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Who Was Your Favorite Charlie's Angel?

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Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu.

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu.

When the Charlie's Angels reboot hit theaters in 2000, it sparked a resurgence of the popular 70's television show. Starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, the films took on a more comedic, action filled tone. Audiences everywhere were drawn to the three leading ladies, and many felt a connection to the newly-branded heroines. But was there an angel that stood out more than the others? This list dives into the characters, and the impact they left.


3. Drew Barrymore (Dylan Sanders)

Dylan is the vibrant, red-haired, wild child angel that is both fun and fearless. She is street-smart and rebellious, and has a tendency to fall for the bad guys. In the first film, she became involved with the villain Eric Knox (Sam Rockwell) and later fell for the Thin Man (Crispin Glover), who had a strange obsession with smelling hair. Her strength and weakness is that she always finds the good in people, particularly the bad boys she falls for. She had to enter the witness protection program due to witnessing a murder her then boyfriend Seamus O'Grady (Justin Theroux) committed.

She's a vicious fighter and temperamental, which proves to be an asset when battling a large group of goons. It is revealed Dylan never knew her parents, and in many ways views Charlie as a surrogate father. Her larger-than-life personality is endearing, and she actually is the most affectionate of the group. She fears that Natalie will leave the group in the second film, and demonstrates raw emotions. Dylan is the protector, and is willing to do anything to protect her best friends.

Her style is rock n' roll vintage, and she seems to live a very bohemian lifestyle. Dylan is a master of disguise and is an exceptional wrestler, even competing under the name "Lady Insane." She has had a wide array of odd jobs including a rodeo entertainer and yoga instructor. Like Sabrina Duncan's character, Dylan is often viewed as the "unofficial" leader.


2. Lucy Liu (Alex Munday)

Alex is the raven-haired, sophisticated beauty who was born to rich parents and showed academic promise at a very young age. She is a gifted horsewoman and fencer, and has a no BS attitude. She is always alert and in control of situations, and is arguably the most diverse angel. Alex has a relationship with actor Jason Gibbons (Matt LeBlanc) and is used to dominating in a relationship. She is extremely skilled in archery, computer hacking, and gymnastics and is never one to shy away from a fight.

Lucy's character has a very sexy fashion sense, and often gravitates towards red and lots of leather. Like her fellow angels, Alex never uses guns. She is a fierce fighter and her sleek moves often give her the upper-hand in a battle. Alex is the most refined member of the trio, and seems extremely self-assured and confident.

She had kept her true profession from her father, that is until her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jason spilled the beans. Her dumbstruck father (John Cleese) hilariously misunderstood him and believed her to be something of an escort. Alex aims to please her father, but eventually is able to come clean and stay true to herself.


1. Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook)

Natalie is the goofy, optimistic and starry-eyed member of the group. She is both funny and intelligent, and is extremely resourceful when on missions. Cameron's character is definitely the most bubbly of the trio, and her iconic dance number to "Baby Got Back" is cinematic gold. Natalie is a computer-wizard as well as a sharp chemist and physicist, and she's always paying attention to tiny details.

She is not afraid to go to her friends for advice, and always has a positive attitude. Her character is often naive and always sweet, and knows how to have a good time. Natalie is a kung fu pro and an epic motocross racer. Throughout the film series, she served up some major fashion looks including her all white snow ensemble in "Full Throttle" and her staple crop top and tight denim jeans. The beauty of the character is that she sometimes doesn't realize just how gorgeous she is.

Natalie is dating Pete Komisky (Luke Wilson), and their quirky and romantic relationship was always enjoyable to watch. Cameron's character Natalie shares a few characteristics of Farrah Fawcett's character Jill Monroe. Both women are blonde and effervescent, often viewed as the leaders, and are highly-experienced in the martial arts.

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Who is the "Best"?

It is hard to choose one angel that outshines the rest. It is the diversity of the characters that makes them so great. Whether you're bubbly and goofy like Natalie, tough and fierce like Dylan, or sophisticated and self-assured like Alex, there truly is an angel for everyone.

Growing up and watching the films, I always felt Alex was the toughest angel. She was confident and level-headed, and always looked gorgeous kicking butt. When I would later re-watch the movies, I couldn't help but be drawn to Natalie, and her "take me as I am" attitude. She was always true to herself, and was extremely unapologetic. It was her carefree attitude that made her become my favorite. Drew Barrymore's tough, street-smart ultimate protector persona also resonated with me. The beauty of Charlie's Angels is that there's a little something for everyone.

Do you agree with my list? Who's your favorite angel? Let me know in the comments!


Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 30, 2019:

Well ! The movie (and T.V. series) was all for the Woman's cause.

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 24, 2019:

It is a Woman's prerogative to change her mind !

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 17, 2019:

Watch out, wolves ! Angels on the case.

Gadfly from Olde London Towne on December 17, 2019:

The question remains, just when is their next movie and who stars ?

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 06, 2019:

Yes ! The 'bad girl' syndrome of the Femme Fatale whats more. Demi Moore.

Gadfly from Olde London Towne on December 06, 2019:

Must mention Demi Moore who appeared as a 'fallen Angel' in the 2004 Full throttle.

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 06, 2019:

When the new Angels is released that will make up to ten glamorous Ladies in the genre. As some one of my age who could ever forget the beguiling Sabrina in the first running of Charlie's Angels ?

Gadfly from Olde London Towne on December 05, 2019:

ASSERTIVE, BOLD, and SASSY. Not just one Wonder Woman but three !

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 05, 2019:

Bonded by the Sisterhood, and whats more has been directed by a Woman too !

Rachel M Johnson (author) on December 04, 2019:

Hi Gadfly, I saw that there was a new movie coming out! I'm interested to see how the ladies stack up to the past Charlie's Angels!

Gadfly from Olde London Towne on December 04, 2019:

There is about to be released a new Charlie's Angels. Only publicity stills out yet but these gals are young yet formidable looking. Fighting fit and ready for action !

Gadfly from Olde London Towne on December 03, 2019:

I'm partial to Kate Jackson in the original series.

Rachel M Johnson (author) on August 15, 2019:

Hi Jacqueline, Lucy Liu is fabulous in everything she’s in!

Jacqueline G Rozell on August 15, 2019:

Lucy Liu is my favorite and I, too, love her in Elementary. She is too cool for words.

Paddy Michelson from Australia on August 06, 2018:

I think it is that sort of matter of fact type of personality that she has that makes her so enjoyable to watch.

Rachel M Johnson (author) on August 06, 2018:

Hi Paddy, thank you for your comment! Lucy Liu has always been one of my favorites too!

Paddy Michelson from Australia on August 05, 2018:

Lucy Liu for sure. She was great and as an aside I love her in Elementary, which would have to be one of my all time favourites.

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