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Why Did Jensen Ackles Not Play These 2 Marvel Characters?

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Jensen Ackles appeared as Dean Winchester on the CW show Supernatural alongside Jared Padalecki, his on-screen brother and off-screen best friend. It all began with the episode, “Pilot” in 2005, ever since then Ackles career graph only went higher.

He is a fan-favourite charming dude for the fans for years now. His acting begun in the mid-90s, in fact he auditioned for the role of the young Clark Kent on Smallville, a role offered to actor Tom Welling instead. Although, he gained some popularity after playing the role of Jason Teague in Smallville itself, however, it is his starring role in the longest-running CW series Supernatural as Dean Winchester that's made him a major star.

Even though he is extremely open about things, not all of his fans know that he could've played two legendary roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you don’t happen to be a huge fan of either Jensen Ackles or Marvel, you probably had no idea that he auditioned for the role of Captain America and was hugely interested in playing the American Hero. As per numerous websites, he was short-listed for superhero by the selectors as well. However, the casting team of the Marvel franchise thought that Chris Evans would make a better Captain American than Jensen and hence Ackles couldn't play the role he very much wished to do.


Different sources, on the other hand, claim that Marvel Studios really wanted Jensen Ackles to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and work with him that they offered him the role of Hawkeye.

Surprisingly enough, Ackles was quick to turn down the part due to scheduling conflicts with his TV series Supernatural. Thus, the role of Hawkeye went to Jeremy Renner. It is questionable whether Ackles was truthful about why he turned down the part. It is still discussed among fans whether Ackles just did not take the role because of his devotion towards Supernatural or because of his schedule.

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Now, it is obvious that starring in a marvel movie makes you a bigger star than what you are because of the world-wide fan following of the franchise. It could’ve been a career changing decision for Ackles, making him a lot more famous than what he is now.


From above, it can easily be stated that Jensen has always wanted to play a superhero character, and this is now taking place for real as Ackles is all set to appear as The Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3, which ironically happens to be a rip-off of Captain America's character.

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