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Why Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) Was the Best Mother From Desperate Housewives

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The charming character Lynette Scavo from the drama Desperate Housewives had continuously proven what an incredible mother she had been throughout the show

Raising five crazy children had been one of her exceptional qualities. What made her stand out was the crafty techniques she would invent to enforce righteousness and structure in her children. The issues covered were meaningful and had a real-life touch to them.

Admiration for mothers would spring out profusely after watching Felicity Huffman being Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives.

I will highlight some of her heart-touching moments as a mother in the show.


Perfect or Good?

A perfect mother - that she wasn't, but she certainly was the right one. like how a good mother should be. Although she could not control the annoying mischief of her wild boys, she would teach them a lesson in innovative ways. Not with extreme firmness, but with logic, facts, and serious threats.

Below are some measures she took:

  • She refused to give ADD medication to her boys even after their school had suggested the option. She didn't want medicines to calm the boys down and preferred them noisy and hyperactive.
  • However severe the mischief was, she would not hit her children.
  • She would keep explaining to her kids until they conformed to logic and obedience.
  • She would permit them their nonstop share of play even if annoying.

Disabled Child? Doesn't Matter

In an episode (season 6 episode 11), a catastrophe befalls on Wisteria Lane on a Christmas day. Amid the celebration, a helicopter crashes causing fatality and mayhem. Because of an injury, the nine-months pregnant Lynette carrying twins begets one from the pair but, sadly, loses the other. The born boy, however, grows up to be slightly autistic and physically challenged. The powerful approach of Lynette as a mother in inculcating independence in her disabled child is shown so efficiently that it will bedazzle and inspire you. You will feel immense praise and awe for Lynette Scavo.

Highlights of the scene are:

In physiotherapy, the constant awful shriek of her infant daunts Lynette to the extent of despair. A little motivation from her husband and her motherhood encourages her to renew her faith as well as confidence and she sees the light.


While she is washing utensils, her handicap son demands a sandwich. She replies she will make one as soon as she finishes her chore. The boy refuses to cooperate, so Lynette instructs him to make one by himself. He expresses his inability which Lynette rebuffs. She only wants him to be able and independent. She also urges him to be kind and appreciative of her. With struggle, he makes the sandwich, but yes, he succeeds at it.

The essence of the scene is the excruciating pain a mother endures seeing her beloved child struggle even for the normal chores. The audience can see shivers running down Lynette's spine.

Have a look at the video yourself:

Mother or Magic?

Remorse of a Serial Killer

A serial killer is on the loose in Wisteria Lane. He has been murdering women who have rejected him. Since his rough childhood, he has been very hungry for love-and-love only. Therefore, as an adult, he seeks remedial love from women. But, poor lad aims too high and sets the wrong foot all the time. Because of his inadequacy and dullness, he faces refusal and rejection. Mind it, his heinous past has mercilessly built up imminent rage overdue to explode anytime.

His name is Eddie. He is being called a monster. The episode also mentions such monsters are created by other monsters. The other monster being his iniquitous mother.

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While charms of the other housewives fall short of charisma, Lynette Scavo brings a magnificent change in Eddie's life. Under her extended motherhood, he begins to live a happy life filled with love and joy. But the ghastly past that has made him a dangerous criminal catches up with him endangering Lynette's life too.

A very grateful Eddie doesn't want to murder Lynette who has learned of his crimes, but compulsion won't let him let go. Under the pressure of this horrific situation, the heavily pregnant Lynette goes into labor and has no time to rush to a hospital. Besides, Eddie refuses hospital care to his hostage. That is when Lynette wisely recommends salvage. She says 'you have a chance to save a life.' meaning he has killed many, now he can save someone.

Eddie helps her deliver the baby, after which she hands the infant to him. He feels sorry for his crimes and calls the police for confession.

Women become safe in the area again, and Wisteria Lane gets rid of its serial killer. All thanks to Lynette Scavo.

Eddie Doesnt Want to Hurt Lynette

Lynette Identifies a Paedophile (Season 3, episode 7 onwards)

A newly shifted neighbor saves Lynette's life from the bullets of a gun of a crazy lady who could not bear the cheating of her husband, so the crazy lady holds the shoppers hostage at the supermarket where her husband works. The neighbor quickly becomes a hero in the lane, but he has a dark side too. Sadly, it falls on Lynette to unmask this monster who happens to be her savior.

When she goes to his house with a cake to thank him, she happens to stumble upon a corner that has a collection of repelling things that screams pedophilia.

Utterly shocked Lynette has no choice but to orchestrate his exit from the residence. The catch here is that the new neighbor has a disabled sister who is entirely dependant on him. She is a nice lady who also sees her brother as a hero and doesn't know the hidden truth. After all, he takes good care of her.

When the word gets out, residents, even from the surrounding areas, gather to throw the pedophile away. The hype takes an aggressive mode leading to social hatred and the boycott of the family. The neighbor even loses his job.

The sister could not bear the suffering and blames Lynette for their adversity. She even raises a point that Lynette could be mistaken.

Lynette realizes she might have erred and tries to salvage the situation. But, it's too late to bring any change. The situation worsens leading to the death of the sister. Apologetic Lynette is expressing her condolence when she gets another shock.

The neighbor thanks Lynette saying it was his sister's presence and care that had been stopping him to enact freely, but now he can act as he pleases appeasing his whims and fancy.

The neighbor moves elsewhere, and Lynette could only pray for the safety of the young he comes in contact with. What we learn is, a mother's hunch can hardly go wrong.

What Did She Gain VS What Do We Gain?

Through her example, even if fictitious, we learn about conduct. Our mind opens up to some hypothetical situations that have a possibility of occurrence. It is learning in entertainment.

Some more benefits :

  • Love exists and spreads: Throughout their tenure in the show, Lynette's children receive the blessing of filial love. A child who receives love matures with a positive outlook.
  • Not lonely: They have memories of happiness. Not of despondency or loneliness. A happy childhood has power and strength.
  • A great epitome: Good parents inspire their children to become even better parents.

Her Awful Scandal

Felicity Huffman played with fire in real life. The college bribe scandal she caught her self into has blown all her good work into pieces. But can you really discredit her, especially her work? Not entirely. Her marvelous work will always keep the sunshine sparkling on her. I, for one, am sure her fan!

Don't forget, she has reaped what she had sown. Now she has another chance at happiness and welfare. And I say all the best.


Lynette = Felicity

Lynette Scavo was not flawless. She made mistakes too. For example:

  • She had control issues throughout.
  • To get a better grip on the situation, once she violated the privacy of her son Porter Scavo by pretending to be a girl on online dating and risked his heartbreak.
  • On an occasion, she left her baby in the car and forgot.
  • On another occasion, she forgot her daughter's birthday.
  • In an episode, to buy time for recreation and wellbeing, she left the nurture and care of her infant on the weak shoulders of her adolescent daughter.

Her errors were the result of frustration and pressure that any mother could face. So, it's absolutely okay to freak out. It's not easy to be a mom, but any woman will still do wonders as long as she enjoys and loves being a mother. As Lynette Scavo did.

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