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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Rosanna Pansino?

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Nerdy Nummies

Sugar and spice and everything nice are probably the things Rosanna Pansino is made of. She's a baker on youtube who runs a show called "Nerdy Nummies" where she creates or recreates recipes for nerdy people with nerdy hobbies, since she has all the same hobbies herself. Her channel has millions of subscribers and is watched by people of all ages.

Here are a few of the reasons why people love Rosanna Pansino.

1. She's Sweet (In More Ways Than One!)

Although Rosanna Pansino is mostly known for her baking skills, she also does other things like singing. This music video is one of the sweetest, most easy to relate to things I've ever seen. While most songs and music videos are super sensual or super dramatic or over the top in some other way, this video is sweet and does a good job of representing Rosanna Pansino as a whole.

Not to mention, aren't we all a bit awkward? Not perfect? Clumsy? Love is not about finding the perfect person, but about loving an imperfect person perfectly. The two people in this video fit together because they are awkward, they fit together because they are weird, they fit together because they get each other's awkwardness and weirdness. Isn't that such a sweet message?

A lot of Rosanna Pansino's audience is quite young and likely enjoy watching her because she's sweet and humble and pretty like a Disney Princess. She even has a soft voice like a Disney Princess, but she's also really easy to relate to.

2. She Loves Nerdy Stuff

I've been a nerd all my life, but it wasn't until I became an adult when nerdy things became more popular and more accepted by society. There were superhero movies here and there that were accepted by the mainstream back then, but nothing like how it is today. There weren't TV Shows like the Big Bang Theory either.

Now, it's not as embarrassing to admit you like dungeons or dragons, play video games as an adult, read comic books, play trading card games,. or like science fiction and fantasy.

Rosanna Pansino has made a youtube channel involving all of these things and making special snacks revolving these things. Her channel appeals to the nerd in all of us. Although most of us aren't as good at baking as she is, at the very least it's fun watching all the special things she creates with nerdy themes to them and wishing we were that good.

3. She's Adorkable (And Funny!)

This is not a video from her usual channel, but I thought it was a good representation of her anyway. She's so confident that she knows what the breast milk lollipop is and it turns out she is wrong, even after she dipped it in her coffee.

She's just so dorky, but cute, and easy to love. She makes people laugh and brings smiles to their faces.

4. Her Recipes Look Fun To Make

I would have never thought to put a barbie doll in the middle of a cake. It makes sense, since creating entire dolls out of frosting is extremely difficult even for people with lots of professional experience and years of practice, so why not use a real, plastic doll?

Frozen is super popular and this cake actually looks like it would be easy to imitate. Plus, after the kid eats the cake, they can play with the doll.

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I like recipes that look like they are possible and that won't give me a headache when I try to recreate them. That's the problem with a lot of DIY stuff online, they make it look so easy, but the reality is much harder. This looks like it would be a challenge, but only enough to make it fun.

5. Her Skills In The Kitchen Are Impressive

So this is one of her recipes that I'm not sure I could recreate. Her instructions are great, but I'm also amazed at her skills.Macaroons are very difficult to make and really easy to mess up, but her professionalism and skills shine through here.

6. She Can Recreate Recipes In Movies, Books, And Television

Sometimes when you read about a type of food in a book or see it on a movie or television show, you get curious what it tastes like and how it would be made. Especially when it comes to fantasy novels and movies because you can't tell if the ingredients are real or part of the fantasy world and impossible to recreate.

Like, for me, food in the Harry Potter world always makes me feel curious. I wonder what butterbeer tastes like, I always imagine it being some kind of cream soda, and always think the feasts they have at Hogwarts sound delicious.

I read all the Chronicles of Narnia books and watched some of the movies, but I had no idea what a turkish delight was until seeing this video. As stupid as this sounds, I thought it had some kind of poultry in it because I read "turkey" instead of "turkish." It's not a common thing in America, so it was very cool to see her recreate it and to finally learn what it is!

6. She Gives You Permission To Indulge Every Once In Awhile

Rosanna Pansino made this channel partly because she has a big sweet tooth herself. Sometimes, in the videos, she'll sample some of the products while she's cooking. And she's always coming up with reasons to cook desserts surrounding her favorite hobbies and entertainment.

She's a believer in people indulging every one in awhile and is very social.

That's why she loves hosting Game Of Thrones parties at her house and cooking sweets for everyone. I am sure her friends are very happy to have her around.

7. She's Easy To Get Along With

There are a lot of youtubers who wind up getting involved in drama in some way. They call people out on twitter or in a video, argue with them, and the drama channels go crazy over it.

Rosanna Pansino is not that type of person. She's so nice to everyone she meets and always has a smile on her face. I've never seen her not get along with someone and she has more collaborative videos than almost any other youtuber I've ever seen.

She's the kind of person you feel good about being a fan of because she's likely as nice in person to her fans as she is in her videos.


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