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Why Goblin Kdrama Needs a Second Season


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Goblin, also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, is a Korean Drama written by Kim Eun-sook which marks this superb series as her 2nd collaboration with director Lee Eun-bok after their amazing teamwork in Descendants of the Sun (2016).

Kim Shin is played by Gong Yoo, the lead actor from the zombie blockbuster Korean movie Train to Busan. He plays a warrior inflicted with a sword over 900 years ago. The sword becomes both a gift and a curse as he becomes an immortal goblin who is divine, mighty and powerful with the ability to foresee the future, move things with his mind, teleport and change the weather based from his mood. Despite his divine abilities which has also brought him much wealth, he continues to struggle with the passing of everyone. Thus, needing to find his bride who's main purpose in life is to remove the goblin's sword so that he can return to ashes and finally be peaceful.

Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun) was not meant to be born but due to one night of a drunken goblin's meddling with an immortal, her mother who got run over by a car was saved. Her prayers to save the life of the baby in her womb has caught the attention of the goblin. Hence, Ji Eun-Tak is born and became the goblin's bride.

This Korean drama wouldn't have been as hilarious if it weren't for the character of the grim reaper (Lee Dong-Wook) who has completely complemented the irony of his tandem with the goblin. While Kim Shin's main struggle was the fact that all the dreadful memories from 900 years ago remain, the grim reaper has no name and no memory of his pass and this becomes a burden to his personal and growing feelings for Sunny.

Sunny (Yoo In-Na) is a beautiful owner of a chicken restaurant who has found her interest in the grim reaper for his handsome looks. Sunny's carefree and strong personality is burdened with the object of her affection because she has no idea that the guy who couldn't tell her his name is a grim reaper.

All 4 main characters, along with the other casts of this Kdrama have made it a very successful series with 16 episodes of hilarious conversations. We just can't get enough of the goblin and the grim reaper's bromance, Kim Shin & Eun Tak's sad, euphoric, romantic and hilarious scenes and of course Sunny and the grim reaper's unlikely and untitled relationship. All things must come to an end and so did this Korean drama.


Episode 16 - Finale

tVN cable network had a big bang on the 16th episode, breaking the record history of Korean Dramas with the highest finale episode rating of 20.5%. This has topped last year's Answer Me 1988 finale which was at 19.6%.

The final episode left us with bittersweet memories of the drama. Kim Shin proposes to Ji Eun-Tak, they both get married and finally becomes contented and happy with each other. However, a big turn of events happened and the euphoria dropped into smithereens over Eun Tak's sudden death for making a sacrifice that will benefit a lot of people. The grim reaper has stated that even God cannot predict a human sacrifice because this is a human's own will and it isn't part of the human's destiny. Ji Eun-Tak didn't want to die but had to sacrifice herself by dodging a truck from colliding with another vehicle full of kids.This incident gave the audience such melancholy though this was compensated towards the end through Ji Eun-Tak's reincarnation.

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The rest of the main characters instilled joy, sorrow, humor and fun to this final episode. The grim reaper who regained his memory on the previous episodes and came to accept that he is Wang Yeo, the king who had Kim Shin killed with a sword, didn't re-connect with Sunny in the present life but their paths still crossed during their next life as they were both reincarnated.

To sum up the final episode from great tragedies in a human's existence the concept of having 4 lives was carried on. Thus, the final episode ended with a seemingly new beginning for the main characters.


Goblin Needs a Second Season

There should definitely be a second season though I'm not getting my hopes up. All fanatics of Goblin went crazy by sharing their heart's desire via social media to bring back Goblin by making a second season so I thought I also needed to write my opinion.

The concept of reincarnation, having 4 lives in a human's existence on earth, opened another door for a second season. The final episode ended with Ji Eun Tak's reincarnation as Park So-min. Having found the lonely goblin in Quebec, she asked "Ahjussi, you know who I am, right?" She got a response from a teary-eyed goblin saying "My first and my last...goblin's bride." THE END.

Why do we need a Second Season?

It is Ji Eun Tak's second life as Park So-min, a highschool student and this is a great start of a new beginning. What is her life like during this lifetime? What are the challenges she and the goblin will be facing, considering the age gap? Since both characters have memories of everything that has happened in the past, will this play a big role in their present life?

Moreover, Sunny has reincarnated as an actress and Wang Yeo has reincarnated as a detective. Both have no memories of their past life. It would be interesting to find out what happens on 2 scenarios: (1) Playback of Sunny & Wang Yeo showing the unprogressive relationship from Season 1 (2) The new Sunny & Wang Yeo hit it off too soon so what will be the outcome of a love that was revealed too soon vs. a love that was not embraced?

The questions and the curiosity of how wonderful it would be to have a second season would be endless because of the many opportunities, story line and character upgrade that could make it yet another successful Korean Drama. The new Eun Tak could be a rich kid this time but the family would never understand the connection she has with the goblin and this will create the rising and falling action for the drama. The hurdles that Eun Tak and the goblin would encounter will be fun and surprising as they are the only ones who know that they are meant for each other.

I definitely agree with the high ratings given to the finale of Goblin because it has kept me wanting for more. While it is best to have a second season, it would also be fine to just leave the story as it is and the curiosity of what could've happened if there was a second season could be left in the people's creative minds. The writer of this Korean Drama has left a note that there will be an upcoming Korean Drama Fantasy that would live up to the expectation of topping Goblin so let us all just wait and see if any drama could beat the ratings and the support of the audience.


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