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Why BTS Has an Unmatchable Fanbase

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The Common Man Story

The Korean pop industry is huge. Here, 'huge' would be an understatement. With thousands or even millions of aspirants who dream of being an idol, the industry is vast and the competition is humongous. Fans who know BTS since the beginning of their journey obviously are well aware of their struggles. their background, their efforts to get people to attend their concerts to the extent that they personally asked passersby to come to their concert. For BTS, the army has been there since the beginning and they have watched these 7 boys grow into amazing humans. They have seen what they have been through. To see that these seven men they supported now rule the world, only strengthens their determination. They are committed to taking the group to even greater heights and being a part of even greater achievements (if there are any left in this world that is).

The variety of Songs

I would be lying if I don't accept that their songs are intriguing to the extent you feel like seeing its translation and meanings. This is one of those factors that set apart BTS from top singers all over the world. Obviously, they beat solo artists because of the fact that they have a strong group of seven incredible and unique talents. Despite this, what sets them apart is the uniqueness of their topics.

They aren't singing about how they ditched their girlfriends, nor are they going on rapping about short skirts, or drugs. Their concepts stretch across genres, their MV's have unique visuals and their lyrics have meanings. What more could you expect from a song than sanity and relatability?

The Love and Recognition

Fandoms have many causes for dying out. Many fandoms are broken apart due to internal conflicts among fans, due to opinion differences between fans and artists, due to political differences.

I'd say BTS has been very careful not to involve themselves in two sided matters. They have come together for many international causes but you will never see them be blatantly liberal or blatantly conservative. They have been neutral over the years, giving nobody a reason to point fingers at them. Army has been going strong because their goal and resolve remains dedicated to just one cause: the BTS!

The healthy fandom

Fans can get obsessive and violent in many cases. Despite being the biggest fan base in the world, BTS Army remains together and strong because of their healthy intent. What I mean is, the fans aren't there to stalk their idols or dig into their personal relationships (although there have been instances, given the millions of armies, the incidents are at an avoidable number). The army has adored, loved and supported their idols and continue to do so within their rights. they are careful not to cross the boundaries.

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