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Why Jackie Evancho Is Such An Inspiration

Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho as Katniss in the Hunger Games

Jackie Evancho as Katniss in the Hunger Games

Quote from David Foster about Jackie

"Honest to God, in all my years of doing music, which is fourty-five years, I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like this."

— David Foster


She Soared Into the Spotlight

There has been plenty of marvelous children shining in the spotlight lately. Thanks to the beauty of free internet - it is hard to keep them hidden. In 2010, there was one young lady named Jackie Evancho who used this new-found technology to win a chance on the stage of America's Got Talent.

At the age of ten, Jackie Evancho stood on the stage of America's Got Talent and showed the whole world that extraordinary things can come from small packages. Her amazing opera voice blew away the audience and the judges.

One of the judges for AGT even said, "I'm going to tell you, that is one of the most extraordinary performances I have ever seen on America's Got Talent." And said, "We have got in you a superstar." Her voice was so mature that no one could believe that it was actually her singing.

But not only was her voice exceptional, her attitude and personality was generous and full of admirable spirit.

Even though Jackie was only the runner up in the finale, she still became the best selling debut artist of 2010. There were shows and news channels all over America that wanted interviews with her. Even Oprah had Jackie on her show, declaring that she may just be the next big thing. And of course, she has become the next big thing.

So far, she has sang for the emperor of Japan and to the President of the United States several times, has multiple top selling records, and has traveled all over the world. She sang with some of the best singers in the world, including Sarah Brightman, the Canadian Tenors, and even traveled with David Foster, a musician and producer who has worked nearly his whole life in music. All of whom have a lot of respect for her.

David Foster constantly praises her, not only for her voice, but also because of her great attitude and maturity. This same praise has been repeated over and over by many different people.

Her attitude and personality may be one big reason why she is still such a huge inspiration. With these aspects and all the support she has, I am sure she will not turn out to be another Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. Keep reading you will understand why I say this.

This gift couldn't have been given to a better child, cause' you are just an amazing young girl.

— Mrs. Osborne

Jackie's First Audition

Jackie Evancho's Albums

Several of her later albums have lost the sales because a lot more people have been buying the online versions.

AlbumRelease DateEstimated Sold in U.S.

Prelude to a Dream

November 10, 2009

4,000 (as of 2011)

O' Holy Night

November 16, 2010

1,100,000 (as of 2010)

Dream With Me

June 3, 2011

682,000 (as of 2012)

Heavenly Christmas

November 1, 2011

341, 000 (as of 2012)

Song from the Silver Screen

October 2, 2012

116,000 (as of 2013)


September 23, 2014

unknown(If you know let me know)

Your Thoughts

The Voice That Made Ali Cry

Most people that hear Jackie's voice are amazed and can feel something change inside of them. Muhammad Ali must have felt something very similar when he first saw her live in back in 2010 at a David Foster Foundation event. By the end of Jackie's live rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro" Ali's eyes were full of tears. Of course, Jackie Evancho is not the only person that can make people cry just by the resonance of her voice, but she is one of the youngest.The only tears Ali would have for Justin Berber would be for him to get off stage.

Her voice has been paralleled with famous singers such as Deanna Durbin, who also started early and had a large range that was wonderful for pulling emotions from the audience.

Since the beginning of Opera music, a high-tone soprano voice has been associated with the sound of an angel. Several critics say different things, some say Jackie would be a good mezzo-soprano or contralto, however, no matter what critics may think or say, Jackie is still young and is still expanding on her talents, so there is no telling what she will decide in the future, but I am sure it is going to be exciting.

Jackie's Nessun Dorma

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If (you) have a dream, (you) should always go for it because that’s what happened to me and my dream came true.

— Jackie Evancho

Top Eight Things About Jackie

She's Extremely Humble

She Has A Great Personality

She Sings Like an Angel

She's Generous

She's Super Passionate

She is A Great Role Model

She is Positive

The Reason Why Jackie Is So Motivating

Jackie Evancho's dream to sing stemmed from a Phantom of the Opera show she attended with her family at the age of seven. The Phantom of the Opera inspired Jackie so much that she decided she was going to work hard to sing just like the stars. If you have ever seen Jackie live, you know that she has not only reached this goal, but exceeded it. Even though she is so young, she is breaking records and setting the stage for the new generation of Classical Crossover.

Many critics, as well as listeners, agree that Jackie has brought new joy and excitement to several songs just by the way she sings them. Her extremely great sound is one reason why her 2010 EP O' Holy Night went platinum in US and Canada after selling over one million in the first year.

However, it is not only her spectacular voice that makes her so motivating; it is who she is. Whether it is on her return to the stage of AGT, in an interview, or even in front of her fans; Jackie constantly provides great advice and encouragement to others. Even though she is young she is constantly looking outward; at the progression of the world around her, rather than just progression of herself in the world. This a trait that is very different from many other child stars and very different than many adult stars as well. She reminds me of another young lady who worked hard on the progression of the world around her and she grew up to inspire millions. In fact, in 2014 she was named the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. This girl's name is Emma Watson, who became famous in her spectacular role in Harry Potter.

Jackie Evancho is so motivating because she has such a huge heart for others, is a great role model for children and adults, and she has a very kind yet silly spirit.

I say three prayers every night to make sure that God knows I thank him so much.

— Jackie Evancho

To Believe

Jackie's Great Heart

Jackie Evancho has already started making big impacts on the world. She played a part for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of #Imagine Project's 25th Anniversary; a UNICEF program that helps nations understand the rights that children have.

She has become an ambassador for Mission: Humane, a program that encourages children to help protect animals, sang for several fundraising events and has been awarded numerous times for her amazing personality.

She was on the National League of Junior Cotillion's list of ten best-mannered people of 2011 for "demonstrating humility and politeness as a young performer."

Even at a younger age Jackie has been channeling her talents into philanthropy. With the help of her uncle Mathew Evancho, she created a song named "To Believe" which is actually a prayer for children who are suffering around the world. She says "It feels really good to do something that helps other people, which is why I'm so excited to be involved in this great project with philosophy and WhyHunger," said Evancho. "I hope "To Believe" inspires everyone to give back this holiday season and that one day we can live in a world without hunger and need."

Bill Ayres, founder and executive director of WhyHunger states that Jackie "has a big beautiful voice matched only by her generous heart."

There are countless other charities she is involved in, including David Foster and Friends Foundation, however, there is not a lot of coverage on where she spends her money, and that is very humble. I honestly do not see her buying a super fast car and a mansion bigger than she can clean herself. Hopefully, if enough people will follow her footsteps, she will make this world brighter for millions.

Such A Beautiful and Unique Sound

"What makes us feel like she will survive the journey from child star to adult performer is her magnificent sense of pitch, her natural ability to shape phrases and the ease with which she performs. This is what makes her a joy to listen to."

— Los Angeles Times

Evancho and Family


Why Jackie is Different than Other Child Stars

Although there are many child stars that come out of the water works, there seem to be very few that keep their spark alive without getting into drugs or miscreant behavior. Jackie Evancho seems to have her head set on something a little different than staying in the spotlight. She is a rare type of child that seeks knowledge and avenues that may brighten up the world. You would think that a girl her age could only do a small amount, but Jackie Evancho has already made a huge impact in the world.

The best part about it is that her personality and willingness to give is not a media stunt. Jackie really wants to help others, and because of her huge fan base and spectacular support, she is very capable of doing so.

Jackie has the support from very influential and pure-hearted people. Primarily, Jackie has her family, who shows her love, strength and guidance. Her mother was very cautious in the way she raised Jackie and allowed her to follow her dreams shortly after she heard her singing originals from Phantom of the Opera. However, before she allowed Jackie to start singing on the big stages, she asked several scholars and family friends in the music business how she should go about doing so without ruining her childhood.

Mathew Evancho, (Jackie Evancho's Uncle) has been in the music business for years and has both taught and composed music. So he is very knowledgeable of what Jackie Evancho can do and where she can go with her life in music.

Jackie also has David Foster, who has done an amazing job at disciplining Jackie in the art of giving, especially since David himself is extremely altruistic. His own foundation has helped millions of people around the world. That's not mentioning his fifty plus years in the music business.

So honestly, not only does she have a great heart and passion for life, she also has quite a lot of amazing mentors who help keep her going strong.

When I'm at home, I want to be a normal person. I don't want to hear, 'Can I have your autograph?'

— Jackie Evancho

Jackie's Multi-Talented

Habits Are What Makes Or Breaks A Person

Jackie's habits are one of the biggest reasons why she is such a devoted person. She spends a lot of time working on the arts. Not only does she practice singing a lot, she also practices playing the piano and violin, she sews some of her own dresses, and she even enjoys drawing. That is not all however, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, and loves archery.

Jackie's Best Quotes

I have always despised people who thought they were better than others, and I made a promise to myself that I'd never turn into that kind of person. My family helps to keep me grounded. Whenever I get a 'diva moment,' as they like to call it, they let me know it and say, 'Stop acting like a diva!'

— Jackie Evancho

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graham smith on July 19, 2020:

Jackie is not only beautiful and talented but I love her sense of humor and all the 7 attributes above. so young and thoughtful. I really wish i could meet her but that will never happen. I'll always be a fan. Stay as sweet as you r.

Larry Knetzger on February 12, 2018:

This article is so true and it brings out Jackie as she is and what we adore about her. So very real.

AprilB on February 12, 2017:

I would say that the 2% that think Jackie won't continue to be a star haven't seen her in concert. Her video's and cd's although quite good don't do her justice. Her voice is crystal clear and resonates throughout the concert hall. She's poised, graceful, polite, and happy to be performing for you. She's a natural at what she does. She will be a around for years to come because her voice mesmerizes you and her personality reels you in to her world. I love listening to Jackie, her voice and choice of music calms me as well as rejuvenates me. I hope to see her in concert again in the future.

Major Smith on February 12, 2017:

Wonderful Robin.

joe duerr on June 05, 2016:

For the 2% that don't think she'll be a star when she came to Costa Mesa at Segerstrom Concert Hall it had only been in existence a little over 6 years and it was the first time it had ever sold every seat. I have also read that she is the youngest artist to ever go platinum. She is amazing as a person and a performer.

Bill Child on June 04, 2016:

I read every word in this page and many times felt the words stated have been my own relative to her incredible voice from the beginning only to get better with every new year. And, that all along, Jackie has been such a refreshing breeze of joy, inspiration and endearing humble personality! I find myself many times saying "Bravo Evancho!!" I find it very interesting that her music has matured, and she has become a beautiful young woman, but maybe most of all, she, herself is far ahead of the norm, in that I've heard that music strengthens and adds to brain cells and connections, especially between the two hemisphere's, and I think because of the caring, exceptional and beautiful music she delves so deeply and joyously into, her whole personae is one of a truly exceptional humble human being, one that with God and her family, and fans behind her, supporting her, the loving and caring gifts she is capable of sharing with all others on this "tiny blue marble" will exceed many times what some other great musicians, philanthropically generous benefactors, for real causes, for real people have provided to the better world. And she'll do it as a humble and true friend to all good people, with lots of smiles, and hugs, and gentle words and spirit moving songs. She won't have to part great bodies of water with dramatic flair and pomp.........just her smile and quiet laughter will move even mountains of doubters to understand. I have followed Jackie's career from the original Youtube submission, until today, and yet I have not seen her in concert, sick last year and my daughters college graduation this year (which of course took precedence) on the same date of her Morristown concert. One day!!! It is certainly one of the top items to do on my bucket list. Maybe I should say "Come What May" I will get there!

Thank you Jackie, the whole Evancho family, David Foster, and anyone else who helped give her wings to fly, but tempered he rise to star status, that kept her from rising above anyone else, but aiding in their own rise to self realization and joy! Bravo Evancho!!

rogeraphil on June 04, 2016:

This is such a wonderful explanation of many of the reasons that Jackie Evancho is an extraordinary young lady. There is much to be admired, and learned about how to treat other people from her. Jackie has certainly inspired my way of life. Thank you for publishing this article about her!

Mitchelgordon (author) from Durant, Oklahoma on March 19, 2015:

Thanki you so much for your insight :) and I will make sure I revise that ;)

Saffron Lowe on March 19, 2015:

Lovely and well-written article! One minor error: Although Jackie did audition for previous seasons, and was 9 when she sent in her YouTube audition (for Season 4), she had turned 10 several months before appearing on America's Got Talent.

You otherwise hit a whole box of nails on the head. Well done.

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