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6 Reasons Why He's Overrated Like His Father

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Lebron James Sr

Lebrons mom was in and out of the streets. She did whatever she could for her son. They were very poor and he didn't know his father. A young James went through much. After a while, his mom made a decision. One to give her son a better life. She gave him up to a family that she knew would care for him. Lebron was quite the athlete in his youth. Playing sports became more therapeutic for him.

High School

Lebron Sr was a standout on the high school football team. Rumor has it, that he always played. Former Philadelphia 76er, Allen Iverson, played the sport. He was better at it. Most current and past stars played football. That is often where they displayed their athleticism. Allen Iverson has stated that he may have been better off playing football. Lebron Sr has said that he had contracts in line for himself. He was the most athletic in the state of Ohio.

Lebron Jr

Things were going great for Lebron Sr. He was playing what he loved. To make things better, he had the sweetheart beside him. Savannah Brinson was with him every step of the way. Savannah carried their first child. In the midst, Lebron was thriving. He became the best prospect in the country. Savannah Brinson became Savannah James. Their first child was born on October 6, 2004. A year after Lebron was drafted to the his hometown Cleveland Cavs. His first he named after him. It was early when he decided to walk in his fathers overrated footsteps. In this article are 6 signs that prove that he's overrated like his father.


1. His Son is Not as Athletic

His son is not even in the league but a similar could be said about him. He stands out in high school and more but, is it deserved? At least his fathers were. Lebron was a well-deserved phenom before professional sports. His kid is sturdy built. His kid is the average length for his size. He has been in the spotlight since he was a child in Cleveland. Some say he feels the game like his father. They say he has a vision for passing like him.

Sierra Canyon

On May 29, 2019, he took his talents to Sierra Canyon High School. The canyon is a private school in Chatsworth, Los Angeles. The team he is on used to be the home of other former NBA stars. There has been speculation in the past that he is the chosen one. Coincidentally, his dad was said to be just that. The difference is, that his father had the numbers to back it up. Jr does not. Lebron Sr wants Jr to pursue his dreams not his own. The kid seems to want to just be normal.

Passing Ability is Weak

The passing ability makes you wonder. Wonder if he could slide over to full-time point guard soon. With Lebron Sr, there was no need to wonder. So that makes much doubt that he could do it. They are right too. He never displayed the same athleticism as his father. His chances to make the NBA is only increased because of the market and who his dad is. Jr has potential but, at this point, he is overrated like his father is now. This is one of the six things that prove it.


2. It is Not His Dream

Jr maybe just doing this to please his father. Bronny is the third best on his team. Before starting, the team was to be a great one. Sadly, they did not meet expectations. Nevertheless, transferring to a bigger market was a good business move. His father knew that his son was not as good as he was. His other son Bryce may be the one. He's named after his father and just may be forced to fulfill his dream. There is more pressure on him than it was on Michael Jordan's kids.

3. He's Too Privileged

This is a great fact because most of the stars were not. Jr has nothing to be hungry for. The kid is far too privileged. It's not rocket science to think he may be chosen already. His father is the most overrated, talked-about star in the NBA. He was chosen to win the rookie of the year award. He was chosen to win the 2009 season MVP. There are a lot of underserved awards on his legacy.

3. He Is The Chosen One

Like father like son. He is the chosen one but, it is not as deserved. Earlier in this article, this was brought up. Despite it all, he will be made to look like he is. Bronny is 6'3 and could play point guard. He cannot play it the way his dad did but, he could play it. Scouts have acknowledged his game in the past and present. Ask yourself if that would have happened in Cleveland. The kid is in one of the biggest markets in the United States.

Daddy is already campaigning for him to be the chosen one. For the last few years, he has been on record saying that he wants to play with his kid. Lebron Sr may have the numbers, but they are deceptive. He is far over the hill. There were two coaches fired since he got to L.A. In addition, the lakers made no playoffs his first and his fourth. Nevertheless, he still desires to be in court with his son. The defense is weak enough so, it may be possible.

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Lebron Sr had no injury to make him sit out the season. Since he got to L.A, there were nagging ones. It is not talked about much, but father time has defeated him. Father time defeats any athlete on this planet. He may be on the court with his son. Just not the way many of us think. Jr may enter out of high school just like his father did. When he gets in, he may get awards that are not deserved just like his father. He is the chosen one already.


4. He's a Junior

It seems like it, but the name Lebron is not something a lot of NBA fans want to hear. I know I am not one of them. Let's be real, he has been to ten finals and only won four of them. He did not deserve rookie of the year and much more awards. When he came out of high school, expectations were high but, he has not played up to the hype. He did not meet Kobe in the finals after a great season twice. After the 2007 finals, he was given help. He put up MVP numbers but, he did not make the finals. Lebron is a media-made superstar.

He is great, he just does not deserve to sit at the table with the real ones. Before all of this, he named his son after him. Most first-time fathers do this for their sons so, it is no surprise. Jr has displayed that he wants to make a name for himself. He never said it but being named after one of the greatest is challenging. Michael Jordan did not name his kids after him. His eldest name is Jeffery. Lebron's eldest name is after him. It's only right to think he chose not to because this is a cruel world. Many in it put expectations on superstar kids. Jr is one of them.

Since his son is walking in his footsteps, he's pressured. Lebron Sr admitted that he regrets giving his son the same name as him. The timing he said was off. He did not say that earlier in his career. Shaq named none of his kids after him. The late Kobe Bryant did not either. Tim Hardaway's son is in the league, and little knew who he was. Greg Anthony's kid is in it. These dads may have wanted their kids to make a name for themselves from the start. His foot may already be in the door because of who he is but so are many challenges. Challenges that not many past stars wanted their kids part of.

5.Social Media

Two other words that set him aside from these ex-players ' kids is social media. Him being LeBron James's son is one thing. The kid is one of the most followed players on the internet. So is his father. James has over 100 million followers on social media, and he plays. His son is not in the NBA. Lebron's younger son, Bryce, deserves it more than his brother. No other star in high school gets as much exposure. His social media presence is large already.

Social media was not around in the previous years. It's obvious Lebron takes advantage of the platform. That platform makes him look better than he is. That along with the defense in the NBA. Let's face it, it is not as aggressive the way it used to be. His millions of followers are not all fans but, his fans swear they are. Jr is just using the platform just like his dad does.

This social media platform only makes things easier. It's a blessing and a curse. The curse is the fact that there are critics. He is a child that cannot just be a kid. He is under pressure. The kid has to read all of that stuff because he's exposed. Social media critics are loving his game, but they are also blasting it. The better one is not on social media as much. It is his second son Bryce. Bryce is the one that needs to be talked about instead of Jr.


His father, Lebron James, is the superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers. He is arguably the best. It's arguable because he is not worthy of the title. He has been in a great position since high school. As soon as he entered, it was guaranteed that he would be overrated. Now, he is going into his 20th season. He's been to the NBA finals ten times and only won four. He had the teams win more but he did not do it.

Jr reminds me of any former superstar's kid. None of them are as athletic as their dads. They are more fortunate than anything. The adversity their fathers went through, they did not grow up. They only look superior in the NBA now because the game has changed. Let's be real about it. There were always players in the NBA just as good as these current ones. Jr was young when the offers started coming to him.

It is not a bad thing for a father to want that for his children. Most fathers fight for their kids to have an easier path. They don't want their kids to sleep on couches night after night. Lebron Sr went through that plus a lot more. At nine years old, he supposedly got an offer from Ohio State. His dad said it was a joke. It may have been. It may have also been just a desire of his own since it happened to him. Suffering to a degree is good. It increases the appetite. His son is not good enough but, he will be in the NBA. That's mainly because of his privilege. He won't be as good in it.

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