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Why Do People Love Youtubers, Rhett And Link (Good Mythical Morning)?

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Good Mythical Morning

Although Rhett and Link host several different channels, they are most known for their channel Good Mythical Morning. It's a youtube channel where they talk about strange topics, do fun activities, and eat all kinds of weird food. But most of all it's a channel where we all get to know them. Although the episodes they come up with are highly entertaining, it's the two of them that really make the show as good as it is.

Listed below are some reasons why people love Rhett and Link.


#1 They'll Do Anything

They come up with the strangest, but most entertaining activities to perform on the show. They have quizzical minds and the means to make some of their ridiculous ideas into a reality. We all benefit as a result.

#2 They'll Say Anything

I don't even know if Link knows what he's saying half the time he says it. Neither of them have any filter and the ridiculous jokes and words that come out of their mouths make for some unexpected hilarious situations.

Plus, sometimes they do research and trivia. I've learned some weird facts from watching episodes where they quizzed each other on things or shared some stories of strange things they have researched.

#3 They'll Eat Anything

I love the "Will It?" challenges on Good Mythical Morning. They look so awful, but it's funny and shocking to watch them eat disgusting foods and rate them. I was also a big fan of the TV Show, "My Strange Addiction" before it was canceled, so I was shocked and excited when they decided to combine the two.

I always wonder what motivates them to dare each other to do such crazy things. You learn so much about their personalities and likes & dislikes from watching them do these things. Like, I'm a lot more like Link than Rhett when it comes to my tastebuds. I love cereal with milk (and didn't get to have any of it when I was a kid), I like the way chocolate chip cookie dough tastes without the chips, I hate tomatoes, and I hate seafood. While Rhett will eat pretty much anything as long as it doesn't have bodily fluids in it. He once enjoyed the taste of a cat food cookie.

They make the funniest comments while they do these dares and although they hate tasting these things, I think they enjoy the adrenaline rush and attention, so it's not difficult to watch because you can tell a part of them enjoys the challenge as well. Also, the crew always makes sure that everything they eat is perfectly safe for them to eat. But I do wonder how their stomachs are doing sometimes considering how hard they are on them.

#4 They Have The Kind Of Friendship And Families We All Wish We Had

They've been friends their entire life. You can tell based on their interactions with each other. The way they speak to each other, sometimes tease each other, have fun together, and compete with each other is the kind of friendships we all wish we had. It's not every day that people find a best friend that they've known since they were children. Most of us lose and gain friends on a regular basis.

They also have beautiful wives and families that they obviously deeply love. They've brought their kids onto the show a few times, which is adorable. They reference their wives and families sometimes during the show.

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It all warms your heart.

#5 Their Music Videos

Their music videos are creative. They look like they worked hard to put them together, coming up with ideas and arranging things in a particular way. They even once had to sing backwards just to make a video come out right. It gives me a headache just thinking about how they pulled that off.

Their songs are catchy and are often about funny subjects.

Although these videos come out much less frequently than their other stuff, they're worth the wait and always go viral.

#6 Their Loud Personalities

Jimmy Fallon is by no means a small personality. He's done movies, starred in SNL, and had a talk show for many years of his life. He makes most of us look dull by comparison.

Yet when Rhett and Link get in the room with him, two people who are youtube stars and not Hollywood actors like most of the guests on his show, their personalities outshine him. It's like he's a guest on their show rather than the other way around because they have such powerful, charming personalities.

#7 They're Funny

They make you feel like you're their friend, too, when you're watching them. They often do goofy activities, the kinds of things friends do when they're having fun together. They make inappropriate jokes and are willing to act ridiculous because it makes everyone laugh. They are the kind of people that want you to relax in their presence.

#9 They Have An Amazing Crew

Amazing shows like Good Mythical Morning can't happen without lots of planning ahead of time. They need to buy or bake any of the things they need ahead of time, test out activities and products to make sure they function the way they need to, and discuss what needs to happen during the episode to make it entertaining.

Rhett and Link are entertaining, no matter what they do, but their crew brings out the best in them and their hard work makes the show truly shine, which is probably why they have their own successful videos that occasionally get posted as well.

I'm glad Rhett and Link include their crew in a lot of their episodes and activities. Unfortunately a lot of youtubers don't credit the people who help them put their videos together and ignore them when they need help with things. Rhett, Link, and their crew seem like one big, close family, just like the rest of the people in their life.


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