swing, and ballroom dance teacher in Oakland, CA.


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I'm a professional Salsa and Latin dance teacher and I've been dancing salsa since 2005. Trust me when I say that I've never met anyone, male or female, who has regretted learning how to dance salsa! If you're still doubtful and on the edge about this, then I invite you to continue reading about the 10 benefits of learning how to dance salsa if you're a man.

1) You Meet a LOT of Women:

There a lot of women, especially beautiful women, of all ages who love to dance salsa. Women are always looking for someone to dance with since there are usually more women who are dancers than there are men. This is usually true in salsa clubs, dance studios, social events and group classes.

Obviously, don't creep on women and be "that guy," but use salsa dancing as an opportunity to meet and connect with women outside of your usual social circles. I recommend being friends with a woman and getting to know her first before asking her out so you don't get a reputation as being a guy who tries to date every woman he dances with. Even if you're not looking to date, you'll still have a chance to make a lot of new friends with the same interests as you!

Women love a man who can dance salsa!

Women love a man who can dance salsa!

2) You'll Be More Attractive to Women

A guy that knows how to dance really well and move his body and express himself by dancing is considered very attractive to women who dance, even if the guy isn't usually thought of as handsome. Don't ask me how or why, but I've seen plenty of beautiful women date (and marry) men who aren't as good-looking as they are. There is just something about a guy who knows who to dance that gives women butterflies in their stomachs. Many women consider salsa dancers to be just as sexy as singers or musicians.

If you're single, you automatically one-up all of the guys who don't know how to dance, which can help increase your success rates with women you are interested in dating.

And even if you're already married or in a relationship, you'll see your girlfriend's eyes pop and say "WOW!" when she sees you spin and twirl her around and do all sorts of cool stuff. Trust me on this, I'm a dance teacher and I've seen this "wow" moment happen time and time again.

Nothing is more classy than a gentleman who knows how to dance with a lady

Nothing is more classy than a gentleman who knows how to dance with a lady

3) You'll Develop your "Suave Gentleman" Skills:

Being a good dancer and a good leader puts you one step closer to being more like George Clooney, Richard Gere, James Bond, the Dos Equis guy or any other suave gentleman-like man you can think of. As a salsa dancer you'll learn how to invite a woman to dance with you, and hold her in your arms so she feels safe and secure.

You don't need the witty banter or signature catch phrases, but you need to know how to spin her around comfortably and do all sorts of cool moves that she can easily follow and think of you as this effortlessly smooth guy.

Men Dancing Salsa Effortlessly with Beautiful Women

4) You'll Impress Others

All of your friends, family, coworkers, and other people whose opinion you care about are going to be impressed by your salsa dancing skills. Even if they don't know how to dance, they'll probably think it's really cool and might even ask you to teach them how to dance! Just check out the guys in the video!

Regardless of what rumors and homophobic comments you may be worried about men who dance, salsa is actually a very masculine dance for men. Would you consider any of those guys dancing in that as "girly" or anything less than men?

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Dancing salsa with a beautiful woman will get you in shape!

Dancing salsa with a beautiful woman will get you in shape!

5) You'll Get In Shape

Salsa dancing is great exercise for everyone involved. If you already go to the gym, you'll be happy to know that your hardwork is going to pay off because you're going to be using your arm, back, core, and leg muscles a LOT while dancing salsa.

Good technique and a strong dance frame come from engaging all those areas, and the fast pace makes it one heck of a cardio workout! If you're not in shape, you will be with consistent practice and social dancing!

You'll lose weight because you won't be sitting at home snacking away or in a restaurant stuffing yourself full of food. Just remember to cut down on drinks and beers at the bar when you're out dancing so you don't put back all of those calories you just burned off!

Salsa Dancing is a great stress reliever

Salsa Dancing is a great stress reliever

6) You'll Relieve Stress

Salsa dancing, like any other physical activity that gets your heart rate up, is a great stress reliever because you're moving around, having a good time, and releasing a lot of endorphins! You'll be too busy having fun dancing to think about your problems for a few hours. Plus you'll be with all of those lovely dancing ladies, even better! Doesn't this sound like a much better way to unwind at the end of the day than sitting at home on your couch watching TV?

Salsa dancing is a great way to make new friends

Salsa dancing is a great way to make new friends

7) You'll Make New Friends

As an adult, it's hard to find friends outside of work, especially if you're not in school anymore. Joining as a social activity such as salsa dancing instantly opens up a whole new world of people for you to hang out with. Even if you only see each other at salsa dance events or classes, you'll still be getting that face-to-face social interaction that many of us are missing out on from constantly being on our phones or computers. Over time, you might become good enough friends with other dancers that you'll organize and host dance parties at your house, or go on dancing vacations together.


8) Dance Trips and Vacations

There are tons of salsa congresses and festivals around the United States and around the world. Use these as opportunities to go travel with your newly found salsa friends and do something fun that your regular travel companions might not be interested. If you are traveling alone, you will make new friends at salsa events/congresses/festivals/trips because you'll have at least one thing in common with everyone else there: a love of dance!

Dance Performance at the Miami Salsa Congress

Dance Performance at the Miami Salsa Congress

9) You Can Dance Around the World

Salsa dancing is the most popular partner dance in the world. If you know how to salsa, just about anywhere that you move, you'll be able to find opportunities to dance around the world. There's plenty of salsa congresses and festivals and competitions in the United States, Europe, Carribean, and Asia. Just find a city or country where you want to dance and do some research and you'll be sure to find something!

Dancing at Peru Salsa Congress

Dancing at Peru Salsa Congress

10) You'll be More Happy & Confident

Dancing salsa will make you feel happier because you'll have all of these cool dance skills, fun places to go, and awesome people to hang out with! Having this special skill, especially once you get really good and find yourself getting asked to dance a lot, will definitely make you feel better and more confident about yourself. Pretty great combination right?


I hope this article has convinced you, or someone you know, to start dancing salsa. As a dance teacher, I believe that dancing enriches lives and opens up people to new possibilities and experiences that they normally don't get in their day-to-day lives, and allows them to interact and express themselves in ways that are healthy and beneficial. I hope that dancing will bring you as much joy as it did to me.

© 2016 Anya Brodech

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