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Why Is Singer Sayaka Yamamoto Important to the Japanese Pop Music Industry?

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Sayaka Yamamoto Former Member of Girl Group NMB48

Sayaka Yamamoto is a very beautiful Japanese idol, so beautiful that she is drop dead gorgeous! She was a member of NMB48 and the captain of its Team N. She is one of the most recognizable members in the group along with Miyuki Watanabe. Sayaka was also a member of AKB48’s Team K from 2014 through 2016. But who is Sayaka Yamamoto? Why is she so important to the Japanese pop music industry that the world should know about?


We Will Analyze & Review the Songs Takane No Ringo & Oh My God!

Note: What follows here is not a typical biography of Yamamoto but we will take a different, more analyzed approach to taking a look at the career of one of the most beautiful Japanese idols that spent 8 years being a member of Osaka Japan’s NMB48. We will also review two songs that Sayaka was chosen as choreographic center for. These songs are Takane No Ringo and Oh My God!

A Review of the Song Takane No Ringo

As for "Takane No Ringo," lyrically the song tries to bring the message that if most people spend their lives reaching for the apples on the lower branches of the tree, it is time for you to dream big and reach for the apples atop the tallest tree that everyone else seems to have given up on. The greatest tragedy it is said is that it is not that people aim too high but that they aim too low and actually reach it. I may not be where I want to be now in terms of my goals but this article and song review should help to be a motivation for those that really see the possibilities that are available to us. The other message of this song is that just like the apple on top of that tree, we have to push ourselves to reach the pinnacle of our success. Sometimes we have to decide on a dream that can be easily obtained but this may be contradictory to what was said earlier about aiming too low and reaching it. Metaphorically, the apple at the top of the tree is the highest goal, your highest goal that you have set out to reach. It is not about winning or losing but it is about doing what we can to push ourselves and to reach our stated goals regardless of the fact that other people support us or not.

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"Takane No Ringo" Short Version


About the Song Oh My God!

As for the song Oh My God, this is the second single of NMB48 and Yamamoto was chosen as a dual or W/Center with Nana Yamada. The video for the song shows the girls running the grassy field playing soccer. Lyrically this song is about a girl that is soaked with sweat and she is falling in love with a boy but she wanted him to see her cute side. However, she feels that her falling in love was a big mistake because she didn’t really have the kind of confidence that this takes to succeed. She thinks or perhaps feels that she is in a situation that feels like one sided love.

"Oh My God!"

Sayaka Yamamoto in School Uniform


Another Major Reason for Sayaka Yamamoto's Importance to the Japanese Pop Music Industry

Looking back at the career of one of NMB48’s most important Japanese idols, being selected as a choreographic center of a song carries with it its own kind of significance. Being selected as a center, idols in that position typically receive more media exposure and they are near the front of the stage ahead of the other members. In the last three years of her career with NMB48 starting in 2014, Yamamoto would rank as high as the 6th most popular member of AKB48 and its other groups, In 2015, she would rank again at #6 and then reach the pinnacle of her ranking in 2016, ranking as high as the 4th most popular member.

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