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Review of the Album Called "Stabwound Orgasm" by Spanish Death Metal Band Avulsed

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Another Look at Spanish Death Metal Band Avulsed

In the first part of the series about why heavy metal fans should listen to Spanish death metal band Avulsed, I discussed in great detail about their 1998 studio album called Cybergore which is a mix of techno style beats and death metal. The second part of this dedication to this Spanish band will cover their 1999 studio album called Stabwound Orgasm which is the first album that I listened to from these guys and I was totally blown away! I discovered information about Madrid’s Avulsed while flipping through a large catalog of Century Media releases in 2001 but did not actually start listening to this album until around 2010 or so. So why should fans listen to Avulsed? This is a great extreme metal band which is better than Deicide.

Vocalist David Sanchez Gonzalez is the third person from the right in this photo.

Vocalist David Sanchez Gonzalez is the third person from the right in this photo.

Analysis of the Album

Some of you might be asking does the score of this album get into the high territory in spite of the two major flaws that have been pointed out. Yes.

So let us review this 1999 album from these Spanish death metal veterans called Stabwound Orgasm. The title is grotesque and it may cause some of you to stay away from this band but the technicality of these guys is well…pretty amazing! With that stated, here we go with Avulsed’s 1999 studio album called Stabwound Orgasm.

This studio album is just as heavy with the same guttural vocals except the songwriting is stronger. The album after Cybergore called Stabwound Orgasm would probably get at least 90 points out of 100. The title track alone should be an indication that this 1999 studio album is going to be one of the finest in the genre of extreme death metal! This is the first song that I ever heard from these guys and I was instantly hooked, wanting to discover the rest of this album. I was not disappointed and fans of extreme metal should not be disappointed either.One example of this is the song called "Compulsive Hater." It is a song about a man that grows up in a family that shows no affection towards him and he becomes resentful of his family and disrespects them. This is in spite of the fact that the man’s friends think that he is normal. If you have managed to have the inner strength to tolerate the album through this fourth song, you have a pretty good amount of inner strength without feeling negative because these lyrics are not for those people that feel squeamish. "Amidst the Macabre" is an instrumental song that is short, melodic and a warm up compared to the awesome heaviness that will confront the listener on this album.

The title track of this album is the first ever song that I listened to from these guys and I was really blown away feeling in utter amazement and awe! It is like these guys waste no time in showing us their brutal style of death metal.

Another Interesting Quality About the Band Avulsed

Other than the band called The Haunted and Scalping Screen, this album has the heaviest guitars that you will ever hear along with the guttural vocals.

A special comment about this second studio album from Avulsed

The start of this album is similar in a way to Napalm Death’s Utopia Banished in the sense that it starts with a short song but the first song here has lead guitar work along with the riffing even if it repeats itself.


How Are the Other Songs?

The song "Anthro-Pet-Phagus" starts with the main chorus and this is a song about a man that is living a quiet life with his dog and cat and his pets comfort him in ways his family was not able to. However, he dies suddenly and his mother had not heard from him for three months and she discovers him rotting and decaying. The next song called "Homeless Necrophile" is about a man that is described as a worthless, and drunk loser that is basically neglected by his own family and is reduced to sleeping on the streets. Even though the song paints a morbid tale of a man that is struggling, the song is one of the best in the career of Avulsed. "Skinless" is a song about a woman that wanted to improve her appearance by Aesthetic surgery but her face has become totally disfigured. The album ends with the song "Virtual Massacre" and this is a song about a serial killer that has no remorse.

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