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Whoopi Goldberg Criticized for Sweater She Wore on 'The View'

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Whoopi Goldberg wearing a Prince Hall Masonic sweater

Whoopi Goldberg wearing a Prince Hall Masonic sweater

Whoopi Goldberg, moderator of ABC's popular talk show The View, wore a sweater on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Viewers wasted no time criticizing her fashion choice. The very next day Whoopi apologized to fans at the top of the show before getting into the day's hot topic considering she was a hot topic.

The 65-year-old moderator seemed genuine when she said she was unaware that she was offending anyone. She stated, “Before we get into the show, let me apologize. Yesterday I wore a sweater that apparently upset a lot of people, that was not my intention."

Whoopi didn't mention what was on the sweater or give any indication why some viewers were upset. Those who missed Tuesday's show or who watched without paying attention to the garment had to search online to find out what the fuss was all about.

What Was Written on Whoopi's Sweater

Whoopi was wearing a sweater with the name and logo of the Prince Hall Freemasonry as seen in the photo above.

She stated, “I simply bought a sweater from the internet, and I will never wear it again, and that is all I can say. I still don’t know what the connotations are or why people are upset, but I am not going to wear it again, OK? That’s that.”

Viewers of the Emmy-winning talk show voiced their personal opinions on social media. They said Whoopi was being insensitive for wearing the Freemasons' sweater. Some of the comments were in an angry tone, but almost all of them explained why they thought wearing the sweater was in poor taste.

One person shared her anger in a tweet by writing, "No disrespect or anything, but if you are not a Mason of the Masonic Order, you can't wear that jacket. It's disrespectful to the lodge. I am an Eastern Star and part of the lodge, and I can't even wear it."

Another person suggested that the moderator of The View should do some research before just putting on anything and going on national television.

On the other hand, some viewers thanked Whoopi for promoting the Prince Hall Masons. They said they were proud that Goldberg wore the sweater and they appreciated the exposure.

One person made a valid comment. He said, "If it's that sacred, it shouldn't be so easily available to purchase online." Another person addressed the critics and said, "Now y'all need to bring that same energy to the vendor she purchased the sweater from."

Another person thought Whoopi was giving a nod to Prince Hall, an African American and founder of freemasonry. In the late 1700s, he advocated for the freedom and educational rights of African Americans. Members of the organization have continued Hall's legacy to this day.

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Those who are fans of the show know that Whoopi does not dress like the other hosts. She wears unique clothing and shoes. The day after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration, she wore a shirt that read, "My Vice-President Is A Black Woman" that is being sold on

Whoopi has a clothing line and a line of Christmas sweaters. Besides, she supports businesses by purchasing their products.

Her apology clearly indicated she had no idea she was wearing something she was not supposed to wear. For the rest of the week, viewers noticed Whoopi kept it on the safe side by wearing her usual plaid shirts.


I personally do not wear clothing advertising anything. If I wear it, it means I am endorsing it and giving free advertisement for the company. Besides, I am not fond of people reading my chest for any product, service, company, sports team, or church.

I have nothing against people who wear sweaters, caps, hats, and other clothing with writing on them. It's just not for me. I prefer not being a walking billboard.


Amarachi Nkwoada from Nigerian on January 29, 2021:

Quite interesting article

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on January 29, 2021:

Sp Greaney, she really did seem sincere when she apologized. She did say she would not wear the sweater again. I watch the show every day and did not pay attention to it until there was so much chatter about it on social media.

By the way, thanks for reading and commenting on my article.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on January 29, 2021:

It just goes to show you how those in the public eye need to very careful. I do wonder though was she really that unaware of the graphics on the top or did it serve its purpose by bringing attention to her and the show.

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