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Why Do People Love Youtuber Drew Monson?


He doesn't upload videos as much as other Youtubers do, but he makes such a big impression whenever he is around that it's hard to forget him. He still gets a lot of views, even after going on a hiatus for almost a year unannounced.

People know him and recognize him partly because of his appearance in other places. He's a regular on Shane Dawson's Youtube Channel and also starred in his movie Not Cool. But other people have made appearances on Shane Dawson's channel many times and lots of them have been forgotten. He has a certain presence in front of the camera that makes him stand out.

Here are the reasons why people love Drew Monson.

#1 He'll Say Or Do Anything

He has no problem saying or doing anything in front of the camera. He talks about his depression, his girlfriend troubles, and even tries experimenting with his sexuality on camera. He talks about how awkward he feels all the time, yet can make any situation he happens to be in less awkward in front of a camera. He's insecure about himself, yet is confident enough to say anything that pops into his head. He's an enigma, which is why you never know what he is going to say or do at any moment.

#2 You Can Never Fully Tell If He's Joking Or Not

He has depression and struggles with loneliness, so how much is he joking about wanting people to leave a comment because he's lonely and how much is the truth? You never fully know the difference with Drew because he jokes often about things that he really thinks about, things that really bother him, while at the same time throwing in random, ridiculous comments into the mix so you can't fully tell when he's really ranting or when he's just being funny.

He can make a joke in any situation, including when he goes out with Shane and Garrett to explore haunted locations or play haunted games.

Humor, especially in the face of adversity is an admirable trait to have. It helps people relax and makes life easier, which is why so many people are attracted to the things he has to say.

#3 He's Never Boring

Drew Monson doesn't have a lot of money to do the flashy things other youtubers are able to do, but he makes the most mundane things, like going to the dollar store, super interesting. This is not an easy skill to have. Most people would bore other people talking about their purchases at the dollar store because they wouldn't have much to say about them. They need some flashiness to be interesting.

Most Youtubers have their boring moments, where they are doing or ranting about something and you just want to click off the video or skip ahead because it's not interesting, but Drew isn't like that. It doesn't matter what he's doing, he's always interesting to watch, there's always something happening in all of his videos and lots of opinions he has on everything.

#4 He Talks And Thinks Quickly

This is part of what makes him so interesting to watch: he talks and thinks quickly. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything he says and I have to rewind the video to get it all. Thoughts just pop into his head and his words easily flow from topic to topic in his videos. Not only that, but a lot of his observations about life and awkward situations are hilarious and witty or deep. This is not something that most people, let alone most youtubers, can do.

#5 He's Easy To Relate To

He talks about real things and real problems he goes through. A lot of teenagers find his problems easy to relate to because he started vlogging in his late teens, but even adults can find things they relate to him about.

The main things he struggles with are anxiety and depression, which are things a lot of people not on Youtube struggle with as well. He even disappeared for almost a year on Youtube recently because of his depression. But it's something a lot of us get and sympathize with him over, so when he talks about it, it can be very therapeutic for a lot of people to hear because there's another person out there going through the same thing.

#6 He's Talented

Drew is witty and he plays piano, so coming up with a clever song to go along with how he is feeling, something that happened in the video, or what he is thinking is easy for him. He not only makes songs up for Youtube videos, but also for Shane Dawson's podcast, Shane & Friends, where he has appeared in several episodes now and played songs to wrap up each episode.

#7 He's Honest

Drew Monson doesn't hide his faults and issues, he embraces them and makes them a part of his Youtube videos. He never tries to fake a happy face for views or entertainment value, he's honest when he's struggling and open about his issues. Yes, he makes goofy faces and goofy jokes sometimes when he's talking about these things, but it comes from his urge to relax the people around him and make other people feel more comfortable than he ever seems able to feel himself.

It's that openness, that honesty, that makes fans find him more lovable because he shows us the true him, quirks and all.

#8 He's A Great Friend

He always seems ready to hang out with his friends and do whatever crazy thing they are wanting to do. Despite his anxiety, he's actually pretty laid back and adventurous, willing to explore creepy locations and try scary games just because Shane Dawson suggests it.

He helps keep the situations lighthearted with his jokes, relaxes everyone around him, and doesn't seem to get phased by much. He never uses his humor to mock his friends, either, just to make them relax because he's a great friend.

He seems like the kind of person who would be nice to hang out with.


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