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Why I Will Never Again Watch the Fox News Channel Anchor Shepard Smith

James Ranka, more widely known online as Copywriter31, earned two BA's—one in Mass Communications and the other in Music Performance.

Photo Artist: James Ranka

Photo Artist: James Ranka

The Journalists' Once-Enforced Edict

Today, I made a final decision to stop watching Shepard Smith, one of many news anchors at Fox News Channel (FNC).

I am a degreed mass communications professional, and contained within my college curriculum was a requirement to attend journalism classes. All journalism majors are required to take the course—that's a pitfall of hiring talking heads over college-educated journalists.

Within the course syllabus, I learned that one, the unpardonable, unwarranted, and worthy-of-being-fired-if-broken mandate exists for all journalists.

That 'law' reads, or rather, 'once stated':

"As a journalist, your reporting should always be objective. and violation of this journalistic principle is a serious breach of the public trust."

Think Shepard Smith is objective?

Watch this biased report on Donald Trump Jr., July 14, 2017, and a typical Smith outburst alongside Trace Gallagher, and Judge Andrew Napolitano as seen on a now-cancelled Fox News Channel program, The Strategy Room.

Shep Smith goes off on Trump Jr. meeting with Russians: We're being told 'lie after lie after lie'

Requirements For All High-quality Television News Anchors

The very first thing seen in your résumé assets better read, 'always nails what is showing in the teleprompter screen'.

Plainly and clearly stated, Shepard Smith, can NOT read a teleprompter.

Two nights ago, I decided to count his reading gaffs. How about 65 within a one hour show? Unbelievable as it seems, this is an accurate number—I even cut him some slack here and there.

Following is my theory on why he can't read:

Shepard Smith cannot control his emotions and this gargantuan flaw coaxes his mind to spin at 60 mph, while his mouth is working overtime at only 40 mph. Smith bumbles, fumbles, stumbles and actually reads a teleprompter like a rookie.

I have watched and listened to most other anchors at Fox News Channel and they all perfectly read the prompter.

I cannot fathom paying a person several million dollars a year to sit in comfortable surroundings, peer into a boxed-in screen filled with words someone else wrote and simply read those words aloud to an adoring public.

THE basic skill a person occupying this enviable position possess is an ability to instantaneously recognize a word or a report collection, and verbalize that information without a hitch.

I was a sportscaster many years ago, and I've acted in close to 100 commercials throughout my working careers.

From personal experience, I know reading a teleprompter is easier than enjoying a pleasant night's sleep following the gulp of a first-ever, extra strength Ambien.

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Finally, think of the truly exceptional news anchors.

  • Walter Cronkite
  • Chet Huntley
  • David Brinkley
  • Tom Brokaw

Somehow, the name Shepard Smith does not belong in this list, and he will never come close to meeting the journalistic standards these men applied throughout their careers.

His name appears to stand out and look strange when appended to this illustrious list of news greats.

  • Walter Cronkite
  • Chet Huntley
  • David Brinkley
  • Shepard Smith
  • Tom Brokaw



So How Did Shepard Smith Become Fox News Channel #1 Mr. Anchorman

Shepard Smith began his career with Fox News Channel before the network rocketed to a coveted #1 position—winning out over vast communications conglomerates all battling it out in the rating wars.

Bill O'Reilly is, in my estimation, solely responsible for FNC's meteoric ascension.

During this period of growth at Fox News Channel, O'Reilly was (please note my use of the verb 'was') an affable and a pleasant host.

Unlike Larry King, CNN's popular show and Fox's main rival in prime time, O'Reilly's character was different in that he could ask the tough questions of his varied guest line-up.
King, on the other hand, employed a softball style with his guests.

American audiences soon began embracing the firm, smiling, Irish TV host because his show brought a little bit of everything—much unlike The Larry King Show, where the format and flow remained constant.

While MOST anchors at the Fox News Channel hold PhD.s, and many are attorney's and doctors, Shepard Smith never finished college.

His out-of-control temper once resulted in an aggravated battery arrest (November 2000) when he allegedly hit a woman with his car in an "oh no— you don't take my spot" parking space row.

Once the case settled out of court, Smith's charge was reduced to misdemeanor battery. Quite the man, our Shep... Ha!

Shepard Smith rode O'Reilly's coat tails (as did all of Fox News Channel) to bigger and better things. So, how did Shepard Smith become Fox News Channel's top anchor?

  1. He is blessed with a rich, deep and resonant voice.
  2. He carries himself with confidence.
  3. He is young and hip, connecting with the buster and below demographics.

That's it. Three superficial traits have made him a daytime TV star... BUT Shepard Smith WILL NEVER BE A DAYTIME OR ANY TIME JOURNALIST!

There's a loose cannon aboard

Shepard Smith belittles guests with verbal jabs meant to show his feigned greater knowledge and expertise.

His guest's titles or levels of education don't faze Mr. Smith—He picks fights with them, utilizing his limited knowledge stockpile spewed from a non-filtered pie hole.

If his behavior weren't so rude, it would reach the top of the laugh-o-meter.

But now I have a big problem!

I recall watching well-written, nonbiased programs hosted thirty years ago or thereabouts.


  • "Meet The Press"
  • "The 20th. Century"
  • "The Nightly News With Tom Brokaw"
  • "The Huntley-Brinkley Report"
  • "The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite"

I have grown weary of viewing self-proclaimed TV ego-maniacs wearing King of News crowns made of Fool's Gold—Fakes like Shepard Smith, who I now simply refuse to watch.

I have a hunch many other baby boomers are starting to feel the same way.

The deeper concern now is: Where do I (we) now embark on finding unbiased and accurate television news, reported by professional journalists?

Comic Book Super Hero Smith Wearing His Journalist's Costume

Photo artist: jJames Ranka

Photo artist: jJames Ranka


Zergendolph on January 28, 2020:

I enjoyed watching Sheperd Smith over his 22 years at FOX. I think he was one of the few brights that FOX had on staff. He was also the most handsome personality ever to anchor a news show on FOX. He's a gorgeous man even at his advancing age. Sheperd put in many years at FOX trying to be an honest to goodness journalist and he couldn't take the hypocrisy at the network any longer. Having to endure looking at and listening to morons like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity is torture. Alan Colmbes was great. He was a true class act. That's the only reason why I watched Hannity years ago because of Alan Colmbes debating and debunking Hannity. I'll give FOX credit for giving Bill O'Reilly the heave-ho. He well deserved to get fired. And FOX should consider giving that frumpy old looney-toon Sean Hannity his walking papers as well. And by the way, Sean Hannity IS A COLLEGE DROP OUT. Sheperd Smith may have left college without a degree but he's many, many moons smarter, professional and better looking than Sean Hannity could ever dream.

Larry on November 23, 2019:

I quit watching Fox News it’s too much like CNN except for Hannity and Tucker. I go on YouTube and get the news I need there and then investigate what’s been said to make sure it’s true. There’s a lot of evil out there you got to be on your toes.

Fred smith on November 06, 2019:

Ever since I saw shit oh I mean shepherd smith call down Chris Wallace I’ve always turned off his show he is so full of himself I glad now I can watch Shannon Bream

jphn on October 13, 2019:

way to go shep its about time someone stood up for what is true. dump trump drain the swamp and lock trump up.

Ettling Megan on October 04, 2019:

Mr. Smith has joined the Swamp, he should call CNN. They would hire him!

Earl Evans on September 26, 2019:

Never liked him as a news man (sic) but the story about him out to dinner with his boyfriend and getting drunk while verbally abusing the waitress :Bring me my F***ing drink"! That, along with his Never Trump attitude sunk his boat for me. I go out of my way to avoid watching that moron. The latest feud between him and Tucker is hilarious!

Phyllis on September 25, 2019:

Haven’t watched Shep for years. He doesn’t line up up with my family’s views and beliefs. Please Shep, go to CNN or CNBC. Maybe you and Rachel can be co-anchors. That’s an idea!!

Timothy on September 25, 2019:

I can no longer support FOX News with Shep on their lineup. This is not Fair & balanced reporting when he reads his summaries which are always leftest leaning innuendos. I'm tired of it. I watch FOX for even balanced news, uplifting news and truth above all based on reporting. It would be worth it to FOX to make the payment and get rid of Shep.

Marvin on September 23, 2019:

I avoid the Shep Smith time on Fox as well. He should go work for CNN where he could join the other hate Trump new anchors.

Marcus 24 on September 20, 2019:

Fox News is on every tv in our household from 8am to 11pm or later. Only time it is not is 3-4 when Shep Smith is on. I switch to CNN for a more unbiased news report.

Armand on August 28, 2019:

Shep is ignorant and has a distorted view of reality. He goes out of his way to take cheap shots against President Trump, and conservatives in general. You might as well watch CNN from 3pm to 4pm weekdays. He has serious issues reading the teleprompter, is incoherent at times,, and is no way a true news anchor person. Shep is an OPINION contributor and he should be treated as such. To allow this one side, ignorant and self absorbed person to have the influence over the news division is a total disgrace. If Fox wants to keep him employed for fear of legal issues then simply remove him from the NEWS division and give him an OPINION show where he can do the least amount of damage and stop presenting him as professional news anchor......he is FAR from it!! Why not give the 3pm slot to someone with integrity and a record of being fair minded, perhaps Jon Scott should have the 3pm helm.

Helen on August 26, 2019:

Cannot stand his hatred for Trump, his sarcasm and the twisted facial expressions he makes (and his vampire teeth). When he comes on, I go... To do everything else that needs doing. There are so many other talented, less biased people that could fill this time slot. Please, Fox, fire him. I'm sure he'd love to work at CNN anyway.

Sailing 9 on August 13, 2019:

Watched SS once. That was enough.

Terry L Earl on August 09, 2019:

Instant channel change every time this manis on the air. If I want fake news and lying hacks I would be watching BSNBC or the Corrupt News Network. That's where he truly belongs. Please get rid of him FOX.

Rich Burgel on August 08, 2019:

Shepard Smith has got to go it is so obvious that he is bias against Donald Trump watching him you always get negativity on every subject he’s a skeptic not an optimist and that’s why his ratings are so low I for one will not turn on again Fox News when his face is visible he should be sitting next to Donna lemon at CNN

Victoriairis on August 07, 2019:

I change the channel when Smith comes on. Perhaps he should attend a good college and be taught what journalism is. CNN is a better fit for him. He sounds hateful and vindictive most of the time. So I can no longer watch him.

Roger Blood on August 07, 2019:

Most Fox viewers turns the channel when Shep Smith arrives @ 3 pm! The guy just doesn't have it. Also, it would be nice if "mealymouth" Chris Wallace would follow. These two characters really hurt Fox!

Joyce on August 07, 2019:

Agreed........Shepard Smith = Click

LAX Mom 2020 on August 07, 2019:

It is validating to read that others turn Fox News off at 3 PM. Obviously, it is the preogative of any viewer. I have zero interest in Shepard Smith's opinions, anecdotes and "pearls of wisdom." I am unsure if he has changed over the years or if I have. In 2018, it was disappointing and surprising to learn that Fox News extended his contract. I can no longer stomach him and refuse to listen to his diatribes. In my mind, Shepard Smith = click.

RayInAZ on August 01, 2019:

Shepard Smith likes to think of himself as a non-biased newsman, only reporting the "real" news; which is fine - better than fine if that is what he does. Unfortunately, his bias finds it's way into his commentary. He recently referred to John Bolton as, John "Bomb Iran" Bolton. He might be right about Bolton thinking but that is most definitely an opinion. There have been many such injections. Today (Thursday August 1, 2019) he ranted about how President Trump’s China tariffs work and the impact of tariffs on US consumers. Never once did he quote any “real” news such as comments from President Trump or any other financial person, all he did was express his views. His lack of understanding about how the US and world economy works is staggering. He should defer any economy news to the Fox Business Network. How he manages to keep a job in any national news outlet is something I can not fathom, let alone a key position at Fox News. I seldom watch him because when I do his bias and interjections leave me frustrated. If he switched to reporting only his opinions, he would not last long as his views are convoluted. He is like Megyn Kelly, his ego is too large; and like Megyn Kelly; Fox would be better off with him. Every time a “big” name leaves Fox, the replacement has been as good if not better. Dana Perino has had a huge impact on the Fox News line up. Often she is the only adult in the room.

Kevin on July 29, 2019:

Mr. Smith, please move to msnbc.. your comments today was last straw with this fox news watcher. Your smug attempt to lash out at the turtle was small.. senator McConnell has always been firm with russia. Your comment addressing your displeasure of no single bill ever introduced against Russian interference is true.. where was the comment during the past administration.. yes, i thought so you troll.... move on sir.. i have alteady myself to reruns of anything but you..

Frank Powell on July 27, 2019:

Shepherd Smith tells the truth, no wonder you people who suffer from Dunning-Kruger effect are furious at him.

Jonathan on June 25, 2019:

Shepard Smith is a disgrace and a sarcastic commentator. He is not an objective journalist but someone who conflates news with his opinions. Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for have this "Fake News" anchor as part of their line up. Good thing he's on during the day instead of primetime. I can't watch Fox News when he is broadcasting.

Bob on April 19, 2019:

Only time I ever watch CNN is when Shepard Smith comes on the Fox channel. Talking with my friends I hear the same story. I keep being surprised by his ratings.

Gerry on March 17, 2019:

I always change the channel when Smith comes on

Bambibear on March 06, 2019:

I will also not watch Sheppard Smith unless Trace Gallagher is hosting.

If fox news is reading and cares about ratings get rid of smith and replace with Gallagher.

Bryan on January 25, 2019:

Almost changed the channel when I noticed a substitute in place of Shep Smith today. Perfectly watchable today!

carole j. frick on January 18, 2019:

I cannot stand that princess shepherd smith and I don't know why he's there also cannot stand juan Williams I guess because they need fill a quota he is so ignorant and the other one is a moral mess not someone I will listen too

Flojo on January 11, 2019:

I watch FNC all day long but when Shep Smith comes on I change the channel...I can not stand “Mr. Whimpy pants”!!!! He is sooo against our president & such a cry baby!!! So negative!!

Neville on January 10, 2019:

Check out his Daily twisting of events that leave the viewer with little doubt of his ongoing disdain for Trump. I don't mind viewing differing political opinions about events, however Our Friend on Fox is not difficult to read and all to often selects liberal statements, tries to slant them, treating obvious lies as facts. Example, yesterday Trump walked out of the Nancy meeting. The Dems tried to cast this as a temper tantrum whilst witnesses at the meeting gave a very different viewpoint of Trumps decision to leave. Mr. Smith gave the Dem version as fact when it has now been proved that it was a lie.

This man is a danger to the Truth and I question how Fox still gives him the power to disseminate garbage. Check out how he emphasizes with tonal inflection anything that is negative to Pres. Trump. Like wow!!! did you know what Trump is up to now. I am no longer a viewer!!!

Mark on January 08, 2019:

Can't stand him either. When his hour comes on FNC I either change to the Business Fox Channel or just turn it off. I can stand him! There is no secret how he feels about the President. He reminds us every time. Just watched the President's address to the American people about immigration and Shepard Smith's verbiage describing the President's address was full of connotative disdain for Trump. I can't stand SSmith.

Mary on January 04, 2019:

I was so glad when Judge Judy came on TV the same time as Shepard Smith! Now I watch her show! Wish he would leave Fox. He is too anti-Trump to be on Fox!

Rose on November 21, 2018:

I cant stand Shepard Smith!! I change the channel whenever he comes on. He daily goes on anti Trump rants that a baseless and fact less. Thr other day he got into a verbal smack down with Chris Wallace because he refused(Wallace) to say Pres Trump was responsible for the mail bombings! This guy is an absolute clown.

Kay Simmons on October 30, 2018:

Caint stand Shepherd Smith.Hes a Trump hater.wish he would go to CNN.

Lillian Haurilak on October 30, 2018:

I heard that Whitey Bulgar was killed in prison today so I suppose Shepard Smith will be blaming President Trump for that too. He needs to go.

Karen Anthony on October 30, 2018:

Shepard Smith is NOT an objective journalist nor a reporter of facts as he pretends. It is beyond me why Fox News continues to allow his liberal, progressive, left wing, fake news diatribes. My husband & I refuse to watch his program & immediately turn off the TV. We do the same when the condescending Leland Vittert is “reporting.” Fox has so many excellent broadcast journalists, TV personalities & political commentators that is a shame that Fox allows Shepard Smith to tarnish the reputation of the Fox network! He belongs on MSNBC or CNN. Thanks for letting me vent!!!

Pat on October 26, 2018:

Why does Fox keep Shepherd Smith. We don’t watch him anymore

Jay on October 23, 2018:

Can’t take Shepard any more!! Wish they would get rid of him!

Betty Drake Montgomery on October 23, 2018:

Shepherd, Brtt and Chris Wallace are the only ones I watch on Fox, I watch all 3 cable news

theresa kelsay on October 03, 2018:

Dear Fox News...

Why on earth does anyone want to continue to watch Shepard Smith...he is so bias to & with all his questions to his quests..Thank goodness for other reporters on this news Martha, Bret, Hannity, Tucker, Laura Ingle, so why keep a bad apple when you have so many great one's..

T Soles on October 03, 2018:

3 PM to 5PM time to change stations, Shepard Smith is at it again.

Judy Turner on October 02, 2018:

Take a break and eat an early dinner or lunch depending on your time zone! The rest of FOX has truly the only “fair & balanced” news shows. I feel FOX is tilting Left, but it’s still more honest & fair than all the other networks in my opinion.

Randall on September 29, 2018:

There are good news people on Fox News. Who said you have to watch Sheppard Smith? Try watching Lou Dobbs or Sean Hannity.

Betty Jones on September 26, 2018:

Time to get rid of Shepard Smith as he is a pompous arrogant ass! He only provides his slanted view of the news!

Why is he still on Fox? Time to go as many others feel the same as me.

Frankly on September 17, 2018:

I don't much care for Shepard either, but when I saw Tom Brokaw on your list, I knew you were an idiot.

Jorge D on September 07, 2018:

I know right? The only way guaranteed to be informed is to watch that one channel they told us to. The eloquent Tucker Carlson ... The investigative journalism of Hannity. Let the sheep get all the fake news from different outlets and get lied to by a variety of opinions. Good ol fox News puts us first. Just like our president...nefarious to believe hell ever betray us and try to put himself before us..the people.HAHA

GEEZ LOUISE ...its irrelevant but...You get the irony?

Arlene on August 17, 2018:

I as well change the channel when it’s time for Shep to come on. I’ve never learned one positive thing from watching this egotist so why waste my time.

fcopp10 on August 17, 2018:

I also Turn the channel at 3pm . If anyone wants constant negativity on Trump, go to CNN, MSNBC or the other Fake news channels! I tune to OAN! America One Network! Its 2nd best to FOX News! Try the daily Ledger at night. But what I would think would be nice is a channel that tells me bad, good and top news and let me decide whats more important to me. I think the Economy is more Important than if Trump did Stormy... Someone else may think the opposite! But tell us everything and let US decide! Thank you

JP on August 06, 2018:

He's just an angry little man, angry over the fact that he had to come out of the closet. Now his agenda is that of the LGBTQ which is 100% against Trump. Hey, i don't care if he putts from the rough, that's his business, but don't tell us your without favor or unbiased because that is a complete LIE. You pompous little pole puffer. on August 04, 2018:

I agree ,and do not watch his show for the same reason

Michael on August 03, 2018:

Sounds like the author can't handle the truth!

JTMcKitrick on August 01, 2018:

Well, I guess that fair and balanced means there has to be at least some people like Smith to balance out the other intelligent journalists and commentators on that channel. What bothers me is now guests seem to slide to the left on his show, then back again on other shows on the same channel. Says so much about the cable news in general. But so be it. I really don't need to be watching cable news at 3 pm anyway.

Jay D Brooks on July 28, 2018:

Tolerance of evil, shows an unwillingness to stand for truth. 100 years ago everyone stood for truth. 100 years ago this individual would have spent life in hiding. Humans may change but the Author of Truth never does. Therefore, neither does Truth change, no matter how twisted humans become. Responsible people will tune out of Fox News at 3:00 PM.

Jim Dandy on July 26, 2018:

My wife and I always turn off Fox News at 3 o'clock.

Ol' Shep is not very smart yet arrogant to the point of being disgusting.

He regularly spouts nonsense with total convection! totally unaware of how foolish he appears. He belongs on CNN or MSNBC where these things are standard fare.

Ed Yung on July 26, 2018:

Shep Smith is as rotten as Geraldo, Jorge Ramos, Richard Fowler, & Karl Rove all of whom constantly talk over moderator & other guests mostly with BABBLE NONSENSE or lies;

Ida Vanston on July 26, 2018:

Watching Shepard Smith on Fox makes me sick. He upsets me to the point that I turn off TV. Fox News is the only one news station that represent unbiased and objective point of view. This is the only station that invites anchors with the liberal points of view.

He does not belong to this station. Fox has accent objective and talented anchors from we receive unbiased information. He does struck me as the intelligent man. Does he finish a college?

PaulInHarlingenTx on July 24, 2018:

Sheppard Smith is not what Fox News stands for.

After a hard days work, my desire is to sit at my recliner

and watch conservative thoughts and commentaries on Fox

News and Sheppard Smith has totally ruined my remainder of

the day with his hate and negative comments and remarks

about Trump. I can't imagine why he is a news anchor at Fox News.

He needs to be relieved of his duties and let him get work with CNN or some other liberal network.

Joe on July 24, 2018:

Shep is a scumbag!

misterhollywood on July 20, 2018:

Shep is great. Seems like a lot of people here only want to hear pro-Trump analysis. That's not news but instead, propaganda.

Jonesy1981 on July 14, 2018:

@Joyce, I want to know this too!

Joyce from Austin, TX on July 13, 2018:

Does Fox News have a place on their website that you can rate the news anchors? Does anybody?

Jonesy1981 on July 12, 2018:

I usually change channels when S. Smith comes on, but yesterday I was in the middle of something. He did a many minute dialogue refuting every word President Trump had spoken yesterday at NATO about Germany and her dependency on Russia while not paying her fair share for protection from Russia! I was incensed with his attitude and his apologizing to Germany for our President. He said everything the President has said we’re lies or misrepresented.

Now I find that Smith’s contract has been extended. This makes me sick. He is a disgrace to what once was a noble profession. I, too, have noticed his nonstop gaffs for years, and have even exclaimed out loud for him to quit fumbling. This new contract has to be the influence of Rupert Murdoch’s sons. Either that or the elder Murdoch is going daft.

C. Elorea on June 28, 2018:

Shepherd Smith should be fired so he can move over to his fellow compatriots at CNN or MSNBC. There they will be able to smell each other's flatulence with pride.

Sylvia on June 13, 2018:

Fox please fire Trump hater Sheppard Smith. He is so rude and snarky when he covers any news on our president. I feel he would fit in better at MSNBC or CNN. Perhaps a co-host with Rachael foam at the mouth Maddow.

Paul R Martin on June 12, 2018:

Shepard Smith is a real jerk. He is always mocking our president. I would like to see how great a job he would do as president. President Trump got North Korea to a meeting that was a great thing. If anything comes of it after their 45 minute meeting as far as a nuclear free peninsula and an end to the Korean war that is more than any other president has accomplished in years. This so called journalist is knocking the president. I repeat he is a jerk and Fox should fire him. If Fox keeps this jerk on my family will find a new channel to watch.

Tom on June 12, 2018:

WOW...several yrs ago there was a study done by a respectable university that wanted to know how people got their news and how informed they were of world events. You can google it to get the specifics. One of the facts the research discovered was that people who watch FOX news are less informed about current events than people who watch no news at all. FOX draws a line between hard news...such as Shepherd Smith’s show and entertainment television...such as O’Reiley and Hannity. Soooo...if Shep Smith is the only FOX show you don’t are one of those people who are less informed about world affairs than someone with zero access to a tv.

Daniel McCulley on June 12, 2018:

sheppard smith is a prissy, anti-american, smart ass.....should transfer to CNN

MITCH ROMERO on June 11, 2018:

I sometimes don't understand where Shepard Smith is coming from it seems he should be working for CNN or one of the other liberal stations he's always negative against Donald Trump with no facts to back up what he says.

I used to think this guy was a hero because of his precise coverage of the Katrina hurricane in Louisiana but now it seems he's got a liberal view towards a lot of things but he's always definitely got a bone to pick with Trump.

Carolyn-Ruth Godfrey on June 08, 2018:

Talk about double standards...where is fair and balanced reporting with this anchor/ journalist lol? Should Sheppard consider resigning and offering his talents to a more appropriate network? Its my personal observations from previously watching his program is that he personally has made a mockery of the Fox News Mission Statement. Fox News Network claims to offer a fair and balanced representation of daily relevant news).I am a Canadian Viewer who appreciates the fair representation of all political views on this Network. The content of the Sheppard Smith Program,( in my view), does not represent the Fox News Network's mandate. Should Sheppard Smith be on the Employment line? If I could give Sheppard Smith some advice it would be to suggest he consider pulling that collosal Blue soother out of his mouth and possibly putting his big boy pants back on and deliver a fair and balanced show.

Jeff on June 07, 2018:

My biggest problem with Sheppard is that he constantly says he just reports the facts. I would respect him more if he come clean with his biases so we understand which is commentary not news. HE is just as biased as Hannity, but Hannity is a commentator not disguising his views. Shep needs to do the same and stop claiming his reporting is factual news.

Rick Potter on June 07, 2018:

I can not stand Shep Smith. He is not fair and balanced. He his totally against Trump. I will not watch fox at 3pm or listen to fox on radio when he is on. I wish he would be on MSNBC.

Bill on June 06, 2018:

There are ways of delivering the truth without revealing your opinion. A journalist is to deliver the truth objectively. It's just not done anymore. No one can believe anything anyone says any more and that's more than a shame. I blame the use of to many adjectives. It's hard to hide behind an adjective. They are a window to one's biases.

David on June 04, 2018:

I love fox news BUT I do not understand how Sheperdsmith Smith still has a job. When he comes on I turn them off. He is like most liberals by thinking his opinion is the only one that maters. Keeps talking and wasting time about Trump giving himself a pardon. Trump dosent need to pardon himself when he has done nothing illegal. Has not been charge with anything. Sheperdsmith Smith needs a job with msnbc. When he comes on fox I will just turn the dial.

vernon on May 22, 2018:

This must be one of those "Safe Spaces" that the snowflakes go to that I hear about so often on Fox.

Pollyannalana from US on May 12, 2018:

I want out of this, I can't stand the man and have said it.

terry barbin on May 11, 2018:

i agree. Shepard Smith is the only anchor on Fox that I can't listen to. He is anti-Trump and it is sooo obvious. Why is he on Fox? Most viewers dislike him and disrespect him. He should be on CNN, or ABC, or NBC. He sounds like the rest of the fake news.

Susan Moore on May 11, 2018:

I cannot stand Shepard Smith and John Roberts is as big ass as Smith... ,Just a little sneakier!!! They make a sham of reporting news and tweak every story with their anti -Trump, anti-conservative opinions. They should join Megyn Kelly. That would be a great fit. Total asses, both of them. We turn them off as soon as they start shooting off their biased opinions.

Ed Loiseau on May 04, 2018:

Shepard Smith is a tuned he belongs on CNN as long as he keeps his job I’m done with Fox can’t stand his voice he is arrogant does nothing but bad mouth the President he does not belong on Fox FIRE HIM HE IS BRING DOWN THE NETWORK

Scott Puckett on May 04, 2018:

Been watched Fox News all day until Shepard Smith came on

Shep go to msnbc with the rest of the Trump hater

marie on April 20, 2018:

Shepard Smith is a HACK. I never look or listen him. He is a detriment to FOX. I enjoy most of FOX, but he is the thorn in the otherwise great line up.

Billy on April 03, 2018:

Shepard Smith is the best, and most honest reporter at Fox. No, I am not a liberal. That, however, does not mean that I just take what anyone says at face value. No one. Even if I don't LIKE the truth, I still prefer it over just hearing what I want to hear. As a conservative, I enjoy fox. As a real person I know that fox has basically become state run media and that is NEVER good.

stanley s on March 30, 2018:

shep has to go!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!

Joyce from Austin, TX on March 21, 2018:

Please tell me he has been fired! It has been so nice not having him on for the past 3 days! I haven't had to change the channel! Trace Gallagher is one of the best! I hope this is a permanent change!

RenateM on March 12, 2018:

Smith is the only one on FOX who gives both sides of the story. That's probably why so many of the people commenting on him are so angry. They don't like hearing there is more to what they're hearing from other "journalists" on FOX. I'm always appalled at FOX news stories which give half the story and leave out the other side--or deliberately make up what they want to try to support the FOX position.

Tom chaney on March 07, 2018:

Stop trying to sound smart. Its obvious youre jealous of the guy or anyone successful in your chosen field. I guess when people are doing what youre doing, they dont know how pitiful they sound to their audience. Grow up.

Johnny on February 23, 2018:

- let him go work for CNN or MSNBC - I turn the channel every time