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Who was Andrea Amati?

Andrea Amati (1530 - 1611) was the founder of the Cremona school of violin makers. His model was a small violin with a high back and belly, amber varnish, and a clear though weak tone.

He was the father to Antonio (1555 - 1638) and Gerolamo (1556 - 1630) Amati. They worked together and followed their father's style.

Gerolamo developed a larger violin with an altered sound hole.

Gerolamo's son Nicolo Amati (1596 - 1684) carried on the tradition and went on to become the most famed and eminent craftsman of the family. His model was extremely elegant with the backs and bellies arched and made of beautiful grained wood. The sound holes were graceful and bold, the scroll exquisitely cut, and the varish transparent and of a deep rich hue.

As a rule, he used a small pattern, although he was known to produced some large violins, which are now called grand Amatis and are highly valued. He also made a number of beautiful violas and violoncellos.

The great Italian violin makers Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guareni were his pupils.

Nicolo had a son he named Gerolamo (1649 - 1740), after his own father. He produced mediocre instruments and ended the leadership of the Amati name in the craft of violin making.

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