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Why Do People Love The Youtube Channel, Howtobasic?

E.B. Black is a woman in her thirties who loves Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and all things related to internet culture.

Life Hack Videos

If you haven't noticed before, there has been a trend on the internet of articles and videos called "Life Hacks." These are full of how-to's, do-it-yourself instructions, and facts that you never knew. Some of them are difficult to imitate, some of them are easy. Some look easy to copy and turn into disasters when you try to actually do them.

I've had my life changed through life hack videos. Most people have probably seen the video about how monkeys open bananas and how that is the proper way to open a banana. I do that sometimes now. I always hated how pulling the stem at the top would sometimes make the top of the banana mushy.

But Howtobasic brings something new to Life Hack Videos, something that has never existed before. Here are a list of reasons about why people love the youtube channel, Howtobasic.


1. They Have Food Hacks

Mmmm. Greek salad. So delicious, right? Thank God there are videos like this that will show you how to make greek salad just like the pros do in restaurants. that hair they're using?

Oh well! It's better to trust the professionals, am I right? If I knew how to do this on my own, I wouldn't have to watch life hack videos.

2. They Have Computer Hacks

What do you do when you forget the password to your own computer? You could reformat it, but then you'd lose all your files! It's better to hack into it and Howtobasic shows you how this is done.

The eggs were a little weird and the computer looks kind of different now, but you can't argue with the results they got in the end.

3. They Have Make-Up Hacks

This is so pretty. Honestly, I don't know if I could do this at home. Contour videos always seem so complicated and difficult to follow. There are so many steps and although Howtobasic's hack is better than other people's, it still looks like it could take hours to achieve.

Still, the flour and the milk add such a nice touch, I think I'll have to try pouring these on my face later.

4. They Have Life Hacks

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Doing the dishes is one of my least favorite chores. Dirty dishes are gross, dishwater is gross, and it seems to take so long to scrub each dish and put it into the dishwasher.

But Howtobasic shows me how easy it is to eliminate this chore from my day completely.

Added benefit: It's a great way to get rid of any rage you might be feeling after a bad day/

5. They Have Hacks You Didn't Even Know You Wanted

Sure, Christmas brings joy and cheer to children around the world, but what about the poor children? Why doesn't Santa give them as many gifts as the rich children? Maybe the rich children should be forced to be as miserable as the poor ones.

If you ask me, Santa ruined Christmas all by himself. He deserves some wet, green paint slaps across the face. So he should have seen this coming long before this life hack video was ever made.

6. They Have All The Best Hacks

Some people are saying this is a parody youtube channel, but those people are crooked liars like Hillary.

It contains all the best life hacks. Life hacks like you've never seen them before. No one does better life hacks than Howtobasic. You'll love this channel. Bigly. So much so, that you'll want to build a wall around it to keep out anyone who doesn't have orange skin.

7. All The Hacks Look So Easy To Do At Home

I know it might offend some Christians that doing things like turning water into wine could be this easy, but they're not trying to be blasphemous. They're just trying to show how the average person, who doesn't have Jesus powers, can turn water into wine.

And I can't believe how easy these steps are, how easy it is to imitate and follow them.

My brain has exploded and my life has been changed. This channel blows my mind.

8. These Hacks Require No Clean Up Afterwards

These hacks are all super easy to do. Not just because the directions are always clear and easy to follow, but because you're basically cleaning up any mess that you make while you're performing these life hacks.

I want to meet whoever created this channel and makes these videos, so I can shake his hand.

© 2017 EB Black

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