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Why ARMYs Are So Whipped for J-Hope at Lollapalooza

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.



It’s been more than a week and people are still talking about J-Hope’s solo debut at the Lollapalooza last July 31st! Though I wasn’t there to witness his phenomenal performance in Chicago, I was one of the 14.9 million ARMYs who watched him live online via Weverse. He made history by being the first ever South Korean artist to headline a main stage at a major American music festival, and I’m proud that I witnessed that major event.

It was one of the best live performances I have ever seen in my life and the only concert I have watched over and over! I didn’t even know what Lollapalooza is until I learned that J-Hope would be holding his own concert there and on top of that, it’s his debut solo performance as the first member of BTS to showcase himself as an individual artist.

Ever since the Lollapalooza, I haven’t stopped watching J-Hope’s performance every single day when it was released on YouTube via BANGTANTV, the official YouTube channel of BTS. ARMYs all over the world trended the hashtags #HOBIPALOOZA and #JHope and still haven’t stopped talking about his performance by commenting about it on social media platforms, VLive, and Weverse. It really had a lasting impact, and here’s why ARMYs are so whipped for J-Hope at the Lollapalooza:


1. The iconic entrance.

Before the show started, the intro to Jack in the Box was narrated and shown on screen, then J-Hope literally popped out in the air! Not just once, but twice! His iconic entrance happened twice because there were two parts to his solo concert: one with a dark theme, and the other with a much brighter J-Hope, the Hobi that ARMYs have known since BTS’ debut – the Hobi that brings sunshine. At first, he jumped in the air and landed on the elevated part of the stage with glaring eyes in an all-black outfit. Then, on his second entrance after a brief change of costume, he jumped in the air once again and landed with a smile in his all-white outfit. I watched those two iconic entrances over and over because it was so amazing!

2. The visuals.

His visuals were crazy dynamic! His sexy and longer tousled hair completely had me shook, the very light makeup and almost bare face made him look more attractive than he already is. He wore an all-black outfit for the first set, and an all-white outfit with neon gloves and shades for the second set and both totally matched the themes. I’ve seen Hobi in so many hairstyles and outfits, but his entire look at the Lollapalooza was just something I never expected.

During the first set, I went crazy seeing him in a messy mullet, an all-black ensemble where he wore an extra-large shirt, paired with baggy Louis Vuitton monogrammed jeans and platform sneakers, a charm necklace, and a pair of black gloves to complete his transformation from the sunshine Hobi that we all know, to his hip-hop rockstar look.

During the second set, I felt so at home. While the first part of his concert made me feel like I was seeing and knowing Hobi for the first time, the second one brought me back to the Hobi that never fails to brighten me up. Still with an oversized ensemble, he wore white this time, a button up shirt and cargo pants that made him look so fresh and clean. To complete the transformation, he wore neon green sunglasses and turquoise gloves. He completely pulled off both black and white ensembles to convey his story through his awesome music!

3. The vocals.

I cannot even begin to explain how I feel every time I hear J-Hope’s voice on any BTS songs, much less on his solo songs. Then, Lollapalooza happened and I was in awe! Not only did he showcase his rapping skills, but also gave us the gift of his singing voice! And not only that, the way he expressed his emotion on every single performance made my heart flutter.

4. The music.

The song line up and the band who played the music were electrifying! I love that J-Hope sang all the songs from his new album, Jack in the Box, and some of his awesome songs from his first mixtape, Hope World. I enjoyed each and every single performance! These were the songs he performed in order:

First set

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  1. More
  2. Pandora’s Box
  3. Base Line
  4. Cypher Pt. 1
  5. Hangsang
  6. P.O.P (Piece of Peace) Pt. 1
  7. = (Equal Sign)
  8. STOP
  9. Safety Zone
  10. What If
  11. Arson

Second Set

  1. Dynamite
  2. Daydream
  3. Ego
  4. Hope World
  5. Just Dance
  6. Chicken Noodle Soup
  7. Future

He also showed a very emotional expression of Blue Side through his moves just right before he performed Safety Zone. Then while waiting for his transition to the 2nd set, Music Box: Reflection was played.

5. The effects.

Kudos to the staff and everyone who created such awesome stage and special effects during the show because it was so perfect! The videos showing on the screen, the lighting, the smoke or fog machines, and everything else that I missed because I was just focused on Hobi. Everything on that stage made Hobi’s already awesome performances more astonishing. They all put up an amazing and memorable show!

6. The moves.

We all know that J-Hope is the main dancer of my ultimate favorite group artist, BTS. Whether he’s performing a choreographed song or not, his freestyle is just so addictive to watch! From his intense headbanging, jumping, and running around the stage to his subtle moves, I don’t even want to blink because every move he makes, conveys the depth of his songs. He raps and sings with his body and sends his message across with so much passion. I love all BTS members and everyone excels in different ways, but I think J-Hope has the most swag on stage.

7. The interactions.

Just the way he asked the audience, “You want some more?” and then said, “Play this sh#t,” after the audience screamed their affirmation, were enough to make me weak in knees. It’s a very rare occurrence for Hobi to curse or say any swear word except when it’s part of his rap, so those few times he did that during the concert were a real treat for me and many ARMYs who never fail to get surprised when he does things he rarely does. I just hope no ARMY died when he said, “Make some motherf#cking noise!” ‘cause I sure did.

There were many things that made ARMYs go crazy all throughout the concert and that also include the part when he introduced himself after performing five consecutive songs. After his Hangsang performance which was truly awesome and one of my ultimate favorites, he said, “Okay, Chicago. I’m J-Hope of BTS, but you can call me Jay…” the crowd went wild and so did I.

He did very well on every interaction, not only with the audience, but also with the dance crew, the band, and his special guest, Becky G!

8. The stage presence.

We all know he’s got the most swag and strongest stage presence amongst our beloved BTS. This is his strongest point as a world class performer and he never fails in this area no matter which stage he graces. In Lollapalooza, he has proven that it’s still his strongest point even when he’s not with his band group members. He even shined more than ever when he showed different sides of him as an individual artist and I’m so proud of him!

The continues ARMY chants and his commands on stage while still being able to stay humble by showing his gratitude are proof that he is, indeed, a top celebrity that delivers top tier performance! I was so right to stan BTS because they are the best and I cannot wait for the rest of the members to show the world their exemplary talents just like J-Hope did in Lollapalooza.

j-hope - Live at Lollapalooza 2022 (Full Performance)

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