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Why Did Adventure Time Matter So Much?

More than a kids show

I was in the 7th grade when Adventure Time first found its way into the hearts of my friend group. It offered colorful visuals, cool songs and seemingly meaningless storylines that were fun to talk about. I followed the show loosely until about the 9th grade. I had decided that summer I would catch up up on the show by watching it from the beginning. It was going well until I got to the episode "I Remember You".

Up to that point, I had come to appreciate the show's storytelling techniques. The episodes had begun to blend into one another rather than being random pieces. However, after that episode it dawned on me that Adventure Time was more than a kid's show. Ice King was not just a silly, old character written with the comedic purpose of opposing Fin and Jake. Simon was a real person, with a tragic past and dementia.


Characters with real life problems

Simon's demetria immediately struck a chord with me. Having had two family members fall victim to the disease, I felt Marceline's anguish and general frustration. How do you handle losing someone you love when they're physically still there but mentally absent? I found solace in the episodes conclusion, although Ice King may be a shell of his former self, he and Marceline would both be ok. Thus, so would I and countless other fans with loved ones suffering from dementia or alzheimer's disease.

The beauty of Adventure Time is that it didn't always have the answers. Characters struggled with real life problems in a realistic way. Their hardships could span anywhere from the course of an episode to several seasons. Even after a long battle, things didn't always work out the way we hoped they would.Despite its silliness, Adventure Time mirrored real life. The show taught fans how to handle change, lost and abandonment. It provided us with characters we could connect with, characters we could grow with.


An Era

When the show ended in 2018, I was sitting in my college dorm room watching the final 44 minutes of my childhood slip by. It was a strange feeling to see the show come to completion. It was the only tv show from my middle school years that was still running. The only thing that I had really brought with me into my adult life.In the months that followed, the internet was awash with fans reminiscing over the show's eight year span.

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Saying goodbye to shows like Adventure Time will always be difficult because they are so beautifully crafted. The show deserves the awards it received because it had a true impact on the lives of its fans. We will all carry around the messaging love and friendship in hearts forever.


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